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       I have searched at length to provide the most inspiring and life enhancing materials, products, and information to aid all persons in the persuit of making the most of thier lives. It is my sincear hope and prayer that all information, products and materials sited on these pages help you to ehance your life in the best ways possable. Remember always you are loved.
David "blakwulf" Chiang
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To ehance lifes in the best manner possible. Thus we have developed this motto and creedo that all humanity can embrace
Enhancing lives one fare at a time one encounter at a time

In this life we struggle to find a friend.
When we find a friend we are blessed.
but when we find friends such as I have
we know that we are truely blessed
Love will come and go
but friendships last a lifetime.
I am priviledged to have many wonderful friends.
and blessed to be apart of such great company.
When you find you a friend, do not
let them go. A good and true friend is
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