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Entry for February 2, 2008

     So my oldest Mini Lop litter is 4 weeks old right now and showing promise. I thought I had two Bucks but once they matured a little it turned out that I have one Buck and one Doe. So I will be keeping the Doe for sure now. I wanted to keep one for myself so that works for me. The Silver Tipped will be available in a few more weeks.

    Well Dakota's litter is also showing promise. Out of GC Velotta's Adson who has recently passed away. I have to check with Cristina Posey on which ones I should be keeping out of them. They just love keeping there ears up, it's kind of silly looking. Hopefully there ears will come down all the way. They are just young still. They are 3 days younger than Pharoh Park's Opalines litter. But they are all showing potential. I am keeping two from this litter, maybe two Broken Opal does. For Dakota gave me 4 does. But I still have to wait and see, still young. But definetely looking like 4 does right now, maybe 5.

     All of my babies will be old enough to head off to the VIRBA Show in February. I just can't wait but that would be in a different BLOG!! entry.

     For my cavies in that sense, I am still waiting if any of my Blk/Wht Peruvian sows have taken in breeding. Still nothing, but I am being patient. But if there is not any luck with the breedings I am going to have to wait. Sooner or later I am going to have to get new stock eventually. If this keeps on. I had a litter of two Texels on January 26, 2008. Both are TSW Sows but mostly white but have enough color. Well, a few days since they have been born they ended up with eye problems. But they now fine. Lucky me.

      But for litters wise I have had that one litter. Been very slow on the new arrivals.

      So for my Show Team, I don't have that many to show. I am just going to show one Blk/wht Silkie. I don't know if it is going to be my Sow or the Boar. I say again, I have a very slim pickings on my Show Team. It's better than nothing I say. But if I don't screw this up, I will show both after this show.

2008-02-03 07:43:08 GMT
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