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Natural World is a long-running BBC2 Nature documentary series first broadcast in 1983. Full program list at Natural World (wikipedia). The following is a summary of programs from 2002 to date:


LEOPARD HUNTERS (2 Dec 2001): A look at the Yala jungle region of Sri Lanka, reputed to contain the highest concentration of Leopards in the world.


SWAMP CATS (9 Jan 2004): A look at the Lions that live in the swamps of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

FIVE BIG CATS AND A CAMERA (22 Feb 2004): A look at various species of wild cats in Africa - Cheetahs, Lions etc.


CHEETAHS - FAST TRACK TO FREEDOM (14 Oct 2004): Simon King spends two years helping to bring up two orphaned Cheetahs, eventually releasing them into the wild. Cameras follow their progress.

ANDES - THE DRAGON'S BACK (16 Dec 2004): A journey across the South American Andes mountains looking at various wildlife including Pumas, Penguins and Spectacled Bears.


SHARK COAST (? ? 2005): An exploration of the marine life off the coast of Southern Africa focusing on the many species of sharks that flourish in the warm waters.

THE KING COBRA AND I (9 Nov 2005): Following the work of a conservationist who rescues King Cobras (the world's largest venomous snake) and has set up a breeding program for them in India.

RETURN OF THE EAGLE OWL (16 Nov 2005): The Eagle Owl is making a remarkable comeback on the continent of Europe and is now establishing itself in Britain.

CUBA: WILD ISLAND OF THE CARIBBEAN (23 Nov 2005): Exploring the spectacular wildlife of Cuba, both on land and underwater.

WILD HARVEST (14 Dec 2005): A farming revolution is taking place in the British countryside. An increasing number of farmers are using sustainable agricultural practices on their land (encouraged by a new system of subsidies) with the result that wildlife and wild flowers are returning in abundance. Narrated by Philippa Forrester.


THE LAST LIONS OF INDIA (18 Oct 2006): Asiatic lions are thriving in the Gir Forest in the state of Gujurat, India thanks to the work of Conservationists. But the increase in numbers also brings problems for the human population who live alongside them.

ON THE TRAIL OF TARKA (25 Oct 2006): Williamson wrote "Tarka the Otter" over 80 years ago. A BBC team spent a month on the River Torridge, where the book was set, filming the lives of a family of otters. The result is a revealing potrait of one of the UK's most shy and endearing mammals.

EYE FOR AN ELEPHANT (1 Nov 2006): Astonishing footage of the life of the African Elephant by Cameraman Martyn Colbeck who has spent 15 years recording their behaviour.

THE BEAR MAN OF KAMCHATKA (8 Nov 2006): Canadian Naturalist Charlie Russell teaches orphaned bear cubs how to survive in the wild in the remote Russian province of Southern Kamchatka.

THE FALLS OF IGUACU (15 Nov 2006): A look at the wildlife around the huge and spectacular Iguacu falls on the border of Brazil and Argentina.

AFRICA'S DESERT GARDEN (9 Jan 2007): Every year, seasonal rains bring life to the normally barren Namaqualand desert of South-West Africa. Thousands of species of flower come miraculously into bloom and an abundance of animal life emerges. Narrated by Alan Titchmarsh.

TOKI'S TALE (4 Apr 2007): Following on from the documentary "Cheetahs - Fast Track to freedom", this episode features Simon King as he attempts to reintroduce orphaned Cheetah cub, Toki, back to the wild.

BATTLE TO SAVE THE TIGER (11 Apr 2007): The work of Conservationists to save the Tiger in India is being hampered by poaching inside official nature reserves. Narrated by David Attenborough.

MOOSE ON THE LOOSE (18 Apr 2007): How the city of Anchorage, capital of Alaska, manages its wildlife - which includes Moose and Grizzly Bears. Narrated by Johyn Simms.

BUDDHA, BEES AND THE GIANT HORNET QUEEN (25 April 2007): Astonishing camerawork reveals the world of the Japanese Giant Hornet, a voracious predator that is the scourge of Apiarists in the far east. Some Honey Bee colonies, however, have developed cunning strategies to repel their larger and more powerful adversary.

