Heru-ur is the offspring of Hathor and Ra and probably a Harcissus.  Heru-ur is also known as Horus the Elder and his Jaffa guards are called Horus Guards.  They are beaked creatures much like the ones of Ra, which symbolises the hawk.  Heru-ur is an enemy of Apophis and was blamed for trying to take the Harcissus of Amaunet in the episode, Secrets.  Just like Apophis, Heru-ur carriers a shield that can protect him from bullets and energy weapons but is vulnerable to slower moving objects like a dagger.  He is known to all of the Goa'uld as Ruthless and eliminating.  According to the Tok’ra, he is currently in a  power struggle between Sokhar.  His first appearance was in Thor's Chariot and Heru-ur is fantastically played by Douglas H. Arthurs 

Mythology of Heru-ur
Heru-ur is also seen as Horus, Horus the Elder.  He is the husband of Isis who took Hathor's role as the Goddess of love, deity of happiness, dance and music.  He is one of the Gods of the sky and is one of the most important Deity's in upper Egypt.  He is the great-great-grandson of Ra and upon reaching adulthood, he avenges his father's death and kills and castrates his evil uncle Set.  He became the divine "Prototype" of a Pharaoh. 

Pictures of Heru-ur

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