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Let's Play, Is It or Isn't It
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"Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem"

Let's Play, Is It or Isn't It A Part of the Official Congressional Record?
Originally published April 1999

The following statement was hand carried to the United States Senate Hearing on Hard Drugs, which was held at Northern New Mexico Community College in Espanola, New Mexico on March 30, 1999. After arriving at the Senate Hearings in Espanola, Mr. Ensey sought out the person in charge of taking the written statement's for submission to the Senate sub-committee and entry into the Congressional Record.

What transpired next did not really surprise Mr. Ensey, in fact he was actually expecting it to happen. Upon meeting with Troy Benevidez, who identified himself as a member of Senator Domenici's staff and the person in charge of the hearing, Mr. Ensey was quickly informed by Mr. Benevidez that there would be no statements taken from anyone other than those who were already on the agenda and invited to enter testimony.

Mr. Ensey at that point constitutionally challanged Mr. Benevidez on the First Amendment right's of Freedom of Speech, and the right of the people to a redress of grievances. Mr. Ensey also held up the front page of the following statement, and pointed out the remark that Thomas Jefferson made about "the will of the people will be an effective ingredient," necessary for a "representative government." Troy Benevidez quickly responded, that he [Benevidez] didn't care what the statement was about that Jefferson made. and that the sub-committee was not taking any statements from the public at the hearing, and neither was Senator Domenici. There was a short verbal exchange between the two, and Mr. Ensey then stated to Mr. Benevidez, that the following statement would be given to the sub-committee and entered into the record, whereupon Mr. Ensey handed the statement to Mr. Benevidez. Troy Benevidez then stated to Mr. Ensey that he would give the statement to the Senate sub-committee, but doubted that the statement would be taken into testimony or entered into the record.

So is the following statement a part of the official Senate Hearings that were held. Who knows! No one from the Senate sub-committee or Senator Pete Domenici's office would communicate that knowledge, just as if the statement had never existed.

This is just another fine example of how the common people have no voice or will in their government. The sad thing is that Mr. Ensey was not the only individual or group that was denied his First Amendment right's. According to Mr. Benevidez, there were also statements from others that were turned away as well as his.

If the people have no effective voice or will in their representative government, then a true representative government as prescribed by the Republican Form of Government under the Constitution, does not exist. If no Republican Form of Government exists, then no Constitution exists, and if no Constitution exists, then under what current authority and power is Congress conducting themselves? Think about it for a moment; if there is a true representative government and Congress operating in the United States, under the republican rights and principles, as envisoned and framed by Thomas Jefferson and others, then why was Mr. Ensey's statement so readily turned away by Troy Benevidez, a staff member from United States Senator Domenici's office!

There are apparently those, like Mr. Troy Benevidez on Senator Pete Domenici's staff, that need a better education on the United States Constitution, and the true intent and meaning of the republican rights and principles as enumerated by those, like Thomas Jefferson, who framed the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Senator Pete Domenici himself, is currently the co-sponsor of a Congressional Bill in the Senate to severely restrict and limit Freedom of Speech in the United States. How can you expect Senator Pete Domenici's staff to act any better towards basic constitutional rights and principles, when the Senator himself continues to ignore the Supreme Rule of Law, the United States Constitution.

The type of opening statement being used in the following official statement, was not ever intended. It was used only after Mr. Ensey started running into severe constitutional problems with Senator Domenici's office, and was forced to use it out of necessity.

3/30/99 9:01:56 AM



United States Senate Hearing on Heroin [Hard Drugs?]
Held at Northern New Mexico Community College, Espanola, NM
Tuesday, March 30, 1999




Sherwood C. Ensey & Virginia M. Ensey
HCR 64 Box 17-A
Chimayo, NM 87522



"A representative government [is] a government in which the will of the people
will be an effective ingredient."
Thomas Jefferson
to Benjamin Austin, 1816. ME 14:388



On Tuesday, March 30, 1999, at 9:30 AM, at Northern New Mexico Community College, in Espanola, New Mexico, Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM) will lead a Senate hearing on the problem of heroin [hard drugs] in Northern New Mexico.