HAWAII - MESSAGE IN THE WAVES (2 May 2007): Man's activities are threatening the survival of Hawaii's wildlife as never before. For example, many seabirds are killed by the cumulative effect of ingesting carelessly discarded plastic debris.

INVASION OF THE CROCODILES (9 May 2007): A Biologist, Adam Britton, investigates the rapid proliferation of crocodiles in Australia's Northwest territory.

THE BLOODHOUND AND THE BEARDIE (16 May 2007): An experiment in which two domestic dogs, a Bloodhound and a Bearded Collie, are retrained to do the jobs that they were originally bred for.

SAVING OUR SEABIRDS (23 May 2007): Bird expert Roy Dennis visits various British islands, including the Shetlands and Skomer, to investigate the decline in seabird populations.

DESERT LIONS (30 May 2007): A look at the lions that live in Africa's Nabib Desert and how they manage to survive in such a harsh climate.

RAINFORESTS FOR THE FUTURE (6 Jun 2007): The African state of Gabon has made 10% of its rainforests into a national park and is implementing an ambitious program of land and wildlife conservation. Narrated by Jeremy Northam.

VOICES FROM THE VALLEY (13 Jun 2007): Beautifully filmed portrait of the Wye valley - containing some of Britain's most picturesque countryside - and the people who make a living there.


SNOW LEOPARD: BEYOND THE MYTH (4 Jan 2008): The everyday life of the rare and elusive Snow Leopard, captured for the first time on film in the mountains of northern Pakistan,.

RAISNG SANCHO (11 Jan 2008): The story of how Brazilian naturalist Carolina Vargas rescued and raised a giant otter cub to be returned to the wild in the Pantanal, the world's biggest wetland.

EARTH PILGRIM - A YEAR ON DARTMOOR (18 Jan 2008): A beautifully fimed exploration of the scenery and wildlife of Dartmoor in England's West Country, told from a spiritual perspective. Narrated by Satish Kumar.

TIGER KILL (25 Jan 2008): Top UK wildlife filmaker, Simon King, travels to India in an attempt to film a tiger capturing and killing its prey - the first time such an event has been recorded.

WHITE FALCON, WHITE WOLF (1 Feb 2008) A look at the wildlife of Ellesmere Island in the remote canadian Arctic. Survival here can be precarious owing to the long harsh winters and short spring / summer seasons.

SAVED BY DOLPHINS (8 Feb 2008): Dramatic reconstructions of cases where Dolphins have defended humans against shark attack.

BADGERS - SECRETS OF THE SETT (15 Feb 2008): Hidden cameras capture the family life of one of Britain's best-loved mammals - the Badger. Narrated by David Attenborough.

SPACECHIMP (22 Feb 2008): Fascinating drama documentary about the American space program which launched the first primate into space in 1961. The chimpanzee, called "Ham", returned unharmed and lived for twenty more years!

ELEPHANT NOMADS OF THE NAMIBIA DESERT (26 Mar 2008): The life of a group of Elephants living in one of the most unexpected and challenging environments - the Namibian Desert. Narrated by Russell Boulter

LOBO (2 April 2008): Drama documentary. In 1893, Ernest Thompson Seton was hired by Cattle Ranchers in New Mexico (USA) to kill a rogue wolf that was preying on their cattle. The hunt changed Seton's life, leading him to write a best-selling book which inspired generations of conservationists all over the world. Narrated by David Attenborough.

REINDEER GRLS (9 April 2008): The life of reindeer-herding indigeneous people, the Sami, in the frozen wilderness of northern Norway.

MOOSE IN THE GLEN (16 April 2008): A millionaire conservationist plans to create a wilderness reserve in Scotland, allowing the return of once native animals such as Wolves, Bears, Wild Boar etc.

NAABI - A HYENA PRINCESS (23 April 2008): The story of a female Hyena attempting to establish herself in a new clan.

