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Illustration from a later edition of 'John Halifax, Gentleman'About Money and Other Things (1886)
Adventures of a Brownie (1872)
Agatha's Husband (1853)
Alice Learmont, A Fairy Tale (1852)
Avillon and Other Tales (1853)
[A] Brave Lady (1870)
Bread Upon the Waters: a Governess's Life (1852)
Children's Poetry (1881)
Christian's Mistake (1865)
Cola Monti, or the Story of a Genius (1849)
Concerning Men and Other Papers (1888)
Domestic Stories (1860)
Fair France. Impressions of a Traveller (1871)
[The] Fairy Book: the Best Popular Fairy Stories Selected and Rendered Anew (1863)
Fifty Golden Years; Incidents in the Queen's Reign (1887)
[A] French Country Family, by Mme de Witt [translation] (1867)
[The] Half-Caste (1897)
Hannah (1872)
[The] Head of the Family (1851)
[A] Hero, Philip's Book (1853)
His Little Mother and Other Tales (1881)
Home Thoughts and Home Scenes (1865)
How to Win Love, or Rhoda's Lesson. A Story for the Young (1866)
Is It True? Tales Curious and Wonderful (1872)
John Halifax, Gentleman (1856)
King Arthur: not a Love Story (1886)
[The] Laurel Bush (1877)
[A] Legacy: Being the Life and Remains of John Martin, Schoolmaster and Poet (1878)
[A] Life for a Life (1859)
[The] Little Lame Prince and His Travelling Cloak(1875)
[The] Little Lychetts (1855)
Little Sunshine's Holiday (1871)
Lord Erlistoun (1864)
Title page from an edition of 'A Noble Life'M de Barante, by Guizot [translation] (1867)
Michael the Miner (1846)
Miss Tommy (1884)
Mistress and Maid (1862)
My Mother and I (1874)
[A] New Year's Gift to Sick Children (1865)
[A] Noble Life (1866)
Nothing New, Tales (1857)
[The] Ogilvies (1849)
Olive (1850)
[An] Only Sister [translation] (1873)
Our Year. A Child's Book (1860)
[A] Parisian Family [translation] (1870)
Plain Speaking (1882)
Poems (1859)
Romantic Tales (1859)
Sermons Out of Church (1875)
Songs of Our Youth (1874)
Studies From Life (1861)
Thirty Years. Poems New and Old (1881)
Twenty Years Ago (1871)
Two Marriages (1867)
[The] Unkind Word and Other Stories (1869)
[An] Unknown Country [Ireland] (1887)
[An] Unsentimental Journey Through Cornwall (1884)
Will Denbigh, Nobleman (1877)
[The] Woman's Kingdom (1868)
[A] Woman's Thoughts About Women (1858)
Work for the Idle Hands (1886)
Young Mrs Jardine (1879)

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