On Monday, March 29, 1999, at 11:45 AM, Sherwood Ensey [founder of Drug Busters in New Mexico & candidate for the US Senate] called the office of Senator Pete Domenici in Santa Fe, New Mexico and talked with a Mr. Hild about being put on the agenda for the Senate hearing on hard drugs. Mr. Ensey had been trying since the middle of the previous week to reach someone at Senator Domenici's, to talk about being put on the agenda then, but no one from that office ever returned Mr. Ensey's messages.

When Mr. Ensey talked with Mr. Hild on Monday morning, he was told by Mr. Hild, that the agenda was set in stone and that all of the speaking spots had been filled for some time. Mr. Ensey was further told by Mr. Hild, that all of the time for the hearing was reserved and allotted for important Federal officials from Washington, DC, and for important State officials from New Mexico, and that the Senate hearing did not have any time to hear from the public or Mr. Ensey.

Mr. Ensey then explained who he was and the important work that he was doing for the people and communities of Northern New Mexico, but was only cut off by Mr. Hild. Once again Mr. Ensey was told that if he wanted to enter a written statement into the official Congressional Record he could do so. Mr. Ensey then explained again how important it was that the common people of the area have a verbal voice at this hearing, but was quickly cut off once more, and told to enter a written statement.

While a written statement may serve a purpose at a public hearing, a written statement is not nearly as effective as a verbal and outspoken voice, which those in the hearing can hear all at once. Nothing has quite the effectiveness and intellectual expression of speech in an official Congressional proceeding, as a real and actual voice, something that Mr. Ensey will be denied at the hearing on Tuesday. What ever happened to the First Amendment "absolute" right to Freedom of Speech by the common voice of the people? Note: Since Senator Pete Domenici is presently backing and supporting Legislation in Congress to limit and restrict Freedom of Speech in the United States of America. Mr. Ensey believes that limiting the free speech and intellectual expression of the common people, must be a very high priority with the current members of Congress, like members Senator Pete Domenici and Senator Jeff Bingaman from New Mexico.

Why else would Senator Pete Domenici's office be denying Mr. Ensey his intellectual First Amendment rights to a verbal and therefore expressive representation at the drug hearing on Tuesday, March 30th! [This is not exactly what was intended and meant by the founders and framers of the Constitution, as an equal and fair voice in government by the voice and will of the people. Who knows what those in Congress consider equal and fair when it comes to the rights and principles that pertain to the United States Constitution and the people. With the current and past Congresses it appears to be anything goes, as long as the equal and fair voice, and will of the people is effectively silenced.]

Mr. Ensey was further told by Mr. Hild, that time constraints were the problem with him having a verbal voice at the hearing. [Always the excuse of those in power.] So let's see if we can get this straight. The Senate drug hearing was planned far in advance, then conveniently and suddenly sprung on the people in the area where the hearing is to be held [The public received less than a 7 day advance notice of the hearing].

The common people in the area of Northern New Mexico can go and listen to the Senate hearing and submit written statements, but can not actually participate [directly] in the verbal and expressive part of the Senate drug hearings, and further, that all of the verbal and expressive time for the hearing has been delegated to those who have already laid out a pre-planned agenda for the area. This is another classic text book example of how a Federalist Run State Government is run [operated], not like the true constitutional form of Republican Government that we are supposed to have. This is yet another vivid illustration of a Congress, that continues to turn a deaf and indifferent ear to the common voice and will of the American people.

Mr. Ensey, would like to remind members of Congress that the masses of American people must have an effective voice in their government, in order for our constitutional form of government to maintain it's present status as a legitimate constitutional Republican Form of Government. If those in Congress want to take issue with this, then let them take issue with the following words of Thomas Jefferson, a constitutional framer and key authority on how the Constitution is to be interpreted and understood.