SPECTACLED BEARS - SHADOWS OF THE FOREST (6 May 2008): New research shows that the South American Spectacled Bear is not just vegetarian (as previously thought) but a hunter and scavenger as well.

SUPERFISH (14 May 2008): The lives of the spectacular ocean-going fish of the Istiophoridae family - the Sailfish, Marlin and Swordfish. Narrated by David Attenborough.


TITUS THE GORILLA KING (11 Nov 2008): Following the life of a Titus - alpha male in of a troop of Silverback Gorillas in the forests of Rwanda.

WHALE SHARK (18 Nov 2008): Biologist Mark Meekan follows Whale sharks across the southern oceans using a tracker device.

CLEVER MONKEYS (25 Nov 2008): A look at the diversity of primate behaviour and how it mirrors that of humans. Narrated by David Attenborough.

CROCODILE BLUES (2 Dec 2008): A scientist and his team investigate the inexplicable death of large numbers of Gharials - a crocodile native to India.

CORK - FOREST IN A BOTTLE (9 Dec 2008): The Alentejo region of Portugal has traditionally been the home of the cork industry but is also a thriving ecosystem for many species of animals. Narrated by Monty Don.


GREAT WHITE SHARK - A LIVING LEGEND (2 Jan 2009): A look at the work of Naturalist Mike Ritzen, whose understanding of the behaviour of the Great White Shark allows him to swim amongst them safely by communicating with body language.

CUCKOO (9 Jan 2009): The life of the parasitic Cuckoo whose which lays its eggs in the nests of unsuspecting host bird species. Narrated by David Attenborough.

MOUNTAINS OF THE MONSOON (16 Jan 2009): Environmentalist Sandesh Kadur explores the wildlife of the Indian Western Ghats mountains and searches for an elusive new species of big cat.

POLAR BEARS AND GRIZZLIES (23 Jan 2009): A look at the lives of two species of bears who now share overlapping ranges in the Arctic as global warming takes effect.

ELEPHANTS WITHOUT BORDERS (6 Feb 2009): The elephants of Botswana - whose population is growing out of control and threatens to damage the environment.

SNOW MONKEYS (13 Feb 2009): The iconic Japanese Macaques, or "Snow Monkey", is popular with tourists but, away from the cameras, it braves harsh conditions in the mountainous areas of the country.

CASSOWARY (19 Feb 2009): A project to save the endangered australian Cassowary - a giant flightless bird, unique to the region. Narrated by David Attenborough.

A FARM FOR THE FUTURE (20 Feb 2009): A British "West Country" farmer looks at ways to eliminate her dependency on fossil fuel - artificial fertilizers etc. She discovers how a new agricultural system, permaculture, can give high yields without damaging the environment.

IRON CURTAIN, RIBBON OF LIFE (6 Mar 2009): A look at the conservation area created when the "Iron Curtain" - the militarised border between east and west Europe - fell in 1990. The no-man's-land which existed for decades allowed nature to flourish in all its pristine glory and today this "Green Belt" stretches 8000 miles.

UAKARI: SECRETS OF THE ENGLISH MONKEY (26 Mar 2009): The life of the Red-faced Uakari monkey, native to the Peruvian Amazon jungle.


BEARWALKER OF THE NORTHWOODS (28 Oct 2009): The work of American Biologist Lynn Rogers who has built up an extraordinarily close and trusting relationship with Brown Bears in the wild.

VICTORIA FALLS - THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS (4 Nov 2009): Life on Africa's Zambezi river as seen through the eyes of a local fisherman, White Matukanyuni, who has fished the waters for over 60 years.

ANDREA: QUEEN OF MANTAS (11 Nov 2009): The research of marine biologist Andrea Marshall is uncovering new insights into one of the ocean's largest and most intelligent fish - the Manta Ray.

BLACK MAMBA, WHITE WITCH (19 Nov 2009): The work of Thea Litschka-Koen, who rescues and releases Black Mambas - the highly venomous snakes - which have strayed too close to human habitation in Swaziland.

