Haunted TV is an archive of British-made supernatural television drama, comedy and documentaries from 1936 to the present day (for recent BBC radio programs see News). All entries are in date order.

Best of British TV is an A–Z archive of UK programs of educational and cultural value. Ancient History documents dramas and documentaries about ancient civilisations.

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… that actor Ian McShane narrowly escaped serious injury when his car plunged forty feet over a cliff during the filming of "The Curse of King Tutankhamen's Tomb" (1980)?

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Available on DVD

The following British supernatural TV programs are currently available on DVD (in date order):

One Step Beyond (1961).*
Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1966–70).
Whistle and I'll come to you (1968).
Randall and Hopkirk Deceased (1969).
The Champions (1969).
The Owl Service (1969).
Ace of Wands (1970 – 72).
Catweazle (1970–71).
A Ghost Story for Christmas (1971–1978).
Dead of Night (1972).
The Stone Tape (1972).
Escape into Night (1972).
Wessex Tales: The Withered Arm (1973).
Thriller (1973–1976).
Haunted (1974).
Shadows (1975–1978).
The Feathered Serpent (1976)
The Ghosts of Motley Hall (1976–78).
Rentaghost (1976–84).
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1976).**
Beasts (1976).
Children of the Stones (1977).
Count Dracula (1977).
Supernatural (1977).
The Clifton House Mystery (1978)
The Moon Stallion (1978).
Casting the Runes / Mr. Humphreys and his inheritance (1979/75).
Sapphire and Steel (1979–1982.)
The Omega Factor (1979).
Schalken the Painter (1979).
The Curse of King Tutankhamen's Tomb (1980).
Hammer House of Horror (1980).
Spine Chillers (1980)
The Tempest (1980).***
Dramarama: Spooky (1983).
Shades of Darkness (1983).
Macbeth (1983)***
Chocky / Chocky's Children / Chocky's Challenge (1984–1986).
Edge of Darkness (1985).
Classic Ghost Stories (1986)
The Dark Angel (1989).
The Green Man (1990).
Mulberry (1992–93).
Chiller (1996).
Turn of the Screw (1999).
The Second Coming (2003).
Sea of Souls (2004–2006).
Turn of the Screw – the opera (2004).
Afterlife (2005–2006).
Apparitions (2008).
Crooked House (2008).
Affinity (2008).
Hamlet (2009).
Turn of the Screw (2009).
Whistle and I'll Come To You (2010).
Marchlands (2011).
The Secret of Crickley Hall (2012)

* US-made but with some episodes featuring British locations and actors – not included in this release.
** Part of a boxed set of BBC-produced Oscar Wilde plays.
*** Part of a boxed set of BBC Shakespeare productions.

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