4 Jan 2000 - 2002 (18 eps) rpt 28 Mar 2005 / BBC1 (rpt BBC2).

Writers: Ivan Jones, Roy Apps (based on a story by Ivan Jones).

Children's supernatural drama series. Roddy Oliver gets mixed up with ghosts and the evil ghost hunter, Mrs Croker.

With: Jean Marsh, William Theakston, Richard Hanson.



10 Jan - 9 Apr 2000 (13 eps) / ITV.

Children's SciFi drama series. In the near future, the world is in the grip of an environmental crisis, with water levels rising and the population dying off. A group of children, including two telepaths, are left to fend for themselves after (adult) members of the environmental group Greenwatch are arrested.

With: Paul Fox, Julia Howarth, Pablo Duarte, Sarah Hollis.



18 Mar 2000 - 2001 (12 eps) / BBC1.

Writer/Producer: Charlie Higson.

Supernatural comedy/crime drama series. An update of the 1969 series.

With: Bob Mortimer, Vic Reeves, Emilia Fox, Tom Baker.

Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) 2000.



2000 - Oct 2005 (7 series) / BBC1

Gentle-paced drama series centred around the family who own "Glenbogle", a country estate in the highlands of Scotland. Several episodes featured aspects of the supernatural:

Series 1, Episode 5 (26 March 2000).

Archie's sister and her boyfriend, Gerald, arrive at Glenbogle, with plans to turn the place into a New Age therapy centre. Gerald finds a spring on the estate using his psychic powers.

Series 4, Episode 8 (20 Oct 2002).

Molly attends a seance in an attempt to contact the spirit of her late husband (Hector, former laird of the Glenbogle estate). A ghostly figure is seen at the window and strange noises are heard at night. Could Glenbogle be haunted?


Glenbogle is gearing up for the annual Hogmanay celebrations. A Ghost Hunter and his daughter arrive at the house to investigate reports of an apparition.

Series 7, Episode 6 (23 Oct 2005)

In the last ever episode, financial problems force the laird to put Glenbogle on the market. The ghost of Hector (a former laird) appears to Molly, as she faces a decision about her future.

With: Richard Briers, Alistair Mackenzie, Susan Hampshire, Dawn Steele, Hamish Clark, Rebecca Lacey, Alexander Morton, Lloyd Owen, Tom Baker, Martin Compston, Rae Hendrie.

BBC Guide - Monarch of the Glen.



14 Jun 2000 (30 mins) / Channel 5.

Writer: Tom De Ville / Director: Marcus D F White.

A social worker investigates a case which involves Voodoo and spirit possession.

With: Sean Francis, Joan Hooley.



20 Dec 2000 (rpt Dec 2004) / ITV.

Writer: Peter Bowker.

A modern-day reworking of the Charles Dickens classic.

With: Ross Kemp, Warren Mitchell, Liz Smith.



23 - 31 Dec 2000 (4 x 30 min eps) / BBC2.

Writer: Ronald Frame / Director: Eleanor Yule.

Every Christmas, M R James, narrates ghost stories to students in his study at Kings College. The stories are:

(1) The Stalls of Barchester.
(2) The Ash Tree.
(3) Number 13.
(4) A Warning To The Curious.

With CHRISTOPHER LEE (as M R James).

"Ghosts and scholars" review.



26 - 27 Dec 2000 (2 x 60 min eps) / BBC1.

Writer: Gwyneth Hughes (based on the novel by Gillian White) / Director: Stuart Orme.

Supernatural comedy drama. A family get together for a reunion at a remote Dartmoor farmhouse. But the celebration is cut short by a combination of atrocious weather, a power cut, a visiting spiritualist, a missing relative and a restless spirit.

With: Eileen Atkins, Anna Massey, George Cole, Michelle Collins.



2001 (6 eps) / BBC

Supernatural drama series. Two wandering spirits meet up after death, finding that they still have unfinished business on Earth (not yet shown on terrrestrial UK TV).