BRINGING UP BABY (26 Nov 2009): A look at the phenomenon of motherhood across the animal kingdom. Narrated by David Attenborough.

A HIGHLAND HAVEN (3 Dec 2009): The wildlife and landscape around Lock Maree in the Highlands of Scotland. Producer & Narrator, Fergus Beeley.

RADIO GIBBON (10 Dec 2009): The work of Chanee Brul￷ho has set up a rescue centre for Gibbons in Borneo. Narrated by Adrian Edmonson

BIRDS OF PARADISE (6 Jan 2010): A team of naturalists embarks on an expedition to record the courtship display of Birds of Paradise in New Guinea. Narrated by David Attenborough.

THE SECRET LEOPARDS (20 Jan 2010): A look at how leopards have managed to survive and even thrive in East Africa. Narrated by Jonathan Scott.

THE CHIPCAM PROJECT (27 Jan 2010): Researchers at Edingburgh Zoo in Scotland investigate how Chimpanzees see the world by allowing them to film with a video camera. Narrated by Steve McQuarrie.

PRAIRIE DOGS - TALK OF THE TOWN (3 Feb 2010): The latest field research into North America's prairie dogs shows that they may have evolved a complex "language" to communicate with each other. Narrated by Rob Brydon.

THE WILD PLACES OF ESSEX (10 Feb 2010): The English county of Essex gets a makeover in this exquisitely-filmed look at its landscapes and wildlife. Narrated by Robert MacFarlane.

A KILLER WHALE CALLED LUNA (24 Feb 2010): Moving account of the relationship that built up between a Killer Whale - separated from its family - and the people of a small settlement on the coast of Vancouver island, Canada.

FOREST ELEPHANTS - RUMBLES IN THE JUNGLE (4 Mar 2010): A look at the forest elephants of the Central African Republic and the latest research into their social life and behaviour.


THE MONKEY-EATING EAGLE OF THE ORINOCO (9 July 2010): A film by Fergus Beeley about a family of Harpy Eagles living deep in the rainforest of Venezuela.

ECHO: AN UNFORGETTABLE ELEPHANT (5 Aug 2010): A tribute to "Echo", the African elephant whose life was documented on film over two decades, and who died in 2009 aged 65 years. Narration by David Attenborough.

SEA OTTERS - A MILLION DOLLAR BABY (12 Aug 2010): The life of a Californian Sea-Otter family, who have made their home amongst the boats of a marina in Monterey, California. Narrated by Bonny Greer.

THE HIMALAYAS (19 Aug 2010): The varied animal life amongst the mountains of the Himalayas. Narration by David Attenborough.

AFRICA'S DRAGON MOUNTAIN (2 Sep 2010): The wildlife of South Africa's Dragon mountains.

THE DOLPHINS OF SHARK BAY (3 Nov 2010): Following a family of Bottlenose Dolphins living in Western Australia's "Shark Bay".

PANDA MAKERS (7 Dec 2010): The rearing of Giant Panda cubs at Chengdu Zoo, China.

BUTTERFLIES (17 Dec 2010): The lives of Britain's beautiful butterfly species, numbers of which are declining due to environmental degradation.

MIRACLE IN THE MARSHES OF IRAQ (18 Jan 2011): Engineer, Azzam Alwash, plans to restore the Mesopotamian marshes, once an important wildlife habitat and home to thousands of people, by reflooding the desert.

ELSA - THE LIONESS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD (1 Feb 2011): Drama documentary about the Lion conservationists, Joy and George Adamson, made famous by their book and the 1960s film "Born Free". Featuring Virginia McKenna, who starred as Joy in the film.

CHIMPS OF THE LOST GORGE (8 Feb 2011): The lives of Chimpanzees in the isolated Kyambura Gorge in Uganda - filmed over several years.

A TIGER CALLED BROKEN TAIL (15 Feb 2011): The story of a Tiger cub that escapes from its sanctuary in Rajasthan, India. Filmed by Colin Stafford-Johnson.

