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Avoiding the Problem
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"Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem"

Avoiding the Problem by Trading One Form of Death for Another
Originally published April 1999

Drug rehabilitation centers, continue to argue that their programs are having great success, and have been for at least 30 years. Question's; If these drug centers have been so successful, then why is it, that we continue to have an ever rapidly and expanding problem with heroin and cocaine in this country? At what [low] percentage level, are those in the rehabilitation business really measuring their successes? Why do we keep on treating the problem and the addicts of hard drugs, instead of reducing or getting rid of the problem? The solution to the problem of hard drugs is simple; reduce or eliminate the supply of hard drugs, and you automatically reduce or eliminate dependency [addiction].

Rehabilitation is designed to reduce, and to hopefully eliminate drug dependency on the part of those addicted to hard drugs. One of the most important factor's in the successful rehabilitation of those addicted to hard drugs, is that the individual being rehabilitated, is in an environment and atmosphere that is free of the influence of hard drugs and crime.

Living in the "Ground Zero" zone of the Mexican Mafia's hard drug territory, makes successful rehabilitation difficult at best. The National average for dollar's spent in the health and maintenance of hard drug addiction, is approximately $7 per person. In the area where we are living, that average is $44 per person, and successful rehabilitation from the effects of hard drugs is extremely hard to accomplish. Most addicts in this high intensity drug trafficking area, are swept back into their hard drug habit within days or weeks of going through the rehabilitation. Hard drugs flow freely and openly here, and more often than not, a hard drug dealer that is busted in this area, will only receive a two to five year prison sentence. So successful rehabilitation in this area, because of the extremely heavy influence of hard drugs, really is difficult at best, and most of the time only a distant and far off wish for those that are addicted to hard drugs. In the area where we live, the sad fact, is that death is about the only way that most addicts will be able to quit.

Is the higher then National average amount of dollars being spent on drug rehabilitation in this area, a warning about the future catastrophic effects of heroin and cocaine on the rest of the Nation? Yes, the warning is very much for real, and it is a very simple warning, either reduce or get rid of the supply of hard drugs and those that sell them, or face a future that will be totally controlled and ruled by them and their poison.

Trading one addiction [heroin/cocaine], and method of personal destruction and death for another addiction [methadone/pharmaceutical], as a method for the treatment of hard drug addiction, does not reduce or stop the dependency for hard drugs, it only treats the symptoms, and prolongs the misery and destruction of those involved. It is an escape from personal and professional responsibility for those treating hard drug addiction, and an escape from personal responsibility and accountability for those addicted to heroin and cocaine. It is generally speaking, a no one win situation for those involved.

Around here the addicts go to rehabilitation for methadone, like children going to the store for candy. Methadone has become the high of choice for many hard drug addicts here, so the methadone GIVEN away at the rehab centers has a negotiable black market value. More often than not, a large percentage of the methadone that has been bought and paid for by the taxpayers of this country, then GIVEN away to addicts at publicly funded rehab centers, finds it's way to the area drug dealers, for distribution and resale by them.

Ever since methadone was introduced into this area by the drug rehabilitation centers, hard drug overdoses have been on the rise! The cause of the rise in overdoses has been a direct result of methadone.

Trading heroin and cocaine for methadone is not fighting the War on Drugs, it's joining the enemy!

The billions of dollars that continue to be poured into the rehabilitation of hard drug users, is not fighting the War on Drugs, it's only treating and putting a band aid on the problem, and feeding the financial coffers of the hard drug rehabilitation industry!

Is this War on Drugs about saving lives or about making those in the rehabilitation industry a living? The large volumes of money that continue to be spent on rehabilitation vs. getting rid of the hard drug supply, would appear to indicate that it's all about money, and not about saving lives and getting rid of hard drugs and the criminals that deal them.

Rehabilitation will start working only when hard drugs and the dealers that distribute them, are taken out of our communities and off of our streets. Saving lives, building a better future for our children, and really rehabilitating addicted individuals, by reducing or removing the hard drug's and their criminal influence from our communities and streets, is what winning the War on Drugs is all about. Doing anything less is cheating ourselves and our posterity, out of the right to a life and future filled with hope, and the Blessings of Liberty and happiness.

Our message to the Mexican Mafia and to their drug dealers is plain and simple!
We want the drug dealers and their hard drugs out of our community and off of our streets, and we don't want them as neighbors or as any part of our communities. They have worn out their welcome with the people of America! To the rest of the dealers and purveyors of hard drugs in America, you won't have to wait long for your turn, because Drug Busters is coming for you next!

Have more questions, would you like to help the Drug Busters campaign, does your community have a hard drug problem that needs attention? So who ya' gonna call to bust a drug dealer, Email Us Today!

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