Works by Sarah Doudney

Advertised in the Girl's Own Paper, Vol XIX[The] Angels of Christmas
Anna Cavaye; or, the Ugly Princess (1882)
Archie's Old Desk (1872)
Bitter and Sweet (1896)
Brave Seth (1877)
[A] Child of the Precinct (1892)
Christmas Angels [in verse] (1890)
[A] Cluster of Roses
[The] Cottage in the Woods, and Other Tales (1874)
Drifting Leaves [poems] (1892)
Echoes from a Sanctuary [Sermons by Henry White, edited and arranged by S.D.] (1891)
Faith Harrowby; or, the Smugglers' Cave (1871)
Faith's Revenge (1879)
[The] Family Difficulty (1891)
Godiva Durleigh (1891)
[The] Great Salterns (1875)
Janet Darney. A tale of fisher-life in Thale Bay (1873)
Katherine's Keys (1896)
Lady Dye's Reparation (1901)
[A] Long Lane With a Turning (1884)
Loser and Gainer (1873)
Louie's Married Life (1894)
[The] Love-Dream of Gatty Fenning (1892)
Marion's Three Crowns (1873)
Michaelmas Daisy (1882)
Girl's Own Paper - A Long Lane with a TurningMiss Irving's Bible (1875)
Miss Stepney's Fortune (1883)
Miss Willowburn's Offer (1888)
[The] Missing Rubies (1887)
Monksbury College
My Message [a poem] (1892)
Nelly Channel (1883)
Nothing but Leaves (1875)
Old Anthony's Secret (1879)
Oliver's Oath and How he Kept it (1875)
One of the Few (1904)
Pilgrims of the Night (1897)
[The] Pilot's Daughters (1875)
Prudence Winterburn (1886)
Psalms of Life (1871)
[A] Romance of Lincoln's Inn (1893)
[The] Scarlet Satin Petticoat (1879)
Self-Pleasing - a new year's address to senior scholars (1873)
Shadow and Shine (1906)
Silent Strings (1904)
[A] Son of the Morning (1887)
Stepping Stones (1880)
Stories of Girlhood; or, the Brook and the River (1877)
[A] Story of Crossport, and Other Stories (1879)
Strangers Yet (1880)
[The] Strength of Her Youth (1884)
Through Pain to Peace (1892)
Thy Heart's Desire - a story of Girls' Lives (1888)
Under False Colours (1889)
Under Gray Walls (1871)
Until Seventy Times Seven (1872)
[A] Vanished Hand (1896)
[The] Vicar of Redcross; or, Till Death Us Do Part (1888)
Violets for Faithfulness [in verse] (1893)
Voices in the Starlight [a poem] (1892)
Wave Upon Wave (1873)
What's in a Name? (1883)
When my Ship Comes Home (1906)
When We Two Parted (1884)
When We Were Girls Together (1886)
Where the Dew Falls in London - a Story of a Sanctuary (1889)
Where Two Ways Meet (1891)
While it is Day - a new year's address to senior scholars (1879)
Who is the Enemy? and How He Was Discovered (1886)
[A] Woman's Glory (1883)

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