ONE MILLION SNAKEBITES (22 Feb 2011): Snake expert Romulus Whittaker and his team are developing strategies to protect both snakes and humans in India, where 50,000 are killed each year by poisonous snakes.

THE LAST GRIZZLY OF PARADISE VALLEY (1 March 2011): Following fim-maker Jeff Turner as he encounters Grizzly bears and other animals in British Columbia, Canada.


MY LIFE AS A TURKEY (1 Aug 2011): Biologist Joe Hutto raises a brood of 13 wild turkeys in the everglades of Florida.

EMPIRE OF THE DESERT ANTS (10 Aug 2011): The life of honey ants in the Arizona Desert.

HELIGAN - SECRETS OF THE LOST GARDENS (17 Aug 2011): A year in the life of the famous restored public gardens near Mevagissey, Cornwall.

KOMODO - SECRETS OF THE DRAGON (24 Aug 2011): The latest research reveals new secrets about this huge and feared venomous reptile.

THE WOMAN WHO SWIMS WITH KILLER WHALES (31 Aug 2011): Marine biologist Ingrid Visser not only studies killer whales but swims with them too.

ANIMAL HOUSE (7 Sep 2011): A look at some of the varied and extraordinary shelters built by animals - from the Prairie Dog to the Hornet. Narrated by David Attenborough.

JUNGLE GREMLINS OF JAVA (25 Jan 2012): A look at the Slow Loris, a small primate that lives in the jungles of Java.

TIGER DYNASTY (1 Feb 2012): The camera follows a breeding pair of Tigers who have been released into India's Sariska National Park in the hope that they will found a new colony.

GRIZZLIES OF ALASKA (8 Mar 2012): Biologist Chris Morgan gets a close-up view of a Grizzly Bear and her two cubs as they struggle for survival in the Alaskan wilderness.

MADAGASCAR, LEMURS AND SPIES (15 Mar 2012): The Silky Sitaka, a rare Madagascan white lemur, is threatened by illegal logging of its rainforest habitat. Scientists and private investigators (working for the Environmental Investigation Agency) are working to ensure the lemur's survival and to track down and prosecute traders in illegal wood.

ZAMBEZI (22 Mar 2012): The wildlife and habitat of the great Zambezi river, over 2700 kilometres in length and running through several south African countries from Zambia to Mozambique.

QUEEN OF THE SAVANNAH (29 Mar 2012): The life of the queen African Honeybee.

THE REAL JUNGLE BOOK BEAR (5 Apr 2012): Cameras follow a family of Sloth Bears living in the wilds of Karnataka in SW India. Narrated by David Attenborough.

THE UNNATURAL HISTORY OF LONDON (18 June 2012): A look at the variety of wildlife that has made London its home - from Foxes and Badgers to the more exotic Parakeets and Scorpions.


LIVING WITH BABOONS (19 July 2012): The everyday lives of the Hamadryas Baboons of Ethiopia have been studied at first hand by Biologist Mat Pines, who has lived among them for 5 years. Narrated by David Attenborough.

TIGER ISLAND (26 July 2012): The Tigers of Sumatra (Indonesia) are under severe threat from Man's activities. A millionaire businessman has proposed a solution in the form of a Tiger sanctuary on his private land. Narrated by David Attenborough.

QUEEN OF TIGERS (19 Oct 2012): Machli the Tiger lives in Ranthambore National Park, India, and for the last 13 years her life has been documented by cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson.

A WOLF CALLED STORM (26 Oct 2012): Cameraman, Jeff Hunter spends a year filming a pack of wolves in Canada's frozen North.

ATTENBOROUGH'S ARK (9 Nov 2012): David Attenborough highlights the lives of 10 animal species that he would like to see saved from extinction.

JAGUARS: BORN FREE (21 Jan 2013): Following the progress of three orphaned jaguar cubs as they are trained by a rescue centre to return to the Brazilian jungle. Narrated by Zoe Wannamaker.

