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"Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem"

Formerly titled: "Operation Clean Sweep"
Originally published March 1999

Throughout the communities and streets of America, organized crime and their drug dealers are working overtime, and it is our family, friends, and neighbors that are paying the horrible price!
No one and no place in America is safe from these vile and vicious predators, who continue to prey on the souls and lives of countless ten's of thousands of American people each day. Cocaine and heroin, and the drug dealers that distribute that poison, continue to destroy countless lives across this great Nation of ours, each and every minute, of each and every day, as surely as the tides in the ocean are continually changing.

Well, we're fed up with the hard drugs, organized crime, and the drug dealers that are peddling organized crimes poison, and we're fed up with the crime in our communities and on our streets that are related to hard drugs, and we are tired of the malicious and wanton destruction that hard drugs inflicts on the countless lives that it comes in contact with. Not to mention the extreme harm that hard drugs inflict on society as a whole.

We're decided to do something about hard drugs and drug dealers in our communities, we're fighting back!
On Sunday, February 14, 1999, Valentine's Day, my wife and I made a stand and a decision about hard drugs, drug dealers, and drug related crimes in our community, and in the Northern part of the state where we live. This stand and decision was born out of love for our community and those in it.

We have finally done what has needed to be done all along, but none dare attempt, or if they did try, bad things would quickly happen to them, such as getting shot in the back of the head, or having their house or car, set on fire. But there comes a point in time when threats like that no longer have a value as a hold on the people, and for the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers in our area, that time has come. It is now time for the drug dealers in our communities and on our streets to pay up for their crimes against society, and to be held strictly accountable for the negative influences and crimes that they have continued to force down our throats as a society and as a Nation. Cleaning up our communities and our streets, and returning some sanity and beauty back to where we live and work, by getting rid of the plague of crimes that drugs and drug dealers have brought to our communities, has become our number one priority and goal.

We have already started the task of cleaning up our communities and our streets, by initiating, what we fondly call, Operation Clean Sweep. This is a carefully crafted and concentrated information campaign, which is aimed at challenging the authority and power of the drug dealers right on their own ground, and in their own backyards. Our task with this resistance style campaign, is to make life legally and socially miserable for the drug dealers, and to let the whole community around them know who and what they are. We also provide the local district State Police office, with critical and essential information that is necessary to adequately and actively pursue the drug dealers.

So why are we doing this and why even care, one might venture to ask? We are doing, what we are doing, in order to make the lives of the people in our communities more sane, and the environment that we live in, a much more harmonious place to live. What we have done so far, and are continuing to do, was born out of the purest type of love, tough love.

Our message is plain and simple, and that is, that the drug dealers and the drug related crimes that they are responsible for producing, are no longer welcome or wanted on our streets or in our communities!
The drug dealers, and the crimes that they produce, are no longer tolerable or are they acceptable in our communities or on our streets - enough is enough!

We will no longer tolerate hard drugs in our communities, our schools, or on our streets, and we will not accept drug dealers as our neighbors! We no longer want drug dealers or their plague of chemical death destroying and murdering the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors. We love our family, the wonderful people of the community that we live in, and we love the beauty of the land where we live, and we have made the decision that we are going to fight to the end to preserve the goodness and quality of those things that we love! That's what tough love is all about; fighting for, and preserving what you love!

Drug dealers CONTINUE to be on notice where we live, and we want the drug dealers and elements of organized crime to understand, that there death like grip and control over the lives of our citizens and our children, will no longer be accepted or tolerated as something that good and descent people have to accept, live with, or even have to put up with. The reign of terror and crime that organized crime syndicates like the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealing partners have produced, and keep on producing, is about to come to an abrupt halt where we live.

We are fighting mad and we are fighting back!
We are going to take back our schools, communities, and our streets from the hard drug dealers, and we will not be deterred from our course of action until the plague of hard drugs and drug related crimes in this area and the rest of the Nation has been brought to a halt!

What good does it do to wean and rehabilitate people off of hard drugs, if those same people have to return to communities where drug dealers are still in power and freely allowed to sell their poison? Rehabilitation will never adequately or properly work, until the hard drug dealers and the poison that they sell, are taken out of our communities and off the streets of America.

Join in with us, as we move forward with our campaign to get hard drugs and drug related crime out of our communities, and off of our streets. By working together to get the drugs and drug related crimes out of our communities and off of our streets, we as a people and as a Nation, can start rebuilding the type of America and society, that all of us can be proud of for generations to come!


The campaign to have this Hot Line installed in New Mexico failed. I had a meeting with the Secretary of Public Safety, Darren White over the issue, and he openly acted like he could care less about the people of New Mexico, or the massive drug and criminal problem in the State. Darren White in 2002, is running for Governor of New Mexico on the Republican Party ticket, proving again that the Compassionate Conservatism rhetoric of the Republican Party, is nothing but a bold fat LIE to secure votes with!!!

I openly encourage the voters of New Mexico to reject both the Republican Party and Darren White. Mickey Mouse would be a better choice for Governor of New Mexico than what Darren White would be. All that Darren White continues to be interested in, is his own self gain, and he doesn't care who or what he uses to accomplish that task.

