What's coming up on UK TV, Radio, new DVD releases, events etc
Note: BBC programs can usually be streamed via the embedded iPlayer up to 7 days after the broadcast. Or if you install the iplayer you can download the program and view/listen up to 30 days after broadcast.
7 Jan 2017
Manfred (Radio 4), a drama by Pauline Harris based on the ghost story by Lord Byron.
22 Aug 2016
Drama: Ghosts of Heathrow (Radio 4) by Sebastian Baczkiewicz. A marketing consultant staying in a hotel has a ghostly encounter in his room. With Paul McGann.
25/26 Apr 2016
The Sensitive: Heart of Darkness (Radio 4). A final case for Psychic Thomas Souter, who investigates goings-on at a religious retreat in the Scottish Highlands.
XMAS TV 2015
Harry Price: Ghost Hunter (ITV1). One-off supernatural drama about the famous psychic researcher, notable for his investigation of Borley rectory in Essex. Starring Rafe Spall.
31 Oct 2015
BBC Radio 4 presents The Stone Tape by Nigel Kneale – adapted by Matthew Graham and Peter Strickland. Based on the 1972 supernatural TV drama, about a team of scientists investigating paranormal phenomena in an old mansion. With Julian Rhind-Tutt, Jane Asher etc.
20 Oct 2015
BBC Radio 4 presents The Mermaid of Zennor by Paul Dodgson. Supernatural drama based on an old Cornish folk tale.
25 Apr 2015
BBC Radio 4 presents Seance on a Wet Afternoon by Adrian Bean (based on a story by Mark McShane). Starring Robert Glenister and Caroline Strong.

Archive on Four: Black Aquarius (Radio 4). Documentary about the rise in interest in occultism in the UK in the 1960s and 70s.
28 Apr 2015
BBC Radio 4 presents: The Third Eye and the Private Eye by David Lemon and Mark Eccleston. A take on the real-life story of T. Lobsang Rampa, an Englishman who claimed to be the incarnation of a Tibetan Lama and went on to write a best-selling book.
11 Apr 2015
BBC Radio 3 presents: The Picture of Dorian Gray. Adaptation of Oscar Wilde's supernatural tale by Neil Bartlett. Starring Peter Guiness, Maggie Steed, Tom Canton etc.
XMAS Radio 2014
20 December: Radio 4 presents a play, A Christmas Carol, the Charles Dickens story adapted by Neil Brand. Starring Robert Powell. Radio 4 Extra presents a repeat of the 1981 play, The Hex, by Gregory Evans. Based loosely on a story by M R James: and Mr Crowley's Christmas ("The Scarifiers").

21 December: Radio 4 Extra presents Connected ("Wierd Tales") by Melissa Murray; The Magic Cirle ("The Scarifiers").

26 December: Radio 4 presents Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward (adp. by Sean O'Connor). Starring Julian Rhind Tutt.

27 December: Radio 4 Extra presents a play, Dracula, adapted by Rebecca Lenkiewic from the Bram Stoker story. Starring Nicky Henson. Pt. 1.

28 December: Radio 4 Extra, Split The Atom ("Wierd Tales") by Lynn Ferguson.
21 Oct 2014
BBC4: Start of repeat showing of 3 episodes of the 1977 anthology Supernatural. First episode Dorabella.
11 Aug 2014
Radio 4 presents: The Shared experience: I Saw a Ghost. Interviews with five people who claim to have seen a ghost.
27 June 2014
Radio 4 Extra presents: Turn, Turn, Turn, a play by Sheila Hodgson, written in 1977. Famous ghost-story writer M R James delivers a cautionary tale about those who dabble in Witchcraft.
7 & 8 May 2014
Radio 4 presents: The Sensitive: Underground Man, in 2 parts by Alastair Jessiman. Psychic Thomas Soutar helps Police in their investigation of a murderer hiding out in Glasgow's disused underground tunnels. Another episode in the occasional drama series.
30 Dec 2013 – 3 Jan 2014
Radio 4 presents: Listening to the Dead, a series of supernatural dramas: (1) Enoch's Machine (2) Four Sons (3) The Great Pretender (4) Ruby's Shoes (5) Tuesday's Child.
XMAS TV 2013
Xmas Day: BBC2 presents: The Tractate Middoth, a Supernatural drama based on a story by M R James (adapted by Mark Gatiss; and M R James: Ghost Writer, a documentary about the life of the author of the same.
XMAS Radio 2013
21–27 December: Radio 4 Extra presents readings of various supernatural tales including: Schalken The Painter, The Signalman, Canon Alberic's Scrapbook, Lost Hearts, The Haunted Doll's House, Rats.