KANGAROO DUNDEE (2 pts - 26 Jan & 2 Feb 2013): A city born Aussie has created a unique kangaroo sanctuary near Alice Springs, Australia - the film looks at him rearing three abandoned "joeys" that he hopes to return to the wild.

GIANT OTTERS OF THE AMAZON (9 Feb 2013): A lake in the jungles of Peru is home to a large family of rare and endangered Giant Otters. Their lives are recorded by cameraman Charlie Hamilton James.

FLIGHT OF THE RHINO (16 Feb 2013): A plan to save a population of endangered South-African Black Rhinos by moving them to a secret location by helicopter. Narrated by Sean Bean.


LEOPARDS: 21st CENTURY CATS (17 May 2013): India's Leopards are increasingly threatened by the encroachment of "civilisation" on their habitat, and countless animals have been persecuted, trapped, relocated or shot as they are deemed too dangerous to be allowed to roam freely. What turns a leopard into a "man-eater" has become a pressing conservation issue.

GIANT SQUID: FILMING THE IMPOSSIBLE (13 July 2013): A team locates and attempts to film a rare Giant Squid in deep water off the coast of Japan.

THE MATING GAME (19 July 2013): A look at the mating rituals of various animals around the world. Narrated by David Attenborough.

SRI LANKA – ELEPHANT ISLAND (9 Aug 2013): Wildlife film-maker Martyn Colbeck gives us an insight into the social life of the island's elephant population.

MEET THE MONKEYS (6 Sep 2013): Wildlife film-maker Colin Stafford-Johnson follows the lives of a troop of Crested Black Macaques on the island of Sulawesi. His films are helping to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of these animals among local people.

ORANGUTANS: THE GREAT APE ESCAPE (3 Oct 2013): Following the progress of a program to return hundreds of Orangutans to the Borneo jungle from an ape sanctuary.

MEERKATS: SECRETS OF AN ANIMAL SUPERSTAR (11 Oct 2013): Further adventures of a clan of Meerkats, subject of previous BBC documentaries and of a 20 year-old behavioural study. Narrated by David Attenborough.

WALRUS: TWO TON TUSKER (18 Oct 2013): Scientist, Holly Muraco is engaged in a breeding program involving a Pacific Walrus called Sivuqaq.

KILLER WHALES: BENEATH THE SURFACE (24 Oct 2013): Scientific research over the decades has established that killer whales are highly intelligent and have a complex social life.


VULTURES: BEAUTY IN THE BEAST (31 Jan 2014): Naturalist and film-maker, Charlie Hamilton James travels to east Africa to take a closer look at the life of that most-maligned of creatures – the Vulture.

AFRICA'S GIANT KILLERS (11 Apr 2014): The battle for survival between elephants and lions on the banks of the Savuti channel – a temporary river in Botswana.

HONEY BADGERS: MASTERS OF MAYHEM (18 Apr 2014): A look at the life of the South African honey badger, whose relatively small size belies its ferocious reputation.

FRANCE: THE WILD SIDE (25 Apr 2014): Beautifully-filmed documentary about the wildlife of France, which includes wolves, bears and wild boar. Narrated by Paul McGann.

NATURE'S MISFITS (2 May 2014): An around-the-world look at various animals with unusual lifestyles and/or habitats – including the Giant Panda, the Leaf Chameleon, a coconut-eating crab, a forest-dwelling penguin and others. Narrated by Bill Bailey.

THE PYGMY HIPPO: A VERY SECRET LIFE (9 May 2014): In a remote west African rainforest, ecologist Wei-Yeen Yap studies the reclusive Pigmy Hippo – an endangered species about which very little is known.

THE BAT MAN OF MEXICO (13 June 2014): Bat expert Rodrigo Medellin is called in to save Mexico's Tequila trade, which crucially depends on a plant pollinated by the Lesser Long-nosed Bat. Narrated by David Attenborough.

PENGUIN POST OFFICE (24 July 2014): Port Lockroy, in British Antarctic Territory, is the site of the most northerly post-office in the world, as well as home to a colony of 3000 Gentoo penguins.