Help us here at Drug Busters, in our campaign to have a National Drug Busters hotline established, so that people can have a toll-free "hotline" telephone number to call, so that good honest people can call in and report drug dealers, and drug related crimes in their communities and on their streets. Help us to further establish toll-free Drug Buster hotlines in each and every state, lines that will have direct links to the State Police agencies of those states. Working closely with both State and Federal agencies, we feel that Drug Busters and the people of America, all working together, can make a positive contribution and a decisive difference in winning the War on Drugs in this great Nation of ours.

These toll-free National and State, drug busting hotlines, are a very essential and key link to America winning the War on Drugs. In the winning of any war, it is the direct participation and involvement of the people who make the difference. Having National and State, coordinated toll-free hotlines, to report drug dealers, organized crime drug smuggling operations, and drug related crimes, is a positive method for the people to become more involved in the cleaning up of America's communities and streets. The will and resistance of the people working together, is what wins wars, not armies or enemies. What better way to fight a drug war, than by providing a positive and constructive means by which the common everyday citizen, can call in for FREE to a hotline, bust a drug dealer, and help cleanup the communities and streets of America. This is what one might call poetic justice, a kind of silent and anonymous call-in-hell, and slow hard death for the hard drug dealers in America.

For the dollar's that will be spent on these hotlines, and the positive results that will come from them, these drug busting hotlines are a big bang for the buck. Ultimately, this may be the one thing that finally, and really does, start winning the War on Drugs.

Where will these hotlines come from? For that solution, Drug Busters is going to need all of the help it can get. What we are hoping for, is help from the Federal and State governments, from the telephone companies, and from anyone or anything else willing to help with the cause of winning the War on Drugs, and cleaning up our communities and streets. It doesn't matter where the hotlines come from. All that counts is that the hotlines are established, and once established, that they remain and work as a vital and functional link in winning the War on Drugs.

Why do we need these hotlines? The active participation and resistance of the people is starting to win the War on Drugs in our area. People are getting involved with reporting drug dealers and other drug related criminal activity, and parents are calling the police and asking what they can do, to get the drug dealers away from their children. This same attitude of the people, once greatly magnified and expanded across America, can and will, conclusively win the War on Drugs, community by community and street by street if necessary!

Will a concentrated campaign of getting the drug dealers and their poison out of our communities and off of our streets work?
Yes, it already is working in one high intensity drug infested area in the Southwestern part of America, and it will work in others, no matter how large or small the community. The key ingredient to success with this type of campaign, is the continuing and active participation of the people.

What got Drug Busters Started?
The only thing that we have to start Drug Busters and our campaign with, is faith and courage, and the encouragement of friends telling us in their own way, not to quit. At this point that is enough, more than enough. The following was taken from a newspaper story, written by DANIEL J. CHACON, that appeared in The Santa Fe New Mexican, Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Thursday, March 4, 1999. The story which is entitled, Chimayó couple takes aim at drugs, is about a flyer that my wife and I posted, in our campaign and struggle to rid the community and area that we live in, of the death like grip that the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers hold on this area. This quote from the Santa Fe New Mexican, pretty well sums up how we feel about the situation of hard drugs and drug dealers, "Where do you move to get rid of the problem? Mars? The moon? Outer space? If you keep running away from the problem, you're never going to solve it."

The story about the flyer's we posted in our community, and our campaign against hard drug dealers, was initially broken by, The Rio Grande Sun, the local newspaper in Espanola, New Mexico, on Thursday, February 25, 1999. The Rio Grande Sun simply had placed a reduced copy of our flyer, alongside a front page cover story about a meeting, that had been conducted on the problem of hard drugs in our area.

Both my wife and I have given short televised interviews about the issue of hard drugs in our area, and why we posted these flyers and became involved in taking on the hard drug dealers in our area. CBS affiliate, KRQE-TV Channel 13, Albuquerque, NM, aired one interview on Friday, February 26, 1999, at 5:30 PM. The other interview was aired on Sunday, March 7, 1999, at 10 PM, and was conducted by NBC affiliate, KOB-TV Channel 4, Albuquerque, NM. For a better look at what led up to the campaign that was responsible for the formation of Drug Busters, please read About Drug Busters.

[NOTE: At the time that this web page was being finished, we received word from the State Police in our area, that they had discovered what they were taking seriously, as a potential "Death Threat" aimed at us. If the Mexican Mafia and their drug dealers believe that this type of intimidation will scare us off, then they need to understand this very clearly; my wife and I will not waver from our commitment to rid our community and streets of hard drugs and those that sell them. If anything, this threat has only further strengthened our resolve to get drug dealers out of our community!]

Our message to the Mexican Mafia and to their drug dealers is plain and simple!
We want the drug dealers and their hard drugs out of our community and off of our streets, and we don't want them as neighbors or as any part of our communities. They have worn out their welcome with the people of America! To the rest of the dealers and purveyors of hard drugs in America, you won't have to wait long for your turn, because Drug Busters is coming for you next!

Have more questions, would you like to help the Drug Busters campaign, does your community have a hard drug problem that needs attention? So who ya' gonna call to bust a drug dealer, Email Us Today!

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