23–27 December: Radio 4 extra presents Christophe Lee's Fireside Tales. (1) The Black Cat (2) The Man of Science (3) The Man and The Snake (4) The Monkey's Paw.
25 Oct – 8 Nov 2013
Radio 4: Edinburgh Haunts. Series of 3 commissioned ghost stories by Val McDermid: (1) I Remember yesterday (2) The Misadventures of Magnus Lovatt (3) The Face at the Window.
14–18 Oct 2013
Radio 4. Book at Bedtime: Algernon Blackwood's Ghost Stories. Series of 5x15 min readings of supernatural tales. (1) Keeping his Promise (2) The Land of Green Ginger (3) The Transfer (4) The Man who lived Backwards (5) The Kit Bag.
26 June 2013
Radio 4: "The Sensitive: Black Island" by Alastair Jessiman. For previous episodes, see below.
25 June 2013
Another episode in the occasional Radio 4 drama series: "The Sensitive: Terma" by Alastair Jessiman. Psychic detective, Thomas Soutar investigates the case of a missing journalist.
10 June 2013
Radio 4 historical drama, "Ursula and Boy" by Abigail Docherty. Based on the true story of Ursula Kemp, accused of witchcraft in 1582.
1 Mar 2013
Radio 4 drama, "Confessions of a Medium". Based on a true story by A L Kennedy, set in the 1870s, about a fraudulent psychic. Starring Bill Nighy, Robert Glenister etc.
18 Feb 2013
Weekly repeats of the 2005 ITV1 drama "Afterlife" start on ITV3.
17 Feb 2013
Radio 3 presents a supernatural drama, "The Stranger's Will" by Sarah Hall and Dominic Power.
6-27 Feb 2013
Radio 2 presents a supernatural comedy series, "Ian D Montfort is: Unbelievable" - about a would-be spiritualist medium. Starring Tom Binns.
22 Jan 2013
Radio 4 presents a supernatural drama, "Chapel of Skins". A remote and mysterious crossroads high up in the borderland of Wales is a gateway where lost souls make the transition from this world to the next. Written by Paul Evans.
Xmas 2012 - TV
25 Dec. ITV3. Repeat of "A Christmas Carol" starring Ross Kemp.
Xmas 2012 - Radio
26 Dec: Radio 4 extra presents "Echoes from the Abbey", a drama about author M R James' encounter with a ghost (writer: Sheila Hodgson).
26-27 Dec: Radio 4 extra presents "A Ghost for Christmas" (2x15 mins), a story by Gary Kilworth.
27 Dec: Radio 4 presents The Sensitive: Queen of the Dead: Another episode in the occasional series about (fictional) psychic detective, Thomas Soutar. Radio 4 Extra presents, "Turn, Turn, Turn" (writer: Sheila Hodgson).
29 Dec: Radio 4 Extra presents a drama, "The Female Ghost" (story by Mary Braddon).
23 Nov 2012
Radio 4: The Curse of Pendle: Documentary about the Pendle witch trials which took place in Lancashire (Northern England) in 1612. 10 of the 11 defendants were found guilty and hanged. Presented by Jeanette Winterson.
13-17 Aug 2012
Radio 4: The Greatcoat (Book at Bedtime): Series of abridged readings (5x15 mins) from the supernatural story by Helen Dunmore. Set during and after World War II, a newly-wed woman dreams of an RAF officer who turns up the next day in real life.
3 July 2012
The classic and definitive "A Ghost Story for Christmas" series (1971 - 78) and both TV versions of "Whistle and I'll come to You" (1968 and 2010) are being released on 4 DVDs: Vol 1 (Whistle and I'll Come To You - 1968 / 2010), Vol 2 (The Stalls of Barchester / A Warning to the Curious) on 20 August 2012. Vol 3 (Lost Hearts / The Treasure of Abbot Thomas / The Ash Tree ), Vol 4 (The Signalman / Stigma / The Ice House) on 17 September 2012.
26 May 2012
Radio 4: Saturday Drama: The Haunted Hotel (adapted from the novel by Wilkie Collins). The vengeful ghost of a murdered aristocrat makes itself known to guests in a Venice hotel.
21 May 2012
Radio 4: Afternoon Play: The Sensitive: The Protector (by Alastair Jessiman). Episode 6 in an occasional series about psychic detective Thomas Souter who investigates the disappearance of a family friend. With Robin Laing. Other episodes listed below.
15 Jan 2012
