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Dick Crozier as General
Robert E. Lee, C.S.A.


In the public mind there are three main personalities in the United States Civil War (War of Southern Independence). They are President Abraham Lincoln, Union General Ulysses S, Grant, and  Confederate General Robert E. Lee. At a Civil War event the public hopes (expects) to see and hear one or more of these historical figures.  Now at your meeting, re-enactment,  banquet, or other historical event, they can!

Never before has there been a living historian who so closely resembles the beloved General of the Confederacy than Dick Crozier as Gen'l Lee! But looks aren't everything. With the quiet Virginia accent, extensive knowledge,  and impeccable manners of a true Virginia gentleman, Dick creates an uncanny portrayal that leaves spectators literally stunned.

Dick offers several presentations or appearances and he's sure that one is just perfect for your historic needs. For example; don't miss "Robert E.  Lee" the  one-man stage show of Dick Crozier as he brings to life the great Confederate  General Robert E.  Lee. ( It is much like Actor Hal Holbrook''s  famous portrayal of Mark Twain)  Dick also offers programs suitable for a Round Tables or other historical organization. 


Dick  Crozier has studied the Civil War for over 40 years. He began reenacting as a  Private well over a decade ago. In a few years he switched to the controversial Civil War "Copperhead" Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio, who strongly opposed "Lincoln's War" on Constitutional grounds. But when his striking resemblance to General Lee became undeniable, Dick  began studying the great General in depth. After several years he was ready to portray "Marse Robert" of the Army of Northern Virginia.

In 2002 Dick portrayed the great General at a rededication of
the Stewart-Lee Home at 707 E. Franklin St. in Richmond, VA. (This is where General Lee went after Appomattox to be with Mary. It is also where the famous Brady "back porch" pictures were taken) A guest at the rededication compared Dick with the many pictures of Robert E. Lee which hung on the walls and he could only say, "You're spooky!"

  Other visitors have observed, "It's like I'm actually talking to General Lee" or "I knew who you were a mile away" and "I thought I saw the ghost of General Lee!" But the remarks could be summed up by a National Park Service Ranger at the General "Stonewall" Jackson Shrine who said, "You're the best General Lee I've ever seen!"

Additionally Dick has appeared as General Robert E. Lee at Stratford Hall (Lee's boyhood home and birthplace) and at historic sites in Chancellorsville, Harper's Ferry, Appomattox CH, Antietam/Sharpsburg,
Bull Run/Manassas, Cold Harbor, Fredricksburg, Guinea Station, Lexington, VMI, Spotsylvania, Petersburg,  Cedar Creek, and of course...Gettysburg.
Also  he has attended events in
the States and Commonwealths of  Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia. Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, and  New York and at Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol and Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC..

So, whether Dick  Crozier is  portraying General Lee or giving  his original Civil War lectures or play, he will challenge your members and captivate your audience.
  He wants to help make your dinner, program, meeting, or other historical event  a success. You are welcome to contact Dick Crozier and see if we can arrange a unique visit!

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General Lee was TALL. He was about 6 feet tall. (this was according to a written report by General U.S. Grant)  A Federal Sergeant who was a witness to Appomattox said, General Lee came in the room standing "6 feet one inch tall and weighing 200 pounds" The most common report was that Robert E. Lee was 5'11" tall and weighed 170, but I believe this was early in his life.

Lee was known as the "Marble Man" and he normally stood taller than any other man in the room.

And his feet were NOT size 4! General Lee's normal sized boots are on display at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia.

Don't believe everything you see in the movies.

Western Pennsulvaniaa. CWRT hosts General Lee!
Over 80 people went to the  Ellsworth Elementary School near Pittsburgh, PA.
September 17, 2008  to hear General Lee. Thank you folks for the fine opportunity to speak on General Lee..

Dick Crozier's Memberships:
  Sons of Confederate Veterans (Associate-Buffalo Guards), Past member of Sons of Union Veterans, Civil War Preservation Trust, Cortland County Historical Society, Gettysburg Civil War Round Table,  Maj. Andrew J. Grover Civil War Round Table (VicePresident), Onondaga County Civil War Round Table,  The Museum  of the Confederacy, Cortland Cultural Council, Phi Theta Kappa, Mensa, Vietnam Veterans of America, American Legion...etc.

This site is constantly undergoing construction (or perhaps re-construction?)

The only original photograph of Robert E. Lee is above  in the top left corner.

