Hello to everyone that still visits here. I must apologize for being down for so long. This site was orginally moved to Top Cities and I had three people helping me maintain it. Then I became ill and was out of work which caused me to lose my AOL so I trusted them to keep things going. They didn't! Top Cities shut down all of my websites and Now I am desperately searching for a new home for this site and others that were lost. I will find a new home for this site just please bear with me and give me a little time as I am on my own with it now. For Now Please enjoy the stories that are available here and look for updates soon as I am working from home now and will be able to update and take of things myself. To all of the wonderful Authors that submitted stories to the Top cities Site I apologize for losing them. I believe that I have them on disc I am hoping that I do and I will get them posted again ASAP. Thank you for visiting and please don't give up me. I am back to stay. Foxy Buffy Stories

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