Latest additions to "Haunted TV":

7 Feb 2017: Britain's Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney (BBC2). Pompeii With Michael Buerk (ITV1). Italy's Invisible Cities (BBC1).

9 Dec 2016: Egypt's Lost Queens (BBC4). The Grandeur That was Rome: The Skeleton Of An Empire (BBC). Roman Britain: The Towns (BBC). Edward Gibbon: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (BBC2).

19 Nov 2016: Him (ITV). Aberfan: The Fight For Justice (BBC1). British Art at War (BBC4). Britain's Ancient Trackways (Channel 4). Tony Robinson Down Under (More 4). The Greatest Tomb on Earth: Secrets of Ancient China (BBC2)

12 Oct 2016: Walking Through Time (Channel 4).

3 Sep 2016: All Aboard: The Country Bus (BBC4).

30 July 2016: Full Steam Ahead (BBC2). The Search for the Lost Manuscript (BBC4). The Living and the Dead (BBC1).

5 May 2016: Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome (BBC2). The Mystery of the Crossrail Skulls (Channel 4).

13 Apr 2016: The Lost City of the Pharaohs (Channel 5). King Tut's Tomb: The Hidden Chamber (Channel 5). Pompeii: New Secrets Revealed with Mary Beard (BBC1). Walking Through Time (Channel 4). Digging for Britain (BBC4). Henry VII: Winter King (BBC2). All Aboard! The Sleigh Ride (BBC4). Beatrix Potter with Patricia Routledge (More 4).

6 Feb 2016: Stonehenge: A Timewatch Guide (BBC4). The Story of China (BBC2). The Story of Scottish Art (BBC4).

11 Jan 2016: Immortal Egypt (BBC2). Victorian Bakers (BBC2).

1 Jan 2016: Harry Price: Ghost Hunter (ITV1).

21 Oct 2015: Midwinter of the Spirit (ITV1). Witch Hunt: A Century of Murder (Channel 5). Circus Elephant Rampage (BBC4). The Trains that Time Forgot – Britain's Lost Railway Journeys (BBC4). Canals: The Making of a Nation (BBC4). Cleopatra's Lost Tomb (Channel 4). The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice (BBC2). The Inca: Masters of the Clouds (BBC4).

1 Sep 2015: Athens (Building the Ancient City) (BBC2). Rome (Building the Ancient City) (BBC2).

3 July 2015: Napoleon (BBC2). Armada: 12 Days to Save England (BBC2).

28 May 2015: Delphi: The Belly Button of the Ancient World (BBC4). Sappho: Love and Life on Lesbos (BBC4). Seventy Million Animal Mummies – Egypt's Dark Secret (BBC2). Roman Britain: A Timewatch Guide (BBC4). All Aboard! The Canal Trip (BBC4).

25 April 2015: The Last Days of Rasputin (Channel 5). Treasures of Ancient Greece (BBC4). Buried Treasure (BBC). Apples, Pears and Paint: How to Make a Still Life Painting (BBC4). Visions of the Valleys (BBC4). Mechanical Marvels: Clockwork Dreams (BBC4). The Plantagenets (BBC2)

28 March 2015: Suffragettes Forever: The Story of Women and Power (BBC2). The Nation's Railway: The Golden Age of British Rail (BBC4).

20 Feb 2015: Cleopatra: A Timewatch Guide (BBC4). Secrets of Rome's Colosseum (Channel 5). The Road to War (BBC2).

2 Feb 2015: The Super-rich and Us (BBC2). Constable: a country rebel (BBC4)

12 Jan 2015: Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids (Channel 5).

23 Dec 2014: Who killed Tutunkhamun? (Channel 5).

9 Dec 2014: Ice Age Giants (BBC2). Secrets of the Castle with Ruth, Peter and Tom (BBC2)

29 Nov 2014: Intruders (BBC2). Remember me (BBC1). Russia's Lost Princesses.

8 Nov 2014: Great Continental Railway Journeys (BBC2).

3 Nov 2014: Tutunkhamun: The Truth Uncovered (BBC1).

25 Oct 2014: Rome: The World's First Superpower (Channel 5). Swallowed by the Sea: Ancient Egypt's Greatest Lost City (BBC2).

10 Oct 2014: Great Canal Journeys (More 4). World War Two In Colour (Channel 5).

8 Oct 2014: Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath (BBC2).

7 Sep 2014: Britain's Lost Colosseum (BBC2). Return to Betjemanland (BBC4). The Real Mill (More 4). Andrew Marr's Great Scots (BBC2). A History of Britain (BBC2). Child of the dead End (BBC2 Scotland).