"A representative government [is] a government in which the will of the people will be an effective ingredient." Thomas Jefferson to Benjamin Austin, 1816. ME 14:388

"The further the departure from direct and constant control by the citizens, the less has the government of the ingredient of republicanism; evidently none where the authorities are hereditary... or self-chosen... and little, where for life, in proportion as the life continues in being after the act of election."
Thomas Jefferson
to John Taylor, 1816. ME 15:20

"The equality among our citizens [is] essential to the maintenance of republican government."
Thomas Jefferson: Thoughts on Lotteries, 1826. ME 17:461

"[To establish republican government, it is necessary to] effect a constitution in which the will of the nation shall have an organized control over the actions of its government, and its citizens a regular protection against its oppressions."
Thomas Jefferson to Lafayette, 1816. ME 19:240

Even past President's have seen problems, with the way that the masses of people in the United States are under-represented and silenced in their Congress and government, as judged by James Garfield U.S. President (1881). "[I]t is a weak point in the theory of representative government as now organized and administered, that a large portion of the voting people are permanently disenfranchised."

Mr. Ensey knows that his being denied the right to a verbal and expressive voice at the drug hearings, is totally intended and designed to silence the common voice and will of the people at this Senate hearing. It's OK for those in power and authority to have a verbal voice at the hearings, but when it comes to the common people, God forbid that they should have the right to express themselves equally and verbally.

If the people really want to know what's wrong in America, then the above can serve as yet another example of the fact that the masses of people in the United States, have no effective voice or will within Congress. The people in this Nation, continue to be disenfranchised and left out of the representative and governing loop, something that was never intended by Thomas Jefferson and most of the other framers of the United States Constitution.


Because of the unfair time constraints [less than a 24 hour notice] placed on Mr. Ensey by Senator Pete Domenici's office, in regards to submitting a written statement, the following information from Mr. Ensey's Drug Busters web site is hereby incorporated into, and made a part of this official statement to the United States Senate Hearing on hard drug, Espanola, New Mexico, Tuesday, March 30, 1999.

We [my wife and I] are two concerned parents and caring individuals, living in a small community located in the blue sky and aspen filled high terrain, of northern New Mexico. You would start to believe, from that description, that this place is almost as close to living in paradise, as one can get. That sadly is, and has not been the case, for a large number of years now. Paradise has become anything but paradise!

The community that we live in [Chimayo - Northern New Mexico] and the northern part of our State, has literally been taken hostage, by the influence and debilitating effects of the Mexican Mafia, and their highly connected drug dealers in this area. There is hardly a home or business in our area that has not been broken into or stolen from. The area where we live, for as small a population that it has, continues to have one of the highest heroin and cocaine overdose death rates in America.

The area that we live in, has in the past and continues to be used, by the Mexican Mafia as a central staging area for the distribution of heroin, cocaine, and other harmful drugs, to all areas of the United States. One of the hard drug dealer's in this local area alone, is currently dealing a pound of cocaine per day. Our area has quite literally become a proverbial "hole in the wall" hideout, for both the criminals and the purveyors of organized criminal activity. Federal fugitives from justice consider this area ideal to hideout in, a safe zone where they can safely conceal themselves, and then continue to pursue, and operate their criminal enterprises.

Mexican nationals are used routinely as "mules," in the transportation of hard drugs from Mexico to this area of the United States. These unwanted criminals then stay in the United States, and further pursue their criminal activities, and some of those criminal activities, includes the calculated, outright, and cold blood murder of United States citizens.

Our greatest fear in this area, is not a nuclear accident, or the fear of nuclear fallout dropping in on us from the nearby Los Alamos Weapons Laboratories. What does worry us the most, is the continual and immediate fear of living in the "Ground Zero" area of fallout, from the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers, and the effects of the distribution of the poison that they continue to sell. This is what continues to worry us the most!

Defy the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers in this area, and you could wind up in an apple orchard or an arroyo, with a bullet in the back your head. The practice of murdering off, and intimidating with fear, those who oppose the drug dealers and the Mexican Mafia, has become a very successful set of intimidation tool's.

