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Okay,  after having gotten many rather. . .erm. . .violent e-mails about my LOOONGG abscence,  I have decided to finally return. . .::heh, heh::  Anyway,  school is starting back up,  so I'll have more time to update.  Convoluted,  no?  If you haven't read the Big Brother fanfics,  go check them out,  because in two weeks I'll be starting writing them again.  Hopefully,  I'll get more responses.   Also,  I've actually finished the series,  so I'll be able to fix some of the little bloopers that I made.  But I refuse to fix my romance section.  I still steadfastly believe that it is all true!  I haven't actually updated anything this time. . .whoops.   But I'll be putting up a links page,  with some of my fav. links,  and some banners you can use to link to me.  So. . .if you've never been here before,  enjoy,  and if you have,  well. .  .vote for Big Brother and come back soon!
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