29 Aug 2014: The Great War: The People's Story (ITV1). An Adventure in Space and Time (BBC2).

8 Aug 2014: Great War Diaries (BBC2). Melvyn Bragg's Radical Lives (BBC2).

18 June 2014: Captain Cook: The Man behind the Legend (BBC2).

29 May 2014: Great British Railway Journeys (BBC2). Wild Africa (BBC2).

26 May 2014: Man Vs Weird (Channel 4). The Story of Women and Art (BBC2). Thalidomide: The Fifty Year Fight (BBC2).

1 May 2014: The Power of the Witch - Real Or Imaginary (BBC2)? She-Wolves: England's Early Queens (BBC4). Messiah At The Foundling Hospital (BBC2). Border Country: The Story of Britain's Lost Middleland (BBC2). A City Crowned With Green (BBC).

31 Mar 2014: Shipwrecks: Britain's Sunken History (BBC4).

16 Mar 2014: Bible Hunters (BBC2). Britain's Great War (BBC1). Elgar: The man behind the mask (BBC4). The making of modern Britain (BBC2).

23 Jan 2014: Treasures of Ancient Egypt (BBC4). King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons (BBC4). The Search for King Alfred the Great (BBC2). Utopia (ITV1). Secret Nature (BBC2).

1 Jan 2014: Sacred Wonders of Britain (BBC2). Railway Roundabout (BBC). Narnia's Lost Poet: The Secret Lives and Loves of C S Lewis (BBC4).

26 Dec 2013: The Tractate Middoth (BBC2). M R James: Ghost Writer (BBC2). New Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors (Channel 4).

5 Dec 2013: Finding Babylon's Hanging Garden (Channel 4).

23 Nov 2013: Mystery Map (ITV1). Tudor Monastery Farm (BBC2). Disowned and Disabled (BBC4). Fabric of Britain (BBC4). Stories from the Dark Earth: Meet the Ancestors Revisited (BBC4). Tutunkhamun: The Mystery of the Burnt Mummy (C4).

1 Oct 2013: The Sound and the Fury: A Century of Music (BBC4).

27 Sep 2013: Britain on Film (BBC4). Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in Ancient Greece (BBC4).

15 Sep 2013: Secret Knowledge: The Art of Witchcraft (BBC4).

5 Sep 2013: Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth (BBC4).

16 Aug 2013: The Wonder of Weeds (BBC4). A Very British Witchcraft (More 4).

13 Aug 2013: The Mill (Channel 4).

10 Aug 2013: King Alfred and the Anglo-Saxons (BBC4). Caligula with Mary Beard (BBC2).

24 July 2013: Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer (BBC4). Walking Through History (Channel 4).

1 July 2013: Heritage: The Battle for Britain's Past (BBC4).

29 June 2013: Hidcote: A garden for all Seasons (BBC4). Who were the Greeks? (BBC2).

13 June 2013: The Children of Green Knowe (BBC1). Mothers, Murderers and Mistresses: Empresses of Ancient Rome (BBC4). Britain's Stone Age Tsunami (Channel 4). Shoulder to Shoulder (BBC2). Ghost (BBC1 Midlands).

27 May 2013: Through a Glass Darkly (ITV).

22 May 2013: Come Back Lucy (ITV - ATV). British Masters (BBC4).

18 May 2013: Isaac Newton: The Last Magician (BBC2). Ancient Worlds with Bettany Hughes (C4, More 4). Fit to Rule: How Royal Illness Changed History (BBC2). Poppanos Essential Ring Cycle (BBC4).

7 Apr 2013: Wodehouse in Exile (BBC4). The High Art of the Low Countries (BBC4).

31 Mar 2013: Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings (BBC2). Pompeii: The mystery of the people frozen in time (BBC1).

14 Mar 2013: Scorpion Tales: The Great Albert (ITV). Shadows of Fear: The Death Watcher (ITV).

26 Feb 2013: Lightfields (ITV). A Great British Air Disaster (Channel 4).

19 Feb 2013: Orkney's Stone Temple (BBC2).

6 Feb 2013: Locomotion: Dan Snow's History of Railways (BBC2). Birth of the British Novel (BBC4). Why the Industrial Revolution Happened Here (BBC2). Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork (BBC4). This Green and Pleasant Land: The Story of British Landscape Painting (BBC4). The Mountain That Had to Be Painted (BBC4). The Heart Of The World: The Elder Brothers Warning (BBC1). Armada (BBC2).