With: Stephen Tompkinson, Dervla Kirwan.



19 Feb 2001 - (7 eps) / ITV

Writer: Carol Noble (Based on stories by Elizabeth Arnold).

Children's fantasy drama series about a young Romany girl, Freya, with magical powers.

With: Gemma Gregory, Olivia Winstone, Eleanor Bron, Thomas Jamerson, Gary Webster.



9 March 2002 - (7 eps) / BBC1

Writer: Andrew Marshall / Director: Joe Aheame.

An ex-priest investigates sundry demonic goings-on with his assistant Jude Atkins.

With: Richard Coyle, Samantha Janus, Ian Richardson.



22 December 2002 / Channel 5.

Writer/ Producer: Jack Emery (based on a story by Dostoevsky) / Director: Betsan Morris Evans.

Period drama. A man who has been seen working miracles is brought before the Spanish Inquisition.

With: Derek Jacobi, Stephen Billington, Alan Armstrong.



25 Jan 2003 / BBC1

Writer: Anthony Horowitz / Director: Coky Giedroyc

Liz and Daniel Morton move into the old family home and uncover a body buried in the back garden. Liz begins to suspect that the house is haunted and turns to a Psychic for help. Their investigations reveal that the body is linked to events which took place over a century before.

With: Tara FitzGerald, James Wilby, Paul Rhys, Kate Magowan.

BBC Guide - Murder in Mind: Echoes.



29 January 2003 / BBC2.

Writer/Producer: Mark Hayhurst / Director: James Kent.

Drama-documentary telling the story of  the persecution of an alleged witch - Agnes Sampson, during the 16th century.

With: Cathleen McCarron, Ewan Stewart, Jimmy Harrison.



9 - 10 February 2003 (2 x 90 min eps) / ITV1.

Writer: Russell T Davies / Director: Adrian Shergold.

Drama. A man announces to the world that he is the son of God.

With: Christopher Ecclestone.



7 Jan 2004 - (13 x 25 min eps). / BBC1

Writer: Jim Eldridge

Children's adventure series. Two teenagers with psychic abilities, Mark and Song Li, are part of a research team which investigates supernatural phenomena.

With: Rupert Hollday Evans, Mandana Jones, Amy Yamazaki, Adam Jessop.

Powers Guide. (Mandana Jones Website).



Bill Patterson and Dawn Steele in a scene from 'Sea of Souls' 2004 - 2006 / BBC1.

Writers: David Kane, Ed Whitmore, Peter Jukes, Niall Leonard.

A team of Parapsychologists, based in Glasgow and headed by Dr. Douglas Monaghan, is charged with the investigation of supernatural phenomena reported by members of the public.

Series 1 (2 - 17 Feb 2004) / 6 eps.

1 - 2. Possession (pts 1 & 2).

3 - 4. Shades of Evil (pts 1 & 2)

5 - 6. Voodoo Nights (pts 1 & 2).

With Bill Patterson, Peter McDonald, Archie Panjabi.

Series 2 (8 Jan - Feb 2005).

1 - 2. Amulet (pts 1 & 2).

3 - 4. Omen Formation (pts 1 & 2)

5 - 6. Empty Promise (pts 1 & 2)

With Bill Patterson, Dawn Steele, Iain Robertson.

Series 3 (7 Jan - 11 Feb 2006).

1. Insiders: After a seance goes wrong, one of the participants is possessed by a vengeful spirit.

2. Oracle: Justine starts to have disturbing visions which she believes are linked to a missing local woman.

3. Sleeper: A postgrad research experiment into sleep goes horribly wrong, causing the subconscious mental energy of the subject to erupt into the physical world.

4. The Newsroom: An investigation at a hotel reveals an unusual animal haunting.

5. Succubus: One of the team, Craig, falls ill after he is seduced by an attractive, but sinister young woman.

6. Rebound: Bizarre and overpowering electrical phenomena affect a young woman after she dabbles in magic. The trail leads to a succesful businessman who believes he is the reincarnation of an 18th century alchemist.