Recently an 18 year old area man was carjacked not far from his home. The carjackers, then drove this young man to the 660 foot high bridge spanning the Rio Grande Gorge, and with the young man fighting and kicking for his last breath of life, the carjackers threw him screaming headlong over the top rail of the bridge, into the cold dark void of night and death. But the young man would not die so easily. As he was being thrown over the top rail, the already cold and beaten young man reached out and grabbed onto the railing and clung on. The carjackers did not run, they coldly stopped and looked at each other, it was late and there was no one on the road, so they turned and stomped on the hands and fingers of the young man, smashing them into a bloody pulp until he could no longer hang on, and finally the young man let go and was swallowed up by the dark of the night and the gorge. The State Police recovered the young man's body the following day. A week later the young man's car was found and recovered in a border town in Mexico. It has been revealed that the carjacking and brutal murder of the young man was part of a larger scheme involving, you guessed it, hard drugs. The only fault of the young man, was that he was inadvertently in the wrong place at the wrong time, and for that he was coldly and brutally murdered.

If that tragic and horrible murder scenario above, which really did happen, does not have a tendency to invoke fear into the hearts and minds of the people, then I don't really know what else would. Holding sway over the people through fear is holding the people hostage. People are scared where we live, and incidents like the one above, only feed the fear that the people already have.

Most people still remain afraid, and if you ask any of the local population, any specifics about where drugs come from, about the only answer that you'll get is, "Look all around you, it's everywhere!" The sad truth is, is that they are absolutely right, the hard drugs are everywhere! But as to the specifics of where exactly the drugs come from, when asked, the people turn and walk away from you and will not answer you. Living in constant fear of being murdered, or severely injured by the drug dealers and the Mexican Mafia, has totally taken over the place of doing what is right for most people living here. Survival and living here, has become very basic for people around here, it has become a matter of staying alive!

We both had been getting fed up with the hard drug situation in our area, long before this, having both worked as volunteer EMT's in our area, and having witnessed first hand the ravage that hard drugs inflict on a person and a community. It was suggested to us then, to be restrained and not to make waves over our displeasure with the major drug issue that was going on in our area. We were told that there were those in power who would not look favorably at us, and there would be problems created for us. So we remained quiet, to keep peace in the community, after all, it wasn't really our problem, we didn't have a family member involved with using hard drugs.

Drug Busters is our response, to the unwarranted and unwanted intrusion of the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers, into the lives of those in our community and area that we live in. Drug Busters is our response to all the other people across America who are wondering what to do about hard drugs and crime in their communities and on their streets? Our answer is to fight back, and to help us get rid of all the hard drug dealers who continue to destroy the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors. Drug Busters is our contribution to the effort to defeat the enemy, in America's War on Drugs.

The only thing that we have to start Drug Busters and our campaign with, is faith and courage, and the encouragement of friends telling us in their own way, not to quit. At this point that is enough, more than enough. The following was taken from a newspaper story, written by DANIEL J. CHACON, that appeared in The Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Thursday, March 4, 1999. The story which is entitled, Chimayó couple takes aim at drugs, is about a flyer that my wife and I posted, in our campaign and struggle to rid the community and area that we live in, of the death like grip that the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers hold on this area. This quote from the Santa Fe New Mexican, pretty well sums up how we feel about the situation of hard drugs and drug dealers, "Where do you move to get rid of the problem? Mars? The moon? Outer space? If you keep running away from the problem, you're never going to solve it."

The story about the flyer's we posted in our community, and our campaign against hard drug dealers, was initially broken by, The Rio Grande Sun, the local newspaper in Espanola, New Mexico, on Thursday, February 25, 1999. The Rio Grande Sun simply had placed a reduced copy of our flyer, alongside a front page cover story about a meeting, that had been conducted on the problem of hard drugs in our area.

