Works by William Edward Norris

From the back of a copy of Hall Caine's THE MANXMAN, published in 1895Adrian Vidal (1885)
[A] Bachelor's Blunder (1886)
[The] Baffled Conspirators (1890)
Barbara and Company (1914)
Barham of Beltana, etc. (1905)
Billy Bellew (1895)
Brown Amber (1917)
Chris (1888)
Clarissa Furiosa (1897)
[The] Conscience of Gavin Blane (1924)
[The] Countess Radna
[The] Credit of the County (1902)
[The] Dancer in Yellow (1896)
[A] Deplorable Affair (1893)
[The] Despotic Lady and others (1895)
[The]Embarrassing Orphan (1901)
[The] Fight for the Crown (1898)
[The] Flower of the Flock (1900)
From the back of a copy of Hall Caine's THE MANXMAN, published in 1895[The] Fond Fugitive (1917)
Giles Ingilby (1899)
Harry and Ursula: a story with two sides to it (1907)
Heaps of Money (1877)
His Grace (1892)
His Own Father (1901)
Jack's Father, and other stories (1891)
Lone Marie (1905)
Lord Leonard the Luckless (1903)
Mademoiselle de Mersac (1880)
Major and Minor (1887)
[A] Man of His Word: and other stories (1885)
[The] Man-Eating Tigress (1904)
Marcia (1890)
Marietta's Marriage (1897)
Matrimony (1881)
Matthew Austin (1894)
Misadventure (1890)
From the back of a copy of Rosa N Carey's NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS, published in 1908Miss Shafto (1889)
Miss Wentworth's Idea (1891)
Mr Chaine's Sons (1891)
Mrs Fenton. A sketch (1889)
My Friend Jim (1886)
[The] Narrow Strait (1918)
Nature's Comedian (1904)
Next of Kin (1923)
Nigel's Vocation (1904)
No New Thing (1883)
Not Guilty (1910)
[The] Obstinate Lady (1919)
[An] Octave - eight stories (1900)
Pauline (1908)
Paul's Paragon (1912)
[The] Perjurer (1909)
[The] Philosopher's Son. The Musical Mouse (1901)
Proud Peter (1916)
From the back of a copy of F Marion Crawford's SOPRANO: A PORTRAIT, published in 1905Quite Impossible (1893)
[The] Right Honourable Gentleman (1913)
[The] Rogue (1888)
[The] Romance of Madame de Chanteloup
Sabine and Sabina (1922)
Saint Ann's (1894)
[The] Spectre of Strathannan (1895)
[The] Square Peg (1907)
Style in Fiction (1894)
Thirlby Hall (1883)
Tony the Exceptional (1921)
Trevalion (1925)
[The] Triumphs of Sara (1920)
Troubled Tranton (1915)
[A] Victim of Good Luck (1894)
Vittoria Victix (1911)
[The] Widower (1898)

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