Works by (Edward) Dutton Cook

The cover of one version of THE BOOK OF THE PLAYArt in England. Notes and Studies (1869)
[The] Banns of Marriage - tales (1875)
[A] Book of the Play: studies and illustrations of histrionic story, life, and character (1876)
Dr Muspratt's Patients; and other stories (1868)
Doubleday's Children (1877)
Historical Notes on Wigs
Hobson's Choice. A story (1867)
Leo (1868)
Nights at the Play: a view of the English stage (1883)
On the Stage. Studies of theatrical history and the actor's art (1883)
Over Head and Ears. A love story (1868)
Paul Foster's Daughter (1861)
[A] Prodigal Son (1863)
Sir Felix Foy, Bart. A novel. (1865)
[The] Trials of the Tredgolds. A novel. (1864)
Young Mr Nightingale. A novel (1874)

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