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How many times was Daniel in a sarcophaegus? And in what instances? :

How many Stargate episodes are there?:

In what episode did Daniel's glasses break?

In what episode do we first meet Teal'c son, Rya'c and his wife, Drey'auc?

What episode do we get to meet Urgo?

Which two episodes do we first meet Unas?

Which Goa'uld is never dying?

What Tollan is a good friend of Samantha Carter?

What is General Hammonds first name?

What is the name of Skaara's Goa'uld?

What is the name of the actor that plays Skaara?

Who is Bonni Bartlett and in what other television show does she act in?

What 2 objects does daniel think it is more practical to light a candle with?

Who is Nirrti, Yu and Chronos?

Where is Aris Boch's scar?

What was the name of Bra'tac's newest apprentice?

What was the name of Jack's son in the movie?

What was the name of Jack's son in the TV series?

What episode did Daniel, Jack, Machello and Teal'c echanged bodies?

In what episode did Daniel go phyco in?

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