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In Loving Memory...
Jerry Scott Blocher
1/19/72 - 8/13/02
My beloved Big Brother
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Me & my Big Bro....
Jerry and I the day of my wedding
(2 days before he passed away).
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My Eulogy to Jerry
It is a Jewish custom to plant tress in Israel in a person's name. This is the certifiacte we recevied when a cousin of my father planted a series of three trees in Jerry's memory.
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Our Family Trip to Scotland
How Beautiful!
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In Loving Memory of Jerry Blocher
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Thoughts and Reflections From Friends & Family
Poems and Words of Comfort
Happy Birthday, Jerry!
Bench Dedication
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Come check out the bench dedication in Jerry's memory!

Come see how we celebrated Jerry's 31st birthday!
Just about a year has passed since you left us to go on to your new home. We miss you just as much today as we did when you left. We will always miss you, Jerry. No matter what, you wil always be my big brother! And you will finally get to be an uncle in February, 2004, just like you wanted! Jerry, I MISS YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Your Little Sister
A Year Has Passed: My message to my big bro!
Let these eternal flames  burn for Jerry's memory.
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