29 Jan 2013: The Golden Age of Steam Railways (BBC4). Howard Goodall's Story of Music (BBC2). The Art of Cornwall (BBC4). Ken Follett's Journey into the Dark Ages (More 4). The Dark Ages - an age of light (BBC4). Timeshift (BBC4)

6 Jan 2013: The Golden Age of Canals (BBC4).

15 Dec 2012: Rome's Lost Empire (BBC1). Rome: A History of the Eternal City (BBC4).

28 Nov 2012: Look (BBC). Woodpeckers (BBC). Zooquest (BBC).

21 Nov 2012: Screen One (BBC1). Screen Two (BBC2).

19 Nov 2012: The Secret of Crickley Hall (BBC1).

18 Nov 2012: Added info about TV adaptations of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" for the years 1962, 1970, 1978 and 1982.

7 Nov 2012: The Unknown Forest (BBC). In Deepest Britain (BBC/BBC2).

19 Oct 2012: The Train Now Departing (BBC2).

2 Oct 2012: A Year in the Wild (BBC2). World in Action (ITV). Survival (ITV).

25 Sep 2012: Vikings (BBC2). Sea of Faith (BBC2).

12 Sep 2012: The Treasure of Ancient Rome (BBC4). The Best of Men (BBC2). The King's War Against Witches: Revealed (Channel 5). Wartime Farm (BBC2).

2 Aug 2012: Treasures of Tutankhamun (BBC2).

17 July 2012: Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings (BBC4).

3 July 2012: The Secret History of our Streets (BBC2). The Strange Case of the Law (BBC4).

27 June 2012: The Wednesday Play (BBC1). Play For Today (BBC1). Armchair Theatre (ITV). Railway Walks (BBC4). The Lighthouse Stevensons (BBC2).

5 June 2012: The Great Philosophers (BBC2). Men of Ideas (BBC2). Wainwright's Walks (BBC4/2). Canal Walks (BBC4).

30 May 2012: Singapore 1942: End of Empire (BBC2). Around the World by Zeppelin (BBC4).

21 May 2012: The Two Thousand Year Old Computer (BBC4).

18 Apr 2012: Inside the Medieval Mind (BBC4). Mystery of the Minoans (BBC2). Meet the Romans with Mary Beard (BBC2).

13 Mar 2012: Victorian Kitchen and Garden (BBC2). Bees, Butterflies and Blooms (BBC2)

27 Feb 2012: On Hannibal's Trail (BBC4)

16 Jan 2012: A Renaissance Education: The Schooling of Thomas More's Daughter(BBC4).

16 Dec 2011: Tony Robinson's God's and Monsters (C4). The Lost Gospels (BBC2). The Story of Ireland (BBC2). Frozen Planet (BBC1).

28 Nov 2011: The Impressionists (BBC1). The Impressionists: Painting and Revolution (BBC2). Symphony (BBC4).

14 Nov 2011: Dramarama: Spooky (ITV).

11 Nov 2011: Eroica (BBC4).

31 Oct 2011: Ceramics: a fragile history (BBC4). Great British Ghosts (Yesterday). The Wartime Kitchen and Garden (BBC2).

24 Oct 2011: City Beneath the Waves: Pavlopetri (BBC2).

8 Oct 2011: Shock and awe: The story of electricity (BBC4).

19 Aug 2011: The Unsinkable Titanic (Channel 4).

13 June 2011: Egypt's Warrior King (More4). Engineering Ancient Egypt (More4). Secret History: The Lost Legions of Varus (C4). Cleopatra (C4). King Tut - The face of Tutankhamun (BBC2)

1 June 2011: The Voyage of Charles Darwin (BBC2). Egypt's Lost Cities (BBC1).

17 May 2011: Domesday (BBC2).

16 Apr 2011: The Great Commanders (Channel 4). Monty Don's Italian Gardens (BBC2).

11 March 2011: Royal deaths and diseases (Channel 4).

14 Feb 2011: Julius Caesar: Rome unwrapped (C5). A History of Ancient Britain (BBC2). Time Team: Reservoir rituals (C4). Madagascar (BBC2)

5 Feb 2011: Marchlands (ITV). Rome wasn't built in a day (Channel 4). Gladiators: Rome unwrapped (Channel 5). Secrets of the vanishing Sphinx (Channel 5)

