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Welcome to

The on-line quarterly publication where you can share your stories or poems with readers and other writers.

We're your window on the web for others to view your writing, and your only investment is the time to create and submit your work.


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fantasy PRESS Guidelines:

Let's keep it simple.

  • We accept fiction up to 5,000 words and poetry up to 40 lines. 

  • Submission limit: 3 items per quarter.

  • No payment for submissions.

  • All material must be author's original work and rights remain the property of the author. Material will be removed at author's request.

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fantasy PRESS will span the realm of story subjects from romance to mystery; from history to hauntings - wherever your imagination takes you.

No obscene or pornographical material, please. 

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fantasy PRESS will review your material and insure that you've met the guidelines. 

All material is published at the discretion of the editor. Editor will notify you by e-mail.

Include your  e-mail address and name when submitting material.  

Each author will have a featured page with biographical information, if author chooses.. 

Material from previous issues will be included in the site archive.


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fantasy PRESS lets you publish on the web at no cost to you, without the time, trouble and expense of creating your own web page. 

Current Issue: Summer/Fall '99
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fantasy PRESS gives you the chance to share your writing with friends and relatives all over the world. 

Go to the submission page and submit your own work for review, or e-mail your questions or comments.


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