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The War on Drugs


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The War on Drugs
Originally Published March 1999

Some continue to say that the Drug War in America was lost even before it got started, and that the War on Drugs is not the answer. There are people and groups that say establishing the moral authority of God into our lives is the answer, while there are yet others that say we should legally and freely allow hard drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, and crystal meth, to flow.

Countless numbers of organizations and individuals, have established and built up entire drug rehabilitation programs, around the sole business of rehabilitating those that are addicted to hard drugs, and other addicting substances.

The distribution and sale of hard drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, is big business in America, and the rest of the world. Hard drugs trade on the underground world currency market, as if they were the rarest and most precious of metals and jewels. As demand increases so does value. As the use and demand for hard drugs increases, so does the need for more dollars for the health and maintenance, and rehabilitation of those that become addicted to hard drugs. It is a vicious money cycle of the cruelest and most enslaving nature, because it is the addicted user in the middle that continues to pay the heaviest price.

With more and more people becoming addicted to hard drugs, the rehabilitation industry has been extremely slow in coming up with more workable and positive solutions for the successful recovery rate from hard drug addiction. For the past five decades, the drug rehabilitation industry in the United States has been trying to come up with workable solutions for the effective treatment of hard drug addiction, and for that last five decades, and billions of dollars later, the rehabilitation industry is more overwhelmed than ever with the problem of hard drug addiction. Rehabilitation is working, but it is not working fast enough! How long do we continue to sustain and nourish the already overwhelmed rehabilitation system, and ignore the main problem, and that is, that more hard drugs are coming into this country than ever before!

You can not rehabilitate someone from heroin and cocaine, and expect a very successful recovery, as long as the heroin and cocaine are still freely available on the streets. This means, that for rehabilitation to be successful over the long term, and for it to have any chance at all of working, then there is no other choice left, heroin and cocaine must be removed from our communities and streets. The best way to do that, is to slow up and stop the distribution of heroin and cocaine in our communities and on our streets, before it reaches those that would use it.

There is a positive and constructive way of dealing with the issue of hard drugs and drug rehabilitation in this country, and it is called getting the hard drugs out of our communities, off of our streets, and out of the hands of our families, friends, and neighbors. As Americans, we can start accomplishing this task by putting large amounts of pressure on both organized crime and their drug dealers, who continue to operate freely in most of our communities and streets throughout America.

How do you put on the pressure? As I have found out, there is nothing that a drug dealer hates worse, than public exposure and pressure from the community and public around them. Add to that, the tool of having National and State, toll-free drug busting and intervention hotlines, and you have created a very powerful weapon with which an effective War on Drugs can be waged and won. Not only that, drug rehabilitation will have a real and earnest chance of being much more successful than it currently is.

Getting an edge on winning the War on Drugs in America, means building a much better bridge to the 21st Century, and to the future, for our children. The future after all is about our children, and I personally, would like for that future to not include rampant addiction to heroin and cocaine by the general population. The only way to make that a reality, is to clean up our communities and streets across America, and the best way to start doing that is by getting rid of the hard drug dealers in our midst.

Will a concentrated campaign of getting the drug dealers and their poison out of our communities and off of our streets work?
Yes, it already is working in one high intensity drug infested area in the Southwestern part of America, and it will work in others, no matter how large or small the community. The key ingredient to success with this type of campaign, is the continuing and active participation of the people.

What got Drug Busters Started?
The only thing that we have to start Drug Busters and our campaign with, is faith and courage, and the encouragement of friends telling us in their own way, not to quit. At this point that is enough, more than enough. The following was taken from a newspaper story, written by DANIEL J. CHACON, that appeared in The Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Thursday, March 4, 1999. The story which is entitled, Chimayó couple takes aim at drugs, is about a flyer that my wife and I posted, in our campaign and struggle to rid the community and area that we live in, of the death like grip that the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers hold on this area. This quote from the Santa Fe New Mexican, pretty well sums up how we feel about the situation of hard drugs and drug dealers, "Where do you move to get rid of the problem? Mars? The moon? Outer space? If you keep running away from the problem, you're never going to solve it."

The story about the flyer's we posted in our community, and our campaign against hard drug dealers, was initially broken by, The Rio Grande Sun, the local newspaper in Espanola, New Mexico, on Thursday, February 25, 1999. The Rio Grande Sun simply had placed a reduced copy of our flyer, alongside a front page cover story about a meeting, that had been conducted on the problem of hard drugs in our area.

Both my wife and I have given short televised interviews about the issue of hard drugs in our area, and why we posted these flyers and became involved in taking on the hard drug dealers in our area. CBS affiliate, KRQE-TV Channel 13, Albuquerque, NM, aired one interview on Friday, February 26, 1999, at 5:30 PM. The other interview was aired on Sunday, March 7, 1999, at 10 PM, and was conducted by NBC affiliate, KOB-TV Channel 4, Albuquerque, NM. For a better look at what led up to the campaign that was responsible for the formation of Drug Busters, please read About Drug Busters.

[NOTE: At the time that this web page was being finished, we received word from the State Police in our area, that they had discovered what they were taking seriously, as a potential "Death Threat" aimed at us. If the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers believe that this type of intimidation will scare us off, then they need to understand this very clearly; my wife and I will not waver from our commitment to rid our community and streets of hard drugs and those that sell them. If anything, this threat has only further strengthened our resolve to get drug dealers out of our community!]

Our message to the Mexican Mafia and to their drug dealers is plain and simple!
We want the drug dealers and their hard drugs out of our community and off of our streets, and we don't want them as neighbors or as any part of our communities. They have worn out their welcome with the people of America! To the rest of the dealers and purveyors of hard drugs in America, you won't have to wait long for your turn, because Drug Busters is coming for you next!

We as a people and as a Nation, no longer have to accept, nor do we have to tolerate drug dealers as our neighbors, or as any other type of acceptable part of our communities.

Do you have more questions, would you like to help the Drug Busters campaign, does your community have a hard drug problem that needs attention? So who ya' gonna call to bust a drug dealer, Email Us Today!

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