Radio 3: The Lost Salford Sioux (Drama on 3) by Anjum Malik. The spirit of a native American Sioux Indian roams the streets of Salford, England; he is trapped in the afterlife awaiting the return of his bones to his homeland.
8-29 Dec 2011
Radio 4: Wierd Tales (series 3): A series of four radio dramas with supernatural elements: (1) Original Features (2) The Burial of Tom Nobody (3) Louisa's (4) Night Terrors.
18-20 Oct 2011
Radio 4: All the Dark Corners. A series of three plays: (a) The Desk (b) Something in the water (c) The Dying wish.
19 Apr 2011
Radio 4: Afternoon Play: The Sensitive: A Casualty Of War. Fifth episode in an occasional series about psychic detective Thomas Souter who investigates a mystery concerning the disappearance of a hotelier's mother. With Robin Laing. Other episodes are listed below.
25 Jan 2011
Radio 4: Afternoon Play: Miracle Worker. Repeat of a play first broadcast in December 2008 (see below).
19 Jan 2011
Radio 4: Afternoon Play: Haunted by Sally Griffiths. An illusionist and a Psychic Medium are brought together by a television show. With Zoe Tapper.
7 Jan 2011
Radio 4: The Friday Play: Bad Memories by Julian Simpson. Intriguing, well-crafted supernatural drama about the police analysis of a digital recording made by a psychic researcher investigating a haunted house.
XMAS TV 2010
24 Dec. BBC2: Whistle and I'll come to you (60 mins). Supernatural drama starring John Hurt.
XMAS Radio 2010
24-28 Dec. BBC Radio 7: Ghost stories of Walter De La Mare (5 x 30 mins). Series of readings of supernatural tales: 1. All Hallows, 2. Seaton's Aunt, 3. Crewe, 4. A Recluse, 5. The Almond Tree.
10 Dec 2010
Radio 4: A Brave Medical Life: The Founder of Homeopathy (30 mins). Documentary about Samuel Hahnemann and his struggle to establish his alternative medical system of Homeopathy in 19th century Germany. Narrated & produced by Mark Whitaker.
25-29 Oct 2010
Radio 4 presents "Book at Bedtime: The Lifted Veil". A series of 5 readings from a story by George Eliot involving clairvoyance and mindreading.
12 Sep 2010
Radio 3 presents "Faith Healer", a drama by Brian Friel. A world-weary "faith healer", having practiced his trade around Scotland and Wales, decides to return to his native Ireland. With Owen Roe, Phil Daniels and Lia Williams.
25 July 2010
Radio 4 presents "Between two worlds" (by Adrian Bean and David Hendy). Absorbing and sympathetic drama based on the real-life story of English physicist and psychic researcher Oliver Lodge and his experiences of communication with the spirit world through mediumship. Starring Owen Teale and Amanda Root. Highly recommended.
4 June 2010
Radio 4 presents "The Last Witch Trial" (by Melissa Murray) about Psychic, Helen Duncan, who was suspected of revealing British military secrets during World War 2, and put on trial for fraud. With Joanna Munro as Helen.
24 Mar 2010
Radio 4 presents "The sensitive - a nobody" (by Alastair Jessiman) - the fourth play in an occasional series about Glaswegian psychic detective Thomas Souter. Starring Robin Laing.
13 Mar 2010
Radio 4 presents "Confessions of a Medium" - a drama about a fraudulent Victorian spiritualist medium, based on a true story by A. L. Kennedy. Starring Bill Nighy and Robert Glenister.
2 - 4 Mar 2010
Radio 4 presents "Bath festival stories by candleight" - 3 x 15 minute readings of supernatural tales: 1. Stowmont (by Sadie Jones), 2. The Ghost writer (by Amanda Craig), 3. The Whisper (by Diana Evans).
1 Mar 2010
Radio 4 presents "Beyond Black" - a daily 10-part comedy-drama series about a psychic medium and her assistant. Starring Alison Steadman and Rosie Cavaliero. Adapted by Caroline Harrington from the book by Hilary Mantel.
6 - 20 Jan 2010
Radio 4 presents "Wierd Tales" - a 3-part anthology series of 30 minute late-night horror/supernatural dramas based on stories by H. P. Lovecraft: (1) Connected, (2) Split the atom, (3) The House on Pale avenue.
Xmas 2009 TV
17-19 December: BBC4 repeats the supernatural drama anthology, "Crooked House".

