Archive of facts related to British supernatural television programs:

... that Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is the most adapted supernatural tale on British TV. Broadcast as a drama by the BBC in 1950 and 1977, and by ITV in 2000; as a musical on the BBC at Xmas 1962 and an opera in 1978 (HTV) and 1982 (ITV-Granada); and as an animated version for Xmas 1970 (ITV-Anglia) and a narrated illustrated version in 1982 (BBC). The plot also formed the basis for Carry on Christmas (Xmas 1969), Blackadder's Christmas Carol (Xmas 1988) and the Xmas 2008 episode of medical drama Holby City.


... that Hugh Dowding, head of RAF Fighter Command during the famous Battle of Britain, was an ardent spiritualist, vegetarian, animal rights advocate and company president of "Beauty Without Cruelty", a forerunner of today's "Bodyshop"?

Note: Dowding's spiritualist beliefs were touched upon in the documentary series "Fighting the Blue" (Episode 1: Spirits in the Wind).


... that archaeologist Bligh Bond claimed to have received messages from the spirits of medieval monks which guided him during his excavations at Glastonbury Abbey?


... that the drama Miss Morrison's Ghosts (ITV, 1981) was based on the real-life story of two female university academics who claimed to have travelled back in time while visiting Versailles in 1901?


... that Douglas Johnson was the first psychic to give a demonstration of mediumship on BBC television?

Source: Allan Barham. "Strange to Relate" (Colin Smythe Ltd., 1984) p. 75.