Works by Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler

[The] Angel and the Demon, and other stories (1901)
Beauty and Bands (1920)
Concerning Isabel Carnaby (1898)
Cupid's Garden (1897)
[A] Double Thread (1899)
[The] Farringdons (1900)
Fuel of Fire (1902)
Her Ladyship's Conscience (1913)
How to Make an Angel - a temperance tract (1901)
In Subjection (1906)
Kate of Kate Hall (with AL Felkin) (1904)
Love's Argument and other poems (1900)
[The] Lower Pool (1923)
[The] Man with Transparent Legs - 26 ideal stories for girls (1899)
Miss Fallowfield's Fortune (1908)
Place and Power (1903)
Signs and Wonders (1926)
Sirius, and other stories (1901)
Songs and Sonnets (1888)
Ten Degrees Backward (1915)
Verses Grave and Gay (1891)
Verses, Wise or Otherwise (1895)
[The] Wisdom of Folly (1910)

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