Xmas Day: BBC4 - repeat of "Ghosts in the Machine".

Xmas Day: BBC1 - "Nan's Christmas Carol" - comedy starring Catherine tate.

30 December: "The Turn of the Screw". BBC1 drama starring Michelle Dockery and Sue Johnston (BBC1 - 90 mins). A new version of the famous supernatural tale by Henry James.
Xmas 2009 Radio
13 December: There is a repeat of "Music from beyond the veil", about the psychic composer Roemary Brown (Radio 4).

14 - 26 December: Radio 4 presents "The Ingoldsby Legends" - a series of 15 minute readings of supernatural tales popular in the Victorian era. Author, Rev. Richard Barham.
14 July 2009
Radio 4: "Music from beyond the veil" - 1/2 hour radio documentary about Rosemary Brown, the psychic from Balham who, 40 years ago, claimed to be channelling music from composers "on the other side".
3 May 2009
Radio 3: My Brother God and the Banyan Tree (Writer: Dusty Hughes / Director: Peter Kavanagh). Absorbing radio drama about Annie Besant (1847-1933), political campaigner and spiritual philosopher, who was a senior figure in the Theosphical society and guardian to Jiddu Krishnamurti - heralded as the "vehicle for the incarnation of the Boddhisattva". Starring Suzanne Bertish, James Gandhi, Tim Piggott-Smith, Stephen Hogan.
9 Apr 2009
Radio 4: The Stanley Baxter Playhouse - The Man in the Garden (by Rona Munro). Billed as a "romantic ghost story" and starring Stanley Baxter, Bill Paterson and Penelope Wilton.
23 Mar 2009
DVD release of episodes from the classic 1960s supernatural drama series "Tales of Mystery and Imagination".
4 Mar 2009
Radio 4 presents a play - The Sensitive: Possession by Alastair Jessiman. The third in a series of investigations for Psychic Thomas Souter (see also entries for 28 Nov 2007 and 11 Aug 2006.)
23 Feb 2009
Scheduled DVD release of 1970s drama series, "The Feathered Serpent".
28 Jan 2009
Radio 4 presents a reading - Portrait of an Unknown Man: An old painting exerts a malign supernatural influence on its new owner (writer: Elizabeth Morgan).
27 Jan - 17 Feb 2009
Radio 4: "Wierd tales" (4 x 30 mins). Anthology series of supernatural dramas. (1) Out of the depths (by Melissa Murray), (2) The Loop (by Chris Harrald), (3) Bleeder (by Ed Hine), (4) The Fly (by Lynn Fergusson).
Xmas 2008 TV
22 - 24 Dec on BBC4: Crooked House. 3-part drama about a haunted manor house - starring Mark Gatiss and Lee Ingleby (repeated in an omnibus version on 27 Dec).

23 Dec on BBC1: Holby City, hospital drama series. One of the staff visits a clairvoyant and has a series of ghostly encounters.

28 Dec on ITV1: Affinity. One-off drama, set in Victorian England, about a woman prisoner who is also a spiritualist medium (starring Zoe Tapper Anna Madely. Written by Andrew Davies).