Updated  .12/03/ 08

"General Robert E. Lee

portrayed by Dick Crozier"
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Dear Friends,
I just got back from Gettysburg and was
informed by Geocities that they are getting out of the Home Page business. Please visit ny new website at DickCrozier.Com. It is small, but will grow in the future.
Thank you for your support and the countless visitors in the past.
Sic Sempre Tyrannis,
My very best,
"R.E.Lee Gen'l"
Dick Crozier

PS Did you see me on ABC News World News Tonight?

Confederate General Robert E. Lee (Dick Crozier)
during the battle at a Civil War reenactment in the Eastern Theater

(Photo courtesy of Kim Mitchell of Greenwich, Ct).
"Duty is the most sublime word in the English language. You must do your duty in all things.
You can never do more and you should never wish to do less"...R.E. Lee

Dick Crozier at Stratford Hall, the historic Lee family plantation, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. It was the place
where Robert E. Lee was born January 19th, 1807. The wonderfully restored estate is only 9 miles
from the birthplace of George Washington.

Christmas Day in 1861, General Lee wrote a note to Mary:
."....In the absence of a home I wish I could purchase Stratford. That is the only place I could go to, now accessible to us,
that would inspire me with feelings of pleasure and local love. You and the girls could remain there in quiet. It is a poor
place, but we could make enough cornbread and bacon for our support and the girls could weave us  clothes.
I wonder if it is for sale?"

General Lee at the beautiful Washington and Lee University Campus
about 200 feet from the  crypts of General Lee and his family and the grave of his
great "War Horse" Traveller.

Some "Battle Plans"

Sept 20th, 2008 saw General Lee in Waterloo, NY speaking at the dedication
 of the new Civil War Memorial for the soldiers lost on both sides
 during the American Civil War.
US President Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo to be
the "official" birthplace of Memorial/Decoration Day.
  Dr. Frank Varney was keynote speaker.


Hi Dick,
Once again, thank you so much for joining us and appearing as General Robert E. Lee at
the New-York Historical Marker's Gala 2008 on October 15, (2008).
While there were some coverage of the event by the New York Times,
the article, unfortunately, did not mentioned the actors. However, I only heard
all good things from my colleagues who attended the gala.
They were impressed with your performance.
Attached is New York Times mentioned of the October 15 event.  
I look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks.
Many thanks,

Angie Sadhu 
Public Programs 
New-York Historical Society 
170 Central Park West 
New York, NY 10024

General Lee also attends many public events and private gatherings that may not be listed. For you
to ensure success for your 2008 event  please make inquires
as early as possible. Because we can not predict with any certainty what
the "enemy" may do, all "battle plans" are subject to change.

January 19, 2007 A.D. was the 200th Anniversary of  the birth of
General Robert E. Lee C.S.A.

The Birthdays of
Robert E. Lee
January 19th, 1807
Thomas J. Jackson
January 21st, 1824

"The Rebels are our Countrymen again"...General U.S.Grant

In Addition:

General Robert E. Lee
marched at the head of the
Confederate Division
at Gettysburg, PA
 in the Remembrance Day Parade
for the Culp (Gettysburg) Chapter of the
Sons of Confederate Veterans. This makes 4 years in a row!
Thank you for your kind consideration, Gentlemen!


Spotsylvania 140th and more...
May 2004,  I was the "official" General Robert E. Lee at the amazing "breastworks" of the Spotsylvania reenactment. Here are
some pictures from the "trenches" and a report of some "side trips". Included is a photograph from the General
Thomas "Stonewall"Jackson "Shrine" from Guinea Station that I still can't believe.

"April 2004 Valley Campaign"
A few Pictures of General Lee's April 2004 trip to Virginia. Does the picture at "surrender desk" in the McLean House look familiar? 
W&L, VMI, Appomattox, Spotsylvania, and a guest!
Valley Campaign

Colorado Report! January 2004
SCV Camp #676 newsletter give a sense of what it is like to have a visit by General Robert E. Lee/Dick Crozier on General
Jackson's and General Lee's birthdays.

("...you come away with the feeling that you really met General Lee")

  Picture Album,
Candid shots at appearances at events in the Eastern Theater.

My Promise!
What I can and will do for you and why. Plus, who is Dick Crozier

Chestnut Brass Company
(Grammy Award Winners!)
with General Lee
Chestnut Brass web site

General Lee's sword, hat, gauntlets, and HQ Flag
Photo courtesy of
The Museum of the Confederacy
Richmond, Virginia
(Copyright MOC.  Used by permission)

"...and a grateful appreciation of your kind and generous consideration of myself,
I bid you an affectionate farewell"

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