19 Jan 2011: Men of Rock (BBC2).

7 Jan 2011: David Attenborough's First Life (BBC2)

24 Dec 2010: Whistle and I'll come to you (BBC2). Pompeii: Life and death in a Roman Town (BBC2). The Nativity (BBC1).

10 Dec 2010: Silver Pharaoh Mystery: Revealed (Channel 5).

1 Dec 2010: The Story of Science (BBC2).

29 Nov 2010: Renaissance Revolution (BBC2). Ancient Worlds (BBC2)

14 Nov 2010: Central African Republic: Witches on Trial (Channel 4).

7 Nov 2010: Edwardian farm (BBC2). Apocalypse: The Second World War (Channel 4).

23 Oct 2010: The Big Silence (BBC2).

26 Aug 2010: Egypt's Lost Queen (C5).

22 Aug 2010: David Starkey's Elizabeth (C4).

4 June 2010: Genius of Britain (C4). Little Ships (BBC2).

28 May 2010: Tutunkhamun: The Mystery Revealed (Channel 5). Atlantis (BBC2).

18 May 2010: Trafalgar Battle Surgeon (Channel 4)

13 Apr 2010: Vincent Van Gogh: Painted without words (BBC1).

19 Feb 2010: The Art of Russia (BBC4/2).

10 Feb 2010: Seven ages of Britain (BBC1).

30 Jan 2010: The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart (BBC2).

19 Jan 2010: Empire of the Seas: How the Navy forged the modern world (BBC2). The legacy of Lawrence of Arabia (BBC2). A history of Christianity (BBC2).

7 Jan 2010: The Pharaoh who conquered the sea (BBC4).

4 Jan 2010: Turn of the Screw (BBC1).

26 Dec 2009: Hamlet (2009 - BBC2). Life (BBC1).

6 Dec 2009: Ray Mears's Northern Wilderness (BBC2).

30 Nov 2009: The Joy of Motoring; Why Beauty Matters (BBC2).

12 Nov 2009: The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Eternity Trap (BBC1).

3 Nov 2009: Ghostman of Skye (BBC2).

29 Oct 2009: Hamlet (1964 - BBC). Hamlet (1980 - BBC2). Macbeth (1979 - ITV). The Psychic Barber (BBC2). The Ghost Hunters (BBC2). The day I Died (BBC2).

28 Oct 2009: The Magicians (1960's drama anthology - BBC2). Strange But True (paranormal drama-doc series - ITV).

26 Oc 2009: Ghosts in the machine (BBC4). Not forgotten: the men who wouldn't fight (Channel 4). Antiques roadshow (BBC1).

27 Sep 2009: Doctor Who: The Daemons (BBC1).

20 Sep 2009: Montezuma (BBC2).

14 Sep 2009: 1066: The Battle for Middle Earth (C4). The Beatles on Record (BBC2).

6 Sep 2009: Rick Stein's Far East Odyssey (BBC2).

31 Aug 2009: Atlantic Convoys: The War at Sea (Channel 4). Sacred Music (BBC2/4).

29 Aug 2009: Being Human (BBC1). The Future of Food (BBC2). A Garden in Snowdonia (BBC2). Saving Britain's Past (BBC2).

15 Aug 2009: Revelations: Talking to the Dead (Channel 4). Harry Patch: the Last Tommy (BBC1).

5 Aug 2009: Worlds Beyond (ITV). Shadow of the Stone (ITV). The Watch House (BBC1). Dark Towers (BBC1).

19 July 2009: Versailles: The Dream of a King (BBC2).

2 Jun 2009: D-Day to Berlin (BBC1). The Secrets of Stonehenge - Timewatch (C4).

27 May 2009: The Birth of British Music (BBC2).

12 May 2009: Horizon (BBC2).

4 May 2009: Great Civilisations (Channel 4).

20 Apr 2009: Henry VIII: Mind of a Tyrant (Channel 4).

11 Apr 2009: Lost and Found (Channel 4), Cosmos (BBC).

3 April 2009: Darwin's Dangerous Idea, The Lost World of Communism, Yellowstone (BBC2).

27 Mar 2009: Timewatch - Pyramid: the last secret (BBC2).

21 Mar 2009: The Victorians: Dreams and Nightmares (BBC1).

2 Mar 2009: Margaret Thatcher - The Long Walk to Finchley (BBC2 / BBC4).

27 Feb 2009: Taggart - Cold Reader (ITV1). Margaret (BBC2).

12 Feb 2009: The Victorians (BBC1).

6 Feb 2009: Charles Darwin and the tree of life (BBC2)

1 Jan 2009: Crooked House (BBC4), Holby City - Maria's Christmas Carol (BBC1), Affinity (ITV1).

4 Dec 2008: After Rome: Holy war and Conquest (BBC2).

22 Nov 2008: Eddington and Einstein (BBC2), Ian Hislop goes off the rails (BBC2).

18 Nov 2008: Voyages of Discovery (BBC2).

13 Nov 2008: Apparitions (BBC1), Secrets of Egypt (Channel 5), Natural World (BBC2).

28 Oct 2008: Empire (C4).

23 Oct 2008: The NHS: A Difficult Beginning (BBC2), Revelations (C4), Thames Shipwrecks - A race against time (BBC2).

12 Oct 2008: Omnibus and Monitor (BBC1), Timewatch (BBC2).