Both my wife and I have given short televised interviews about the issue of hard drugs in our area, and why we posted these flyers and became involved in taking on the hard drug dealers in our area. CBS affiliate, KRQE-TV Channel 13, Albuquerque, NM, aired one interview on Friday, February 26, 1999, at 5:30 PM. The other interview was aired on Sunday, March 7, 1999, at 10 PM, and was conducted by NBC affiliate, KOB-TV Channel 4, Albuquerque, NM.

[NOTE: At the time that this web page was being finished, we received word from the State Police in our area, that they had discovered what they were taking seriously, as a potential "Death Threat" aimed at us. If the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers believe that this type of intimidation will scare us off, then they need to understand this very clearly; my wife and I will not waver from our commitment to rid our community and streets of hard drugs and those that sell them. If anything, this threat has only further strengthened our resolve to get drug dealers out of our community!]

Why are my wife doing what we are doing, and why are we attempting to form this organization called Drug Busters? Why are we putting ourselves in harm's way, and why do we continue with this campaign, in face of the almost insurmountable obstacles and dangers that we continue to face? There is only one answer and result that we are concerned with.

"You have to do what you have to do to save lives."

That is the reason and being for Drug Busters, and our campaign to clean up our communities and streets across America. We are doing what has to be done, in order to get rid of the plague of hard drugs and drug dealers in this Nation. Anything less than that, and we truly are shirking our responsibilities to our fellow man, and to ourselves. We either destroy the drug dealers and their vile poison, or they destroy us, it's just that plain and simple, there is no middle ground to the War on Drugs!

Our message to the Mexican Mafia and to their drug dealers is plain and simple!

We want the drug dealers and their hard drugs out of our communities and off of our streets, and we don't want them as neighbors or as parts of our communities. They have worn out their welcome with the people of America! To the rest of the dealers and purveyors of hard drugs in America, you won't have to wait long for your turn, because Drug Busters is coming for you next!

Throughout the communities and streets of America, organized crime and their drug dealers are working overtime, and it is our family, friends, and neighbors that are paying the horrible price!

No one and no place in America is safe from these vile and vicious predators, who continue to prey on the souls and lives of countless ten's of thousands of American people each day. Cocaine and heroin, and the drug dealers that distribute that poison, continue to destroy countless lives across this great Nation of ours, each and every minute, of each and every day, as surely as the tides in the ocean are continually changing.

Well, we're fed up with the hard drugs, organized crime, and the drug dealers that are peddling organized crimes poison, and we're fed up with the crime in our communities and on our streets that are related to hard drugs, and we are tired of the malicious and wanton destruction that hard drugs inflicts on the countless lives that it comes in contact with. Not to mention the extreme harm that hard drugs inflict on society as a whole.

We're decided to do something about hard drugs and drug dealers in our communities, we're fighting back!

On Sunday, February 14, 1999, Valentine's Day, my wife and I made a stand and a decision about hard drugs, drug dealers, and drug related crimes in our community, and in the Northern part of the state where we live.

We have finally done what has needed to be done all along, but none dare attempt, or if they did try, bad things would quickly happen to them, such as getting shot in the back of the head, or having their house or car, set on fire. But there comes a point in time when threats like that no longer have a value as a hold on the people, and for the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers in our area, that time has come. It is now time for the drug dealers in our communities and on our streets to pay up for their crimes against society, and to be held strictly accountable for the negative influences and crimes that they have continued to force down our throats as a society and as a Nation. Cleaning up our communities and our streets, and returning some sanity and beauty back to where we live and work, by getting rid of the plague of crimes that drugs and drug dealers have brought to our communities, has become our number one priority and goal.

We have already started the task of cleaning up our communities and our streets, by initiating, what we fondly call, Operation Clean Sweep. This is a carefully crafted and concentrated information campaign, which is aimed at challenging the authority and power of the drug dealers right on their own ground, and in their own backyards. Our task with this resistance style campaign, is to make life legally and socially miserable for the drug dealers, and to let the whole community around them know who and what they are. We also provide the local district State Police office, with critical and essential information that is necessary to adequately and actively pursue the drug dealers.