With: Bill Patterson, Dawn Steele, Iain Robertson.

Mini-series (17 & 19 Apr 2007)

1 - 2. A married couple renovating an old country mansion uncover an occult wall painting dating from victorian times. Dr. Douglas Monaghan (sans assistants) is called in to investigate after the wife witnesses a series of frightening apparitions.

With: Bill Patterson, Neve McIntosh, Ben Miles.

WIKI Guide - Sea of Souls



5 Jun 2004 / BBC2

Music: Benjamin Britten / Conducted by: Richard Hickox / Director: Katie Mitchell.

Engaging adaptation of Britten's 1954 opera, based on a ghost story by Henry James and filmed on location in and around Fulbeck Hall, Lincolnshire.

With: Mark Padmore, Lisa Milne, Catrin Wyn Davies, Diana Montague, Nicholas Kirby Johnson, Caroline Wise.



10 Oct 2004 / ITV1

Writer: Peter J Hammond / Director: Peter Smith / Exec. Producer: Brian True-May.

Murder most foul visits the picturesque village of Fletcher's Cross. DCI Tom Barnaby and Seargent Dan Scott investigate the activities of a spiritualist church run by Medium Rosetta Price.

With: John Nettles, John Hopkins.

Midsomer (fan site)



23 Jan 2005 / ITV1

John Nettles and John Hopkin from 'Midsomer Murders' Writer: Tony Etchells / Director: Richard Holthouse / Producer: Brian True-May.

Another case for DCI Tom Barnaby as bodies start to pile up again in the unlikeliest murder capital of Britain - the picturesque village of Midsomer Mere! A body is discovered with scorch marks across the scalp after a brawl in the local pub. The victim had formerly been a guinea pig in a bizarre scientific investigation into "second sight". The plot also involves a family who claim to be able to see into the future.

Starring: John Nettles, John Hopkins.

Midsomer (fan site)



9 Apr 2005 / BBC1.

Writer: Mark Gatiss / Director: Euros Lyn /Producer: Phil Collinson.

Veteran Sci-Fi drama. The time travelling Tardis takes the Doctor and his assistant Rose Tyler back to Cardiff, Wales in the year 1869. A meeting with a psychic maidservant reveals that bodies at a local mortuary are being brought back to life by a race of aliens in gaseous form.

With Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Simon Callow.

Doctor Who (BBC).



2005 - 2006 / ITV1.

Writers: Steven Volk, Guy Burt.

Supernatural drama series. Alison Mundy is a troubled Psychic struggling to reconcile her spiritual gifts with the demands of everyday life.

Series 1 (24 Sep - 29 Oct 2005)

(1) More than meets the eye. Alison passes on a psychic message to a young woman about her past - with tragic consequences. She attracts the attention of a Pychologist - Dr. Robert Bridge - who wishes to make a study of her work.

(2) Lower than Bones. Alison has a vision of a young girl, which leads to her becoming involved in a murder investigation.

(3) Daniel One and Two. Alison tries to help a young man who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. She believes he is being harassed by a malevolent spirit.

(4) Misdirection. Alison finds work as a care assistant and meets a nurse who claims he is being tormented by the spirit of a former patient who committed suicide.

(5) Sleeping with the Dead. Alison investigates a flat haunted by two spirits trapped in a "time loop".

(6) The 7:59 Club. Alison is asked to hold a bizarre seance by survivors of a fatal train crash.

Series 2 (16 Sep - 11 Nov 2006)

(1) Roadside Bouquets: Alison is contacted by the spirit of a young woman who died in a car accident. Meanwhile, Robert finds his scepticism shaken by the results of the seance (first series).

(2) The Rat Man: Alison and Robert are invited into a prison to investigate a series of suicides which turn out to be linked to the influence of a malevolent spirit.

(3) Lullaby: A father asks for Alison's help when he hears a ghostly voice over the baby monitor.

