Hi I'm Emily
and this is my WLS journey...

I will have links and a journal so you can see what I've gone through to make this dream a reality...

By sharing, I hope that someone can learn more about this surgery for themselves
or to help a loved one to get through it..
~ Thank You  ~

Tiss and Me, this picture was taken Nov 2000 in Japan..  I'm on the right
Me on the right again
with my Sis's Tam and Tam  lol
( Not blood Sis's - I keep getting asked ) lol
Plan for tomorrow
   but live for today
      for none but one
         knows what tomorrow might bring....
!!!!  UPDATE Pictures !!!!
11-16 -2004
To my links page...
Places on the web where you can find out about this surgery and talk to people that have had it done
Dear Diary...
My journey from start to goal and beyond...
MyWell wishes from WLS page..
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