So why are we doing this and why even care, one might venture to ask? We are doing, what we are doing, in order to make the lives of the people in our communities more sane, and the environment that we live in, a much more harmonious place to live. What we have done so far, and are continuing to do, was born out of the purest type of love, tough love.

Our message is plain and simple, and that is, that the drug dealers and the drug related crimes that they are responsible for producing, are no longer welcome or wanted on our streets or in our communities!

The drug dealers, and the crimes that they produce, are no longer tolerable or are they acceptable in our communities or on our streets - enough is enough!

We will no longer tolerate hard drugs in our communities, our schools, or on our streets, and we will not accept drug dealers as our neighbors! We no longer want drug dealers or their plague of chemical death destroying and murdering the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors. We love our family, the wonderful people of the community that we live in, and we love the beauty of the land where we live, and we have made the decision that we are going to fight to the end to preserve the goodness and quality of those things that we love! That's what tough love is all about; fighting for, and preserving what you love!

Drug dealers are on notice where we live, and we want the drug dealers and elements of organized crime to understand, that there death like grip and control over the lives of our citizens and our children, will no longer be accepted or tolerated as something that good and descent people have to accept, live with, or even have to put up with. The reign of terror and crime that organized crime syndicates like the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealing partners have produced, and keep on producing, is about to come to an abrupt halt where we live.

We are fighting mad and we are fighting back!

We are going to take back our schools, communities, and our streets from the hard drug dealers, and we will not be deterred from our course of action until the plague of hard drugs and drug related crimes in this area and the rest of the Nation has been brought to a halt!

What good does it do to wean and rehabilitate people off of hard drugs, if those same people have to return to communities where drug dealers are still in power and freely allowed to sell their poison? Rehabilitation will never adequately or properly work, until the hard drug dealers and the poison that they sell, are taken out of our communities and off the streets of America.

Join in with us, as we move forward with our campaign to get hard drugs and drug related crime out of our communities, and off of our streets. By working together to get the drugs and drug related crimes out of our communities and off of our streets, we as a people and as a Nation, can start rebuilding the type of America and society, that all of us can be proud of for generations to come!



Help us here at Drug Busters, in our campaign to have a National Drug Busters hotline established, so that people can have a toll-free "hotline" telephone number to call, so that good honest people can call in and report drug dealers, and drug related crimes in their communities and on their streets. Help us to further establish toll-free Drug Buster hotlines in each and every state, lines that will have direct links to the State Police agencies of those states. Working closely with both State and Federal agencies, we feel that Drug Busters and the people of America, all working together, can make a positive contribution and a decisive difference in winning the War on Drugs in this great Nation of ours.

These toll-free National and State, drug busting hotlines, are a very essential and key link to America winning the War on Drugs. In the winning of any war, it is the direct participation and involvement of the people who make the difference. Having National and State, coordinated toll-free hotlines, to report drug dealers, organized crime drug smuggling operations, and drug related crimes, is a positive method for the people to become more involved in the cleaning up of America's communities and streets. The will and resistance of the people working together, is what wins wars, not armies or enemies. What better way to fight a drug war, than by providing a positive and constructive means by which the common everyday citizen, can call in for FREE to a hotline, bust a drug dealer, and help cleanup the communities and streets of America. This is what one might call poetic justice, a kind of silent and anonymous call-in-hell, and slow hard death for the hard drug dealers in America.

For the dollar's that will be spent on these hotlines, and the positive results that will come from them, these drug busting hotlines are a big bang for the buck. Ultimately, this may be the one thing that finally, and really does, start winning the War on Drugs.

Where will these hotlines come from? For that solution, Drug Busters is going to need all of the help it can get. What we are hoping for, is help from the Federal and State governments, from the telephone companies, and from anyone or anything else willing to help with the cause of winning the War on Drugs, and cleaning up our communities and streets. It doesn't matter where the hotlines come from. All that counts is that the hotlines are established, and once established, that they remain and work as a vital and functional link in winning the War on Drugs.

