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now. The OLD MUSKRAT loves reenacting,
as well as camping, hiking, and throwing the
"Old Hawk".Camping in the great outdoors is also a favorite pastime with me. Did I mention my leathercraft hobby. 7 years now I guess! Lots of fun. Also love geneology.

More pictures to come on my camping adventures!

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muskrat print

muskrat print

I have a lovely wife,Katie Ro,"nickname", AND 3 children Ashton, Erin, and Adam.

History of the SAMMONS name

In Family Names and Their Story by S. Baring_Gould,M.A. and published in London in 1910, we learn the names Salman, Salmon,Salmonds were derived from the name Solomon.

Edward Maclysaught MA DLITT MRIA in the the surnames of Ireland published by the Irish University Press writes that salmon, Sammonin Connacht is an Angllicization, by translation of O BRADAIN, SO USED. Sammon is the variant in use in Co. Clare.Salmon is also a name of Englsh origin' and as such it is fairly numerous in the sixteenth century which retains the earlier form BRADDEN In Donegal and leitrim. The English name Fisher is also used occasionally.


(Roland Salmon Jr.)

John the "Elder" b. 1630-1678 m. Elizabeth (father is Ed Salmons ) (He was deported as an "indentured servant" from England to lower Norfolk co.,Va. by William Brothwait

John b. 1655 m. Jane Green

William B. 1688 m.?

John b. 1710 m. Eleanor McCarty died 1761

John jr. b. 1736 at Goochland co. Va. m.Elizabeth Philpott

Roland Sr. m. Frankie Carter

RolandJr. b. 1799 m. Edna Osborn

John Carter b. 1820 at Floyd Co. Ky m. Elizabeth Cox

John Gaines b.1850 m. Mary Catherine Peck

George Benjamin McClellan Salmon b. 1880 Lawrence co.,Ky
m. Grace Maynard 1908

brothers and sister: Malcolm b.1878, Lydia b. 1888 died 1915, John b.1888 died 1909

Frank Sammons b.June 1924 m. Helen York b. 1924

The Maynard Family Tree

James Maynard B.1750 D. Oct 13,1852 Wayne Co.,Va.

Jesse Maynard B.1790 Wilkes Co. N.C. D. Jan. 1874 Waynes Co. Va. M. Sarah Welsh

Charles Maynard B.1817 D.1902 Rockcastle,Ky M. Sarah(Sally) Fluty

Milliard Fillmore Maynard B.July 2,1858 D.--- M.Florence Fitchpatrick(Fitzpatrick)

Grace Maynard B.---D.May 17,1977 M.George Benjamin McClellan Cecil Sammons(M.C. or Mac)

Frank Sammons B.June 1924 D.1995 M.Helen York

The York Family Tree

(Glaucus York)

John York b. 1704 Spottsylvania,Va.

Jerimiah b.1730 m. Mary Thomas

Joshua Sr. b. 1756 m. Nancy Mcdaniel

John b.1770/80 of Westmoreland co. Pa.m. Elizabeth Murphy

Thomas L. b1812 Clermont,Brown co. Oh.m. Eliza Jane Calvin

Glaucus b. 1842-1904 m. Elizabeth Frances Bates

James M.(Doc) York B.1870-1944 m. Cora Jane Thompson

Mont b. 1890-1985 m. Cora Jane Roberts

Daughter: Helen York (Sammons)

The Bates Family Tree

(Elizabeth Bates)

John Bates b.1598 England d. York co. Va. after Jan 24,1667

George Bates b.1625 d. 6 jan 1676 24 april 1677

John Bates b. at York co. Va. 1655 d. 16 may 1720 m. Elizabeth Daniel

John Bates b. 1685 at York co. Va. d. 1723 w. Susannah Fleming

James Bates b.7 March 1721 Goochland Va. d.9 Nov. 1785 w. Winifred Hicks b.Jan 1729 d. feb 1790 m. 11 nov 1746

Nathaniel Bates b.30 April 1763 d. 2 Nov 1824 w. Martha (Patty) m.1783

Isaac Bates b.1785 d.5 Nov 1857 w. Frances Donahoe b.1785-1790 d.Dec 1857 m.2 jan 1807

Nathaniel Bates b.24 April 1818 Halifax Co. Va. d.1898 Buried. See Crit Cemetary m.1ST Margaret See 2ND Mary Justice (mother of Elizabeth)

Frances Elizabeth (Fannie) (Bates) York m. 11 Feb 1868 Glocus H. York

James M. (Doc) York b.23 Sept.1870 d.24 May 1944 m.Cora Jane Thompson b.1873 d.1913 2ND m. Belle Waldon

Mont York m. Cora Jane Roberts

Helen L. York Sammons to Frank Sammons

The Fitzpatrick Family

The Peck Family

The Roberts Family Tree

(George Roberts)

Joseph Roberts b. 1720-1730? m. Eleanor ?

Reuben Roberts b. abt. 1750 d.1802 m. 1st wife Nely 2nd Susanna

George Roberts B.1786 d.Dec.1879 m.Martha Ratcliffe 1810

Wm.McFloyd Roberts B.1824 m.1st Virginia Drummond 2ndJane Bocock

Jasper(Jake) N. Roberts B.1849 M. Nancy Whitley in 1869

John I.Roberts B.Jan.1870 m.1890 to Ida McComas B.June 1812

Cora Jane Roberts B.18 May 1894 where Carter Co. Ky D. 7 April 1967 m.Mont York

Helen(Roberts)York B.9 August 1924 m. Frank Sammons b.16 June 1923 br>


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