BEAVERS BEHAVING BADLY (31 July 2014): A look at the Beavers of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.

A BEAR WITH A BOUNTY (7 Aug 2014): The Northwoods of Minnesota, USA, are home to Black Bears; in particular Lily and her family who have become well-known around the world due to their close relationship with researchers – documented on the internet.

ATTENBOROUGH'S FABULOUS FROGS (28 Aug 2014): A look at Frogs and Toads around the world, highlighting their extraordinary adaptability and behaviour. Presented by David Attenborough.


AFRICA'S FISHING LEOPARDS (23 Feb 2015): Film-maker Brad Bestelink documents the life of a family of Leopards in Botswana. The big cats have added a new skill to their hunting repertoire – fishing. Narrated by David Attenborough.

SUPER-POWERED OWLS (3 March 2015): The life of Barn Owls, focusing on the amazing natural abilities that have contributed to their success as nocturnal birds of prey. Narrated by Paul McGann.

GALAPAGOS: ISLANDS OF CHANGE (10 March 2015): The wildlife of the Galapagos and how it is coping with increasing human population pressure.

GROWING UP WILD (26 March 2015): The trials of young wild animals around the world as they learn the essential skills of survival.

ICELAND: LAND OF ICE AND FIRE (1 May 2015): A look at the wildlife and human life of Iceland, in a year that saw one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in the island's history. Narrated by Juliet Stevenson.


ATTENBOROUGH'S BIG BIRDS (16 Jun 2015): A look at the lives of large flightless birds around the world: Ostriches, Rheas, Emus, Cassowaries and Kiwis. Narrated by Richard Attenborough.

MOUNTAIN LIONS: BIG CATS IN HIGH PLACES (23 Jun 2015): Scientists are using GPS tracking to study the movements and interactions of mountain lions (aka Cougars, Pumas) in the Wyoming Rockies.

IRELAND'S WILD RIVER: THE MIGHTY SHANNON (16 July 2015): A journey by canoe along the Shannon river in Ireland, looking at its associated wildlife.

GHOST BEAR FAMILY (23 July 2015): About the life of "Ghost Bears" – a variety of Brown Bear living in the forest bordering Canada's west coast.

RETURN OF THE GIANT KILLERS: AFRICA'S LION KINGS (19 Aug 2015): Follow-up to "Africa's Giant Killers" (11 Apr 2014), documenting the life of a pride of Lions in Botswana.


JUNGLE ANIMAL HOSPITAL (14 Apr 2016): Documenting the work of an animal rescue centre in Guatemala, many of whose exotic patients are victims of the illegal wildlife trade. Narrated by John Hannah.

MEET THE MOOSE FAMILY (28 Apr 2016): Cameraman Hugo Kitching films the life of a Moose and her calves through the seasons.

KANGAROO DUNDEE AND OTHER ANIMALS (5 May 2016): Chris Barnes runs an animal sanctuary in the Australian outback near Alice Springs caring for injured and orphaned kangaroos and other wildlife (Pt 1 of 2).

NATURE'S PERFECT PARTNERS (19 May 2016): An exploration of the sometimes unlikely associations between different animal species for their mutual benefit. Narrated by Bill Bailey.

GIRAFFES: AFRICA'S GENTLE GIANTS (23 June 2016): Documentary about the Giraffe, focusing on a rescue operation conducted in Uganda to relocate a group of Giraffes to an area of safety.

MY CONGO (7 Sep 2016): A look at the varied wildlife and landscapes of the Republic of Congo with wildlife cameraman Vianet Djenguet.

JAGUARS: BRAZIL'S SUPER CATS (14 Sep 2016): A team of wildlife experts track wild jaguars in order to learn more about their lives. In the process they get involved in rearing and releasing a pair of orphaned jaguar cubs.


CHEETAH'S: GROWING UP FAST (2 Feb 2017): Following the lives of a family of Cheetah's on a wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe. Filmed by Kim Wolhuter and narrated by David Attenborough.