Why do we need these hotlines? The active participation and resistance of the people is starting to win the War on Drugs in our area. People are getting involved with reporting drug dealers and other drug related criminal activity, and parents are calling the police and asking what they can do, to get the drug dealers away from their children. This same attitude of the people, once greatly magnified and expanded across America, can and will, conclusively win the War on Drugs, community by community and street by street if necessary!

Will a concentrated campaign of getting the drug dealers and their poison out of our communities and off of our streets work?

Yes, it already is working in one high intensity drug infested area in the Southwestern part of America, and it will work in others, no matter how large or small the community. The key ingredient to success with this type of campaign, is the continuing and active participation of the people.


Avoiding the Problem by Trading One Form of Death for Another!

Drug rehabilitation centers, continue to argue that their programs are having great success, and have been for at least 30 years. Question's; If these drug centers have been so successful, then why is it, that we continue to have an ever rapidly and expanding problem with heroin and cocaine in this country? At what [low] percentage level, are those in the rehabilitation business really measuring their successes? Why do we keep on treating the problem and the addicts of hard drugs, instead of reducing or getting rid of the problem? The solution to the problem of hard drugs is simple; reduce or eliminate the supply of hard drugs, and you automatically reduce or eliminate dependency [addiction].

Rehabilitation is designed to reduce, and to hopefully eliminate drug dependency on the part of those addicted to hard drugs. One of the most important factor's in the successful rehabilitation of those addicted to hard drugs, is that the individual being rehabilitated, is in an environment and atmosphere that is free of the influence of hard drugs and crime.

Living in the "Ground Zero" zone of the Mexican Mafia's hard drug territory, makes successful rehabilitation difficult at best. The National average for dollar's spent in the health and maintenance of hard drug addiction, is approximately $7 per person. In the area where we are living, that average is $44 per person, and successful rehabilitation from the effects of hard drugs is extremely hard to accomplish. Most addicts in this high intensity drug trafficking area, are swept back into their hard drug habit within days or weeks of going through the rehabilitation. Hard drugs flow freely and openly here, and more often than not, a hard drug dealer that is busted in this area, will only receive a two to five year prison sentence. So successful rehabilitation in this area, because of the extremely heavy influence of hard drugs, really is difficult at best, and most of the time only a distant and far off wish for those that are addicted to hard drugs. In the area where we live, the sad fact, is that death is about the only way that most addicts will be able to quit.

Is the higher then National average amount of dollars being spent on drug rehabilitation in this area, a warning about the future catastrophic effects of heroin and cocaine on the rest of the Nation? Yes, the warning is very much for real, and it is a very simple warning, either reduce or get rid of the supply of hard drugs and those that sell them, or face a future that will be totally controlled and ruled by them and their poison.

Trading one addiction [heroin/cocaine], and method of personal destruction and death for another addiction [methadone/pharmaceutical], as a method for the treatment of hard drug addiction, does not reduce or stop the dependency for hard drugs, it only treats the symptoms, and prolongs the misery and destruction of those involved. It is an escape from personal and professional responsibility for those treating hard drug addiction, and an escape from personal responsibility and accountability for those addicted to heroin and cocaine. It is generally speaking, a no one win situation for those involved.

Around here the addicts go to rehabilitation for methadone, like children going to the store for candy. Methadone has become the high of choice for many hard drug addicts here, so the methadone GIVEN away at the rehab centers has a negotiable black market value. More often than not, a large percentage of the methadone that has been bought and paid for by the taxpayers of this country, are then GIVEN away to addicts at publicly funded rehab centers, eventually finding it's way to the area drug dealers, for distribution and resale by them.

Ever since methadone was introduced into this area by the drug rehabilitation centers, hard drug overdoses have been on the rise! The cause of the rise in overdoses has been a direct result of methadone.

Trading heroin and cocaine for methadone is not fighting the War on Drugs, it's joining the enemy!