29 - 31 Dec on Channel 4: Tony Robinson presents a 3 part supernatural documentary series: (1) Blitz watch - the story of psychic, Helen Duncan. (2) The Ghosts of Glastonbury - the work of pioneering psychic archaeologist, Frederick Bligh Bond. (3) The Medieval Reincarnation - investigation of evidence for reincarnation and the Cathar sect.
Xmas 2008 Radio
21 - 24 Dec: BBC Radio 2 presents a series of midnight readings entitled "The Devil's Xmas" - includes Dickens' "The Signalman".
18 Dec 2008
BBC Radio 4 presents a play, Miracle Worker, about a teenage girl with the gift of spiritual healing. Written by Katherine Way and starring Beth Palmer.
15 Dec 2008
BBC Radio 4: A Christmas Carol - a series of 10 x 15 minute reading of the Charles Dickens story. Read by David Jason.
13 Dec 2008
BBC Radio 4 presents the Saturday play, "Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward. A writer is haunted by the ghost of his dead first wife after inviting a medium to conduct a seance at his country house. With Roger Allam, Maggie Steed.
19 Oct 2008
BBC Radio 4 presents a reading of "Naturally" by Daniel Handler - a ghost story originally published in the literary magasine "Zoetrope:All Story".
3 Sep 2008
A new 13-part series of "Medium" starts on BBC1 - starring Patricia Arquette. US series about a psychic who helps police with their investigations.
30 Aug 2008
Radio 4 presents the saturday play, "Agatha Christie's Endless Night" - about a young couple who move into a house under an ancient curse.
27 Apr 2008
Radio 3: Words and Music - Poetry and music on the theme of the spirit world.
23 Feb 2008
Radio 4 presents "The Voyage of the Demeter" - a retelling of the Dracula legend set on board a schooner in 1897. Dramatised by Robert Forrest.
18 Feb 2008
Scheduled release of the DVD set of the 1990's supernatural comedy series "Mulberry" (starring Karl Howman).
XMAS Radio 2007
Radio 4 presents "M. R. James at Christmas". A series of daily dramatised readings (5 x 15 min) of supernatural tales by the famous ghost story writer.

24 Dec: O Whistle and I'll come to you my lad.
25 Dec: The Tractate Middoth.
26 Dec: Lost Hearts.
27 Dec: The Rose Garden.
28 Dec: Number 13.

Introduced by Derek Jacobi (as M. R. James).

23 & 28 Dec: R4 presents a 2-part play - "The Witches" (by Roald Dahl) dramatised by Lucy Catherine.
XMAS TV 2007
BBC4 is showing a series of vintage supernatural dramas including three from the definitive 1970s "Ghost Story for Christmas" anthology and a rare showing of "The Exorcism" (1972"). Also a welcome repeat of Jonathan Miller's superb "Whistle and I'll come to you" (1968)

16 Dec: "A View from a Hill" (rpt.).
17 Dec: "The Stalls of Barchester" (rpt.) starring Robert Hardy.
18 Dec: "Number 13" (rpt.).
19 Dec: "Whistle and I'll Come to You" (rpt.).
20 Dec: "Lost Hearts" and "The Signalman" (rpt.)
22 Dec: The Exorcism (rpt.).

24 Dec: Blackadder's Christmas Carol: Repeat of the 1988 comedy Xmas special.
28 Nov 2007
Radio 4 presents "The Sensitive" by Alastair Jessiman, the second play in a series about a Psychic who aids Police in their investigations (see also entry under 11 Aug 2006).
27 Nov 2007
Radio 4 presents "The Poet of Albion", a tribute to the English artist and visionary William Blake on the 250th anniversary of his birth.
31 Oct 2007
Radio 4 presents a play, "Hands", by Courttia Newland (rpt.). A woman struggles to reclaim her ancestral gift of spiritual healing.
29 Sep 2007
Radio 4 presents the Saturday play, "Feluda - The Mystery of the Elephant God" by Satyajit Ray. And on Radio 3, "The Turn of the Screw" - supernatural opera by Benjamin Britten.
30 & 31 Aug 2007
Radio 4 presents 2 plays with Angel themes: Otherkin (Writer: Laura Wade / Starring Sam West) and Quintessence (Writer: Rachel Joyce).
27 Aug 2007
Casting the Runes, a 1979 ITV supernatural drama adapted from a story by M R James, is released on DVD.
4 Aug 2007
A new supernatural drama, Empathy, to be shown on BBC1, starring Stephen Moyer.
9 July 2007
Ace of Wands released on DVD.
2 July 2007
BBC R4 presents the afternoon play, "The Midnight House" by Jonathan Hall. Period ghost story set in the tin quarries of Wales.
28 May 2007
BBC2's 1990 supernatural Drama series The Green Man (starring Albert Finney) gets a welcome DVD release.
20 May 2007
Third series of American supernatural drama Medium starts on BBC1 (22 eps).
24 & 26 Apr 2007
Lifeline (starring Ray Stephenson, Joanne Whalley, and Jemima Rooper) on BBC1. Fantasy drama based on an unlikely supernatural premise.
4 Mar 2007
Radio 3 presents "The Fiery World" by Peter Ackroyd. A play about the life of William Blake, the renowned English mystical Artist and Poet. With Robert Glenister as Blake.
16 Feb 2007
Radio 3 presents The Queen of Spades, an opera by Tchaikovsky. A gambler is helped to win by the ghost of a woman who he had frightened to death.
4 - 18 Feb 2007
Radio 4 presents a three part drama based on the Ancient Indian spiritual epic, The Mahabharata (adapted by Jatinder Verma and Claudia Mayer).
2 Feb 2007
A new series of Haunted Homes starts on (digital) ITV2.
19 Jan 2007
BBC Radio 4: A play, "My Blue Piano" by Marty Ross. A homeless writer has a series of strange encounters including an Angel and the ghost of a Chimpanzee!
8 Jan - 12 Feb 2007
BBC2: "Trust me I'm a Healer". A six part documentary highlighting the work of individual Spiritual healers.
XMAS 2006 TV
21 Dec 2006: BBC4 - "A View from a Hill". M R James ghostly drama (rpt.).