(4) Your Hand in Mine: Alison suspects that the skin disease afflicting a man's fianc¢has some connection with his deceased first wife.

(5) Mirrorball: Alison is asked by a young woman to contact the spirit of her friend who was murdered.

(6) Mind the bugs don't bite: Robert tries to help Alison, who appears to be heading for a mental beakdown.

(7) Things Forgotten: Alison is in turmoil as it appears her psychic powers are on the wane. Meanwhile Robert, quietly settles his affairs and makes arrangements for his funeral.

(8) A name written in water: Robert's life hang in the balance while a distraught Alison pleads with the spirits to save him.

With: LESLEY SHARP (as Alison Mundy), ANDREW LINCOLN (as Dr. Robert Bridge).

Afterlife (WIKI).



2 Dec 2005 / BBC1 ("Manhunters")

Writers: Rik Carmichael, John Hay / Director: John Hay / Producer: Martha Holmes.

The true story of how hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett came to stalk and kill an infamous maneating leopard in Rudraprayag, British India. His ghost (played by Geoffrey Palmer) makes a brief appearance at the end and is witnessed by one of the natives. Apparently, according to Hindu belief, the spirit returns at death to the place that was most loved during the person's life.

With Jason Fleming, Jodhi May.



9 Dec 2005 / BBC2 ("Manhunters")

Writer: Tony Mulholland / Director: Robert del Maestro / Producer: Martha Holmes.

The true story of how hunter George Rushby was sent by the Government of post-war Tanzania to kill a pride of man-eating lions which were terrorising local villagers. The native have a superstitious belief that the lions are the spirits of dead people under the control of the local witchdoctor - hence their reluctance to get involved.

With: Adrian Rawlins, Tamzin Malleson.



23 Dec 2005 (40 mins) / BBC4

View from a HillWriter: Peter Harness (based on a short story by M R James)

Period supernatural drama. Sinister unseen forces are unleashed after Archaeologist, Dr. Fanshawe, looks through an old pair of borrowed binoculars.

With: Mark Letheren, Pip Torrens, David Burke.

BBC website



17 Jan 2006 / BBC1 ("The Afternoon play")

Jodie Whittaker in a scene from 'The last will and testament of Billy two-sheds' Writer: Alan Plater / Director: Pip Broughton / Producer: Sam Hill

Comic drama. When old Billy "Two sheds", dies, he leaves his allotment to his favourite grandaughter, Sam. She discovers the ghost of her grandfather, sitting in an old chair in one of the garden sheds. He regales her with a succession of tall tales, one of which appears to offer an unexpected lifeline to the allotment association.

With James Bolam (as the ghost), Jodie Whittaker (as Sam).



15 May 2006 (Series 3 Ep. 5) / BBC1.

Writer: Roy Mitchell / Director: Roberto Bangura / Producer: Francis Matthews.

Crime drama series about a team of detectives brought out of retirement to investigate unsolved cases. The team's inquiries into the murder, ten years previously, of a librarian uncovers a twilight world of Witchcraft and Black Magic.

With: Amanda Holden, James Bolam, Dennis Waterman, Alan Armstrong.

New Tricks - BBC website.



24 Jun 2006 / BBC1

Writer: Matthew Graham / Director: Euros Lyn / Producer: Phil Collinson.

The time-travelling Doctor and his assistant Rose meet a young girl who has the power to create things in real life by drawing them on paper. It turns out that she is possessed by an alien being.

With: David Tennant, Billie Piper.

Doctor Who (BBC).



2 Nov 2006 (60 mins) / BBC1.

Writer: Paul Coates / Director: Jamie Annett / Producer: Martha Hillier.

Long-running hospital drama series. A spiritualist medium claims that she has been told by her dead mother to get a health check-up for cancer.

With Jaye Jacobs, Paul Bradley, Adrian Edmonson.



22 Dec 2006 (40 mins) / BBC4.

Writer: Justin Hopper (based on a short story by M R James) / Director: Pier Wilkie.

