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Entry for January 21, 2008

         Sorry that I haven't been posting for a while but  here's the news. I have not had that many litters born on the Cavy side of things. I am still awaiting a Texel sow that is due soon. I hope a couple of my Peruvians are bred. I haven't had any breedings myself for my sows. I got a couple new animals from Stephanie Flowers. I got two nice Blk/wht Silkies from Splender and Johny-Cash. Improving but I really wish she would give me a Peruvian or two. But only gave me one Peruvian out  of two litters.  This was a repeat breeding as well. I might keep both for now.

   For rabbit news, I have 7 babies but Seastar's only baby died in my hands last week. Very sad for me. But not bad, but he was a fighter to the bitter end. Well out of Opaline's litter of two I finally know there colors finally and Sex. One is a Gold Tipped Steel Buck and the other is a Silver Tipped Steel. I like both of them but decided to keep the Gold Tipped Steel Buