The Bumbling Gardener
I love flowers so of course if you don't have oodles of money it's necessary to have a garden. Unfortunately I started out knowing little about the art of gardening and as I am not the most co-ordinated person in the world the process has been a little bumpy. I have learned a few things that I will pass on and  it is possible to have a garden even if you don't have a green thumb.
In the beginning I had no plans to be a gardener. I love flowers but my plan was that someone would provide me with them. I like plants okay but I didn't realize that my family would think this was preferable to bouquets of blossoms. Nevertheless, the plants kept coming. Anything that was possible to grow my family gave me, from sprawling purple leafed things that were impossible to kill to gorgeous azaleas that couldn't last a week in my life.  Friends gave me cactii that my cats uprooted and hid in shoes and my aunts gave me slips of plants that they quite shamelessly snipped from parks  or smuggled out of private gardens. So it was inevitable that those plants spilled out the door  and I learned that it must be a family thing, I was meant to grow things even if the process has been haphazard trial and error.
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