Supernatural drama. An academic staying at a hotel hears noises coming from an adjacent room during the night. Staff at the hotel inform him that no such room exists but he is determined to investigate further - with terrifying consequences.

With: GREG WISE as Anderson.



17 & 18 Mar 2007 (2 x 50 mins) / BBC1.

Writers: Sasha Hails & Gregory Evans.

A two-parter from the popular Hospital drama series. A woman has a series of premonitions in a shopping centre and saves a child from serious injury. In the process she is injured and admitted to Holby City hospital. Meanwhile, Paramedic Cynthia Pyke, senses that the spirit of a woman who has just died in a road accident, wants her to start looking for a missing child whose life is in danger.


Casualty - BBC website.



24 & 26 Apr 2007 (2 x 60 mins) / BBC1.

Writer: Stephen Gallagher.

Wealthy businessman, Peter Briscoe starts an affair with an old flame, Katy, now married. After she is tragically killed in a road accident, he finds a new partner, Catt, through a mysterious chat-line for the bereaved. But dark secrets from his lover's past make him question her motives.

Comment: The basic premise of the story is that of spirit possesion - well documented, though here taken to an unrealistic extreme.



6 & 13 May 2007 (2 x 60 mins) / BBC1.

Writer: Paul Billing / Director: Patrick Lau.

Long running detective series. A series of gruesome murders lead Police detectives Dalziel & Pascoe into a murky world of mind control and Black Magic rituals.

With: Warren Clarke, Colin Buchanan, Richard E. Grant.



8 July 2007 / ITV1.

Writer: Mark Holloway / Director: Adrian Bean / Exec. Producer: Keith Richardson.

Popular long-running rural police drama series. Rosa Briers, a travelling Psychic, arrives in Aidensfield claiming to be in communication with the spirit of a woman who was recently found murdered.

With: Trudie Goodwin, Tricia Penrose, Gwen Taylor, David Lonsdale, Jonathan Kerrigan, Mark Jordan etc.



4 Aug 2007 (90 mins) / BBC1.

Writer: Steve Lightfoot / Director: David Richards / Producer: Tim Bradley.

After leaving prison, Jimmy Collins discovers that he can see into other people lives merely by touching them. As a result he becomes involved in a high profile murder investigation.

With: Stephen Moyer.



2008-2013 / BBC3 .

Creator: Toby Whithouse.

Pilot episode: 18 Feb 2008.
Series 1: 25 Jan - 1 Mar 2009.
Series 2: 10 Jan - 28 Feb 2010.
Series 3: 23 Jan - 13 Mar 2011.
Series 4: 5 Feb - 25 Mar 2012.
Series 5: 3 Feb - 10 Mar 2013.

Fantasy-drama series involving an unlikely house-share between a ghost, vampire and a werewolf.

With: Lenora Critchlow, Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, Sinead Keenan, Michael Socha etc.

Being Human (WIKI).



8 Aug 2008 (25 mins) / Channel 4.

Writer & Director: Corinna Faith.

One-off short film. A young newly-wed Thai woman starts a new life in a London suburb with her much older English husband. Alone in the house all day while he goes out to work, she encounters a ghostly presence.



13 Nov - 18 Dec 2008 / BBC1.

Writer & Director: Joe Ahearne / Producer: Anne Harrison-Baxter.

Supernatural fantasy-drama series. A jesuit priest, whose job is to investigate reports of miracles and recommend candidates for sainthood, finds himself dealing with cases of demonic possession and performing exorcisms.

(1) Father Jacob is contacted by a young girl who thinks that her father is possessed. A young candidate for the priesthood claims that his miraculous cure from leprosy was the work of the devil.

(2) The Demonic powers start to manifest themselves to others close to Father Jacob.

(3) Father Jacob is invited to visit a prison after reports of strange behaviour amongst some of the inmates.

(4) Father Jacob tries to help a young pregnant woman who may be possessed by demons.

(5) A Muslim family calls in Father Jacob after a series of sinister apparitions.