22 Dec 2006: BBC4 - "The Corner of the retina". Documentary (rpt).

22 & 23 Dec 2006: BBC4 - "Number 13". A new drama based on an M R James ghost story.

22 Dec 2006: BBC4 - "The story of the ghost story". Documentary (rpt).

22 Dec 2006: ITV3 - "The Turn of the Screw". A repeat of ITV1's Xmas 1999 ghost drama.

28 Dec 2006: BBC1 - Dracula. A new production starring Marc Warren and David Suchet.
XMAS 2006 Radio
18 - 21 Dec, Radio 2: A Christmas Carol (in 7 pts). Shane Ritchie reads a new version of the Dickens classic.
9 Dec 2006
BBC Radio 4 presents "The Saturday Play: When Marnie Was there" by Beaty Rubens (based on a story by Joan G. Robinson). A spooky tale set in an isolated village on the coast of Norfolk.
27 - 29 Oct 2006
Darkness Over Britain film festival. The classic supernatural TV dramas, Ghostwatch (1992) and Penda's Fen (1974) will be screened with writers Steven Volk and David Rudkin in attendance to answer questions. See www.cornerhouse.org for details.
20 Oct 2006
BBC Radio 4 presents the afternoon Play, Friday when it rains by Nick Warburton. A girl on a late night train meets a man with a ghostly tale to tell. Starring Clive Swift and Lyndsey Marshal.
15 Oct - 19 Nov 2006
Weekly (sunday morning) repeat of readings from the supernatural anthology "Thou shalt not suffer a witch" by Dorothy K. Haynes (see entrty of 13 Dec 2004).
28 Sep 2006
BBC Radio 4 presents a play, Mum by Ronnie Barker. A lonely young woman finds her life dramatically changed when she is visited by the ghosts of her father and her ex-fiancᅠStarring Maxine Peake.
22 Sep 2006
BBC Radio 4 presents a play, Angelophany by Miles Gibson: The vicar of St. Gilberts discovers a vagrant in the church who claims to be an angel.
16 Sep 2006
The Supernatural drama Afterlife returns for a second series on ITV1. Starring Lesley Sharpe and Andrew Lincoln.
28 Aug 2006
ITV1 presents a new 6-part investigative series, Haunted Homes.
11 Aug 2006
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play: "The Sensitive". Police call on the services of a  Psychic to help them locate a woman who has gone missing (Writer: Alistair Jessiman, starring Jimmy Chisholm).
7 Aug 2006
Channel 4. "Cutting Edge: My Child's Psychic". Documentary about two families who claim that their children possess psychic abilities.
4 Aug 2006
BBC Radio 4 - Afternoon Play: "Hands". A woman struggles to claim her ancestral gift of healing (Writer: Courttia Newland, starring Seroca Davies).
31 July - 4 Aug 2006
BBC Radio 4 presents "A Book at Bedtime: Algernon Blackwood Ghost Stories (5 x 15mins). (1) The Willows (2) The Empty House (3) Ancient Sorceries (4) Smith: An episode in a lodging house (5) The Glamour of the snow.
27 July 2006
Another chance to see the one-off supernatural comedy-drama "The Last Will and Testament of Billy Two Sheds" on BBC1.
23 July 2006
Start of a repeat run of the supernatural drama series Afterlife on ITV.
13 Mar 2006
BBC R4 presents a play, "The Bride's Chamber". Set in northern England during the 19th century, writers Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins stop off at an inn in Lancaster where they hear a ghostly tale (based on a Dickens short story - "The lazy tour of two idle apprentices").
20 Feb 2006
BBC Radio 4 presents "Cast in Stone". Set in 12th century England. A young country girl, steeped in the old pagan ways, is taken to Wells to model for the stonemasons, who are carving sculptures for a new cathedral. A tale of magical revenge.
3 Feb 2006
BBC Radio 4 presents a play, "The Withered Arm" starring Victoria Hamilton (based on a short story by Thomas Hardy).
10 Jan 2006
The second series of the American supernatural drama, Medium, starring Rosanna Arquette, begins on BBC1 (22 eps, weekly).
7 Jan 2005
"Sea Of Souls" is back for a third series on BBC1.
Christmas 2005
BBC4 are showing repeats of "Lost hearts", "The Ash Tree", "The Signalman", and "A Warning to the Curious" from the classic "Ghost Story for Christmas" series, and Jonathan Miller's 1968 highly regarded adaptation of M R James's "Whistle and I'll come to you". Also showing, a new supernatural drama "A View from a Hill" (also based on an M R James short story).

