Colonel Jack O'Neill, USAF
           Jack O'neill is the leader of the Stargate SG-1 force. His first mission was that he worked in covert ops but when his son, Tyler/Charlie, accidently shot himself, he retired from the airforce. He was recalled to help with the discovery of mankind greatest device.  The Stargate.  He lead a team to Abydos, the SGC's first mission and he now leads Dr. Daniel Jackson, Major Samantha Carter and Teal'c from the evil plots of the Goa'uld.  Richard Dean Anderson is the actor of Jack O'Neill and Kurt Russel acted O'Neill in the movie.

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Dr. Daniel Jackson

When Daniel was a child, his parents were killed in a plane crash and he was given up for adoption.  After his horific experiences, he is now  an Archaeologist, linguist and culturist.  He loves to learn and study many cultures and languages. Catherine Langford heard one of Daniel's theries that the Egyptians didn't build the pyramids but aliens did.  So, she introduced him to a stone ring that had miscaelanious symbols, much like hyrogliphics enscribed on it.   He translated these symbols to mean, "The gateway to the stars."  After finding the right symbols, the Stargate was activated and Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Kawalski, Major Feretti, Dr. Daniel Jackson and the rest of the crew travelled to a planet called Abydos.  Abydos was under control from a being that called himself Ra.  On Earth, Ra was an ancient Egyptian God of the Sun. [See-Mythology-]  Daniel fell in love with a native girl called Sha'uri/Sha're and she was given to him by Kasuf (her father) as a gift. When they defeated the overlord(Ra), Daniel chose to stay in Abydos to live with his new wife, Sha'uri, Kasuf and his brother-in-law, Skaara.  Approx. one year later, General Hammond was assigned with the role to authorize the SGC.  They opened the Stargate and sent a box of tissues to Abydos, to see if Daniel was still alive and well.  He wrote on them,  "Send more,".  Sha'uri and Skaara were abducted by the serpent god Apophis.  Daniel returned back to Earth along with the rest of the SG-1 team to defend Earth, and to hopefuly find his wife and brother-in-law.  In the episodes Daniel Jackson is played by Micheal Shanks and in the movie, he is played by David Spader.

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Major Samantha Carter, USAF

Major Carter spent many many years trying to figure out the ways of the Stargate. One year after the previous Stargate mission, Sam was transferred from the Pentagon and put on the rescue mission for Abydos. Major Carter is viewed as Earth's exepert on the Stargate.  Her love for Science and all technical things makes her valuable part of the Sg-1 team.  Samantha Carter is played by Amanda Tapping

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Teal'c, First Prime Jaffa

Teal'c was the First Prime Jaffa, and personal guard of the Goa'uld, Apophis.  When the Sg-1 team was captured by Apophis on Chulak, Teal'c was ordered to kill them.  Teal'c helped them escape instead, he joined them and helped them to destroy the Goa'uld.  Teal'c abandoned his special role, his wife and his son to help the Sg-1 team to free his people.  Teal'c, like all Jaffa has an infant symbiote inside of him.  The Go'uld will stay inside of Teal'c untill it reaches full maturity and will take upon a human host.  The Goa'uld is Teal'c's immune system that will protect and save him from diseases and illnesses.  He is extremely resiliant to ailment that would kill normal humans Teal'c very, very valuable to the SGC for his knowledge of the Goa'uld and Tok'ra and more alien life forms.  Christopher Judge  acts as Teal'c

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General George Hammond, USAF

General Hammond decided to take on the job of 'overseeing' the Stargate Command (SGC). A little while after his promotion, Apophis attacked and he was forced to make new Stargate teams on Earth.  Hammond recalled Colonel Jack O'Neill to help track down the evil aliens who attacked them. As the Commanding Officer at the SGC, General Hammond is stern but compassionate. He goes through great lengths to defend those under his firm command and especially the Sg-1 team.  General Hammond is played by Don S. Davis

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Dr. Janet Fraiser, USAF

Dr. Fraiser was assingned to be the lead doctor for the SGC after the previous lead doctor was killed during duty.  She helps the SGC by trying her best  to heal and help others when they are unwell.  She has a great knowledge of most diseases and ailments and learns a lot during her experience at the SGC.  Teryl Rothery is the actress of Dr. Fraiser

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