(6) An exorcism leads to tragedy for Father Jacob.

Starring Martin Shaw, Siobhan Finneran.



22-24 Dec 2008 (3 x 30 mins) / BBC4.

Writer: Mark Gatiss

Xmas supernatural drama mini-series. Ben, a young teacher, uncovers an antique door-knocker in his back garden. He discovers from a local museum curator that it came from an old manor house - now demolished - and hears some ghostly tales associated with the former residence:

1. The Wainscotting: A disreputable 18th century businessman encounters something nasty in the woodwork of his newly-refurbished home. With PHILIP JACKSON as Bloxham.

2. Something Old: In the 1920s, a costume ball is being held for the young heir to the estate who announces his suprise engagement. But his fianc￧s joy is short-lived after seeing a ghostly apparition. With JEAN MARSH, IAN HALLARD, JENNIFER HIGHAM.

3. The Knocker: Back in the present, Ben has affixed the knocker to his own front door - a decision he soon regrets as it takes him on a terrifying journey back to the past.

With LEE INGLEBY as Ben and MARK GATISS as the curator.



23 Dec 2008 / BBC1.

Writer: Tony McHale / Director: Bill Macleod / Producer: Myar Craig-brown.

Appropriately spooky Xmas episode of the popular medical drama series. It's decision time for Nurse Maria Kendal after a series of encounters with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future.

With: Phoebe Thomas as MARIA, Tom Chambers as SAM STRACHAN, Johnny Philips as the GHOSTS etc.



28 Dec 2008 / ITV1.

Writer: Andrew Davies (based on the novel by Sarah Waters) / Director: Tim Fywell / Producer: Adrian Bate.

Atmospheric period drama set in victorian times. After the death of her father, a privileged young woman decides to become a visitor at one of London's most notorious female prisons - Millbank. She finds herself unwittingly drawn into a web of deception by an inmate who claims to be able to commune with the spirits.

With: Anna Madely as MARGARET PRIOR, Zoe Tapper as SELINA DAWES.



20 Feb 2009 / ITV1.

Writers: Matt Harvey & Dominic Morgan / Director: Adrian McDowall / Producer: Graeme Gordon.

An episode of the long-running scottish detective drama series. Psychic, Clare Vorland, gives police a "reading" which leads police to the body of a young woman who recently disappeared - but there are suspicions that she may have had something to do with the murder. And DCI Matt Burke is faced with some uncomfortable home truths from the spirit world.

With: Alex Norton, Blythe Duff, Julie Duncanson (as the Psychic).



5-6 Nov 2009 (2 x 29 mins) / BBC1.

A story from the childrens' sci-fi adventure series. Sarah Jane (Dr Who's ex-assistant) and friends investigate a haunted mansion house which turns out to be not quite what it seems.

Starring Elisabeth Sladen.



26 Dec 2009 (185 mins) / BBC2.

Director: Gregory Doran / Producers: John Wyver & Seb Grant.

Prince Hamlet plots bloody revenge on a rival after a visitation from the ghost of his murdered father - the former king.

With: David Tennant as HAMLET, Patrick Stewart as POLONIUS / THE GHOST.



30 Dec 2009 (90 mins) / BBC1.

Writer: Sandy Welch / Director: Tim Fywell / Producer: Colin Wratten.

Lavish adaptation of the Henry James classic. A governess employed to look after two children in a large country house becomes aware of a ghostly presence overshadowing them.

With: Michelle Dockery, Sue Johnston, Dan Stevens.



24 Dec 2010 (60 mins) / BBC2.

Writer: Neil Cross / Director: Andy de Emmony / Producer: Claire Armspach.

Reworking of the classic ghost story by M. R. James.

With: John Hurt, Gemma Jones, Leslie Sharp, Sophie Thompson.



3 Feb - 3 March 2011 (5 pts) / ITV1.

Writer: Stephen Greenhorn / Director: James Kent / Producer: Chrissy Skinns.

