Welcome to Winters Eve Petz
Please bear with us we are new to this whole site thing. Please do come back again and see what's new in a couple of weeks 
Thank You

This site is a Petz 5 site
Hi I'm Spirt and this is my Mommys site. this is her first site so Ur going to have to give her a little credit if it dose not look good she is new to this. If U can help her out she would greatly appracite it U can E-Mail her @ gizzmo_luv@yahoo.com "Spirt Time to come in!" " OK Mommy coming!" got to go bye
Hi I'm Peppermint a hexed Tabby my MOMMY got off of a event calender last year. she is new to the site biz so she does not know a whole lot and if U can help her plz fell free to E-mail her at gizzmo_luv@yahoo.com she would really love to have some help W/ the site to make it better. I got to go now see u around
JUNE 22 9:35PM new thyme (christmas)
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