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Getting Drugs Out of Your Communities and
Off Your Streets!

From the Front Line of America's War on Drugs!

"Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem"

Getting Drugs Out of Your Communities and Off Your Streets!
Originally published March 1999

Participation in doing a Clean Sweep of getting drug dealers and crime out of your community and off your streets, can range from "silently" and "anonymously" reporting drug activity in your neighborhood, to actively participating in the production and posting of flyers opposing drug dealers in your communities and on your streets.

There are more things that people can do, such as following drug dealers around and finding out where their distribution houses are and gathering vehicle and suspect information, but this type of participation involves elements of risk that most police departments discourage people from taking. For those that don't mind the risk, and staying within the guidelines of the written and legal law, the positive aspects of getting our communities and streets cleaned up and safe for future generations, far outweighs the potential risks. In the end your police department should be grateful for your help - if they are not, you are probably dealing with a police department that either, 1.) Refuses to admit that drug dealers are a problem., 2.) Is up to their ears in corruption and don't want you nosing around and ruining their good thing., or 3.) Are so macho [cowboy mentality], that they don't need or even want your help. Another very legitimate possibility, is that the local police department you are trying to work with, really has a genuine concern about caring for the safety of the public. If the local police department that you are trying to work with is not the least bit cooperative, then go over their heads until you find a law enforcement agency that is cooperative.

Remember, the key to success and the road to victory is the one in which the different participants and factions worked together, in order to achieve their goals.

Whatever your part is in removing hard drugs and their dealers from our communities and streets, it is welcome. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

What got Drug Busters Started?
The only thing that we have to start Drug Busters and our campaign with, is faith and courage, and the encouragement of friends telling us in their own way, not to quit. At this point that is enough, more than enough. The following was taken from a newspaper story, written by DANIEL J. CHACON, that appeared in The Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Thursday, March 4, 1999. The story which is entitled, Chimayó couple takes aim at drugs, is about a flyer that my wife and I posted, in our campaign and struggle to rid the community and area that we live in, of the death like grip that the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers hold on this area. This quote from the Santa Fe New Mexican, pretty well sums up how we feel about the situation of hard drugs and drug dealers, "Where do you move to get rid of the problem? Mars? The moon? Outer space? If you keep running away from the problem, you're never going to solve it."

The story about the flyer's we posted in our community, and our campaign against hard drug dealers, was initially broken by, The Rio Grande Sun, the local newspaper in Espanola, New Mexico, on Thursday, February 25, 1999. The Rio Grande Sun simply had placed a reduced copy of our flyer, alongside a front page cover story about a meeting, that had been conducted on the problem of hard drugs in our area.

Both my wife and I have given short televised interviews about the issue of hard drugs in our area, and why we posted these flyers and became involved in taking on the hard drug dealers in our area. CBS affiliate, KRQE-TV Channel 13, Albuquerque, NM, aired one interview on Friday, February 26, 1999, at 5:30 PM. The other interview was aired on Sunday, March 7, 1999, at 10 PM, and was conducted by NBC affiliate, KOB-TV Channel 4, Albuquerque, NM. For a better look at what led up to the campaign that was responsible for the formation of Drug Busters, please read About Drug Busters.

[NOTE: At the time that this web page was being finished, we received word from the State Police in our area, that they had discovered what they were taking seriously, as a potential "Death Threat" aimed at us. If the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers believe that this type of intimidation will scare us off, then they need to understand this very clearly; my wife and I will not waver from our commitment to rid our community and streets of hard drugs and those that sell them. If anything, this threat has only further strengthened our resolve to get drug dealers out of our community!]

Our message to the Mexican Mafia and to their drug dealers is plain and simple!
We want the drug dealers and their hard drugs out of our community and off of our streets, and we don't want you as neighbors or as any part of our communities. You've worn out your welcome with the people of America! To the rest of the dealers and purveyors of hard drugs in America, you won't have to wait long for your turn, because Drug Busters is coming for you next!

Have more questions, would you like to help the Drug Busters campaign, does your community have a hard drug problem that needs attention? So who ya' gonna call to bust a drug dealer, Email Drug Busters!

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