Drama series. Three different families, living in three different time-periods in the same house, are affected by the death of a little girl and her restless spirit.

With: Jodie Whittaker, Alex Kingston, Shelley Conn etc.



18 Nov - 7 Dec 2012 (3 pts) / BBC1.

Writer & Director: Joe Ahearne (adapted from the novel by James Herbert) / Producer: Ann Harrison-Baxter.

A year after the mysterious disappearance of their son, Eve and Gabe Caleigh move themselves and their remaining children to Crickley Hall - an isolated country residence whose restless spirits seem to have information about their missing son's whereabouts.

With: Suranne Jones, Tom Ellis, David Warner etc.



27 Feb - 27 Mar 2013 (5 pts) / ITV1.

Writer: Simon Tyrrell / Director: Damon Thomas / Producer: Cherry Gould.

Supernatural drama, set in a farmhouse in Suffolk, and involving three different families over a period of time from 1944 to the present.

With: Kris Marshall etc.



25 Dec 2013 (40 mins) / BBC2.

Writer/Director: Mark Gatiss / Producer: Susie Liggat.

Period drama based on a short story by M R James. A University student goes in search of a sinister book that may settle an inheritance dispute over a country estate.

With: Sacha Dhawan as GARRETT, John Castle as MR. ELDRED, Roy Barraclough as HODGSON etc.



27 Oct - 6 Dec 2014 (8 x 45 mins) / BBC2.

Writer: Glen Morgan (based on the novel by M M Smith) / Dirs: Eduardo S ̄hez & Daniel Stamm.

Set in Los Angeles, an ex-LAPD detective investigates a series of strange happenings linked to the activities of a secret society.

With: John Simm as JACK WHELAN, Mira Sorvino as AMY WHELAN etc.



23 Nov - 7 Dec 2014 (3 x 60 mins) / BBC1.

Writer: Gwyneth Hughes / Dir: Ashley Pearce / Prod: Chris Carey.

Supernatural drama set in the northern seaside town of Scarborough (Yorkshire, England). Unexplained deaths and other strange incidents occur after mysterious pensioner Tom Parfitt is admitted to a care home.

With: Michael Palin as TOM PARFITT, Jodie Comer as HANNAH WARD, Mark Addy as ROB FAIRHOLME etc.



23 Sep – 7 Oct 2015 (3 eps) / ITV1 .

Writer: Steven Volk (based on a novel by Phil Rickman) / Dir: Richard Clark / Prod: Phil Collinson.

Rural vicar and exorcist, Merrily Watkins becomes involved in a police investigation of a ritual murder.

With: Anna Maxwell-Martin as MERRILY WATKINS, David Threlfall as REV. HUGH OWEN, Soibhan Finneran etc.



27 Dec 2015 / ITV1 .

Writer: Jack Lothian (based on the novel, The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring) / Dir: Alex Pillai / Prod: Denise Paul.

Period drama based on the life of a real-life paranormal investigator. Harry Price is summoned by Edward Goodwin MP to investigate his wife's claim that their house is haunted.

With: Rafe Spall as HARRY PRICE, Cara Theobold as SARAH GREY, Tom Ward as MP EDWARD GOODWIN, Zoe Boyle as GRACE GOODWIN.



28 Jun – 2 Aug 2016 (6 x 50 mins) / BBC1. .

Writer: Ashley Pharoah / Dir: Alice Troughton / Prod: Eliza Mellor.

Drama series about a psychologist, Nathan Appleby, who conducts paranormal investigations, while also running a family farm which he has just inherited.

With Colin Morgan as NATHAN APPLEBY, Charlotte Spencer as CHARLOTTE APPLEBY etc.



19 Oct – 2 Nov 2016 (3 x 50 mins) / ITV1.

Writer: Paula Milne / Dir: Andy de Emmony / Prod: Chrissy Skinns.

Drama about a 17 year-old boy who finds that he is developing supernatural abilities.

With Fionn Whitehead as HIM.