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Hello, and welcome to the homepage of Spots & Stripes Forever Rabbitry. My name is Jamie Balthis, and I share the rabbitry with my boyfriend, Donovan Amunrud. I currently have stopped breeding, and have just one pet Holland Lop doe.  I started showing/breeding English Spots around 1995, Donovan just got started in the hobby in 2005 when he had pair of blue English Spots.  I'm keeping the website up for a refrence for info on the wonderful English Spot breed, as well as local show results, and for when I do return to the world of showing/breeding rabbits I won't have to start my website up from scratch ;)

**I no longer have any rabbits for sale, nor will I have any for sale in the near futre.**
Spots & Stripes Forever Rabbitry
Jamie Balthis & Donovan Amunrud
Seattle, WA

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