The excellent 1990 three part ghost drama "The Green Man" (starring Albert Finney) gets a very welcome rerun, and there is a documentary - "The Story of the Ghost Story" (again on BBC4).

25 - 29 Dec, BBC Radio 2: "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. A series of late night readings of the novel.
17 Dec 2005
There is a review of this Christmas's supernatural dramas on BBC4 in a Guardian article by Sarah Dempster.
26 Nov 2005
BBC Radio 4: "The Dorabella Variation" by Alick Rowe. A troubled teenager encounters the spirit of Edward Elgar while walking inthe Malvern Hills.
20 Nov 2005
BBC R3 presents Shakepeare's "Macbeth". Directed by Richard Eyre.
31 Oct 2005
DVD release of ITV1's Afterlife.
28-30 Oct 2005
Annual "Darkness over Britain" film festival, Manchester. Showing "Sapphire and Steel - Assignment IV", "The Ash tree" (Ghost story for Xmas series) and an episode of "Beasts: Baby". Details at Cornerhouse Arts centre.
24-28 Oct 2005
Radio 4 presents "Haunting Women", a series of 5 x 15 minute supernatural dramas inspired by Irish female ghosts: (1) The Linen Mill; (2) The Wedding Bouquet; (3) The Waiting wall; (4) The Shimmering dress (5) The Riding crop.
4 Sep 2005
Afterlife, a new supernatural drama series, starts on ITV1.
6 Sep 2005
US supernatural drama series "Medium" starts on BBC1 (16 eps, weekly).
16 July 2005
Radio 4 presents a play, Haunted Hospital by Trevor Hoyle.
20 Jun 2005
DVD release of The Omega factor.
2 - 6 May 2005
Cornish Tales (on Radio 4): Myths and legends from the south-west of England, including some supernatural tales.
23 Apr 2005
R4 presents The New Lands of Charles Fort. A play based on the life of the American writer and paranormal investigator who founded the Fortean Society.
16 Mar 2005
The World's Scariest Ghosts - caught on camera on ITV1. A documentary about real life ghost stories. Plus a repeat of Haunted Homes (also on ITV1).
12 Mar 2005
R4 presents a repeat run of Ghost Stories, a 5 part anthology (see below) - every Saturday evening for the next 5 weeks.
Mar 2005
The series Hammer House of Horror gets a rerun on ITV3.
28 Feb 2005
DVD release of the Channel 5 anthology Urban Gothic (series 1 and 2).
27 Feb 2005
Radio 3 presents The Gospel according to Mary Magdalene, starring Jane Lapotaire (based on the the ancient "Gospel of Mary Magdalene" which was published in 1955).
24 Feb 2005
Channel 4 are showing The Real Exorcist, a documentary about the events that inspired the 1973 film, The Exorcist. This is followed by The Exorcism, a "live" investigation into the practice of Exorcism.
15 Feb 2005
Some future DVD releases to look forward to: Hammer House of Mystery on 21 February ; Sea of Souls (series 2) on 25 April. Catweazle, The Owl Service, The Ghosts of Motley Hall, Orson Welles Great Mysteries, The Omega Factor, Beasts, and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) are also scheduled for release this year.
31 Jan 2005
DVD release of the Jun 2004 BBC2 adaptation of Britten's opera Turn of the Screw.
22 Jan 2005
BBC R4 Play: The Drover's Path starring Jeff Hordley and Malcolm Hebden. A ghost story set on a remote Yorkshire sheep farm in the late 19th century.
20 Jan 2005
BBC R4 Play, Language of Angels: An art dealer attempts to sell a mysterious ancient manuscript which purports to act like a "beacon for angels".
8 Jan 2005
Sea of Souls (BBC1) returns for a second series (6 episodes).
Christmas 2004 Television.
ITV's modern reworking of A Christmas Carol (starring Ross Kemp) gets another airing on 19 Dec.