The billions of dollars that continue to be poured into the rehabilitation of hard drug users, is not fighting the War on Drugs, it's only treating and putting a band aid on the problem, and feeding the financial coffers of the hard drug rehabilitation industry!

Is this War on Drugs about saving lives or about making those in the rehabilitation industry a living? The large volumes of money that continue to be spent on rehabilitation vs. getting rid of the hard drug supply, would appear to indicate that it's all about money, and not about saving lives and getting rid of hard drugs and the criminals that deal them.

Rehabilitation will start working only when hard drugs and the dealers that distribute them, are taken out of our communities and off of our streets. Saving lives, building a better future for our children, and really rehabilitating addicted individuals, by reducing or removing the hard drug's and their criminal influence from our communities and streets, is what winning the War on Drugs is all about. Doing anything less is cheating ourselves and our posterity, out of the right to a life and future filled with hope, and the Blessings of Liberty and happiness.

The War on Drugs

Some continue to say that the Drug War in America was lost even before it got started, and that the War on Drugs is not the answer. There are people and groups that say establishing the moral authority of God into our lives is the answer, while there are yet others that say we should legally and freely allow hard drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth, to flow.
Countless numbers of organizations and individuals, have established and built up entire drug rehabilitation programs, around the sole business of rehabilitating those that are addicted to hard drugs, and other addicting substances.

The distribution and sale of hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, is big business in America, and the rest of the world. Hard drugs trade on the underground world currency market, as if they were the rarest and most precious of metals and jewels. As demand increases so does value. As the use and demand for hard drugs increases, so does the need for more dollars for the health and maintenance, and rehabilitation of those that become addicted to hard drugs. It is a vicious money cycle of the cruelest and most enslaving nature, because it is the addicted user in the middle that continues to pay the heaviest price.

With more and more people becoming addicted to hard drugs, the rehabilitation industry has been extremely slow in coming up with more workable and positive solutions for the successful recovery rate from hard drug addiction. For the past five decades, the drug rehabilitation industry in the United States has been trying to come up with workable solutions for the effective treatment of hard drug addiction, and for that last five decades, and billions of dollars later, the rehabilitation industry is more overwhelmed than ever with the problem of hard drug addiction. Rehabilitation is working, but it is not working fast enough! How long do we continue to sustain and nourish the already overwhelmed rehabilitation system, and ignore the main problem, and that is, that more hard drugs are coming into this country than ever before!

You can not rehabilitate someone from heroin and cocaine, and expect a very successful recovery, as long as the heroin and cocaine are still freely available on the streets. This means, that for rehabilitation to be successful over the long term, and for it to have any chance at all of working, then there is no other choice left, heroin and cocaine must be removed from our communities and streets. The best way to do that, is to slow up and stop the distribution of heroin and cocaine in our communities and on our streets, before it reaches those that would use it.

There is a positive and constructive way of dealing with the issue of hard drugs and drug rehabilitation in this country, and it is called getting the hard drugs out of our communities, off of our streets, and out of the hands of our families, friends, and neighbors. As Americans, we can start accomplishing this task by putting large amounts of pressure on both organized crime and their drug dealers, who continue to operate freely in most of our communities and streets throughout America.

How do you put on the pressure? As I have found out, there is nothing that a drug dealer hates worse, than public exposure and pressure from the community and public around them. Add to that, the tool of having National and State, toll-free drug busting and intervention hotlines, and you have created a very powerful weapon with which an effective War on Drugs can be waged and won. Not only that, drug rehabilitation will have a real and earnest chance of being much more successful than it currently is.

Getting an edge on winning the War on Drugs in America, means building a much better bridge to the 21st Century, and to the future, for our children. The future after all is about our children, and I personally, would like for that future to not include rampant addiction to heroin and cocaine by the general population. The only way to make that a reality, is to clean up our communities and streets across America, and the best way to start doing that is by getting rid of the hard drug dealers in our midst.

Thank You - Sherwood C. Ensey

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