Four classic BBC supernatural dramas get a welcome repeat on successive nights on BBC4 (22 - 25 Dec). All based on short stories by MR James: Whistle and I'll come to you (1968), The Treasure of Abbot Thomas (1974), A warning to the curious (1972), The stalls of Barchester (1971). There is also a half-hour documentary on MR James on BBC4 (22 and 25 Dec). Highly recommended.

Haunted Homes
, an ITV documentary, investigates paranormal activity in ordinary homes around the UK (27 Dec).
Christmas 2004 Radio
9.30 pm, 19 Dec on BBC R3: Travels with Blavatsky, a documentary about the life of the famous esotericist Madame Blavatsky.

3.30 pm , 20 - 24 Dec on BBC R4: Angelic Hosts, 4 stories about angels inspired by art and songs.(1) And we flew into Bethlehem. (2) Kali is dancing for me). (3) Mrs Marvel's Angel. (4) The Green Angel.

11.45 pm, 26 - 30 Dec on BBC R2: Christopher Lee's Fireside Tales. Christopher Lee reads 5 classic tales of the supernatural by various authors - (1) The Black Cat (by Edgar Allan Poe). (2) The Man of Science (by J K Jerome). (3) John Charrington's wedding (by E A Nesbit). (4) The man and the snake (Ambrose Bierce). (5) The Monkey's Paw (by W W Jacobs).

2.15 pm, 28 Dec on BBC R4. A play, The Sorceror's apprentice.
13 - 17 Dec 2004
3.30 pm BBC R4 presents Thou Shalt Not suffer a Witch, a daily series of 5 stories with a supernatural theme written by Dorothy K Haynes: (1) Gas. (2) The Gay Goshawk. (3) Pentecost - a flashback. (4) The Memory. (5) Windfall.
6 Dec 2004
10.45 pm. BBC R4 presents Frankenstein , a ten part reading of Mary Shelley's famous Gothic horror novel (Reader: David Rintoul).
8 Nov 2004
2.15 pm. BBC R4 presents The Cyhiraeth, a play about 2 psychic children, one contemporary, the other living in the18th century.

Channel 4 at 8 pm.The Haven, First in a 3 part documentary about life at Findhorn, the well-known "new age" community in Scotland.
29 - 31 Oct 2004
Annual "Darkness over Britain" film festival in Manchester. Includes screenings of Schalken the Painter (1979), The Exorcism (1972), and Murrain (1975). Cornerhouse Arts centre .
25 - 29 Oct 2004
Ghost Stories. A BBC R4 series of 5 x 15 minute stories by John Connelly with various guest narrating: (1) The Inkpot Monkey. (2) The shifting of the sands. (3) Some children wander by mistake. (4) Miss Froom, Vampire. (5) The new daughter.
2 Oct 2004
2.30 pm. BBC R4 presents a play - "The Woman in Black" by Susan Hill.
20 Oct 2004
The first series of Anglia TV's early 1970s drama anthology, Thriller, is released on DVD. 4 out of the 10 episodes have a supernatural theme.
29 Sep 2004
A new 3-part documentary series, Mediums:Talking to the Dead, starts on BBC2, Wednesday at 9 pm. It investigates four well-known mediums who claim to receive communications from the spirits of the dead.
3 Sep - 22 Oct 2004
Ghostly Tales of the Unexpected, an 8-part documentary series starts on ITV1 ANGLIA (11 pm). Introduced by Joss Acland and featuring Psychic Lizzie Falconer, who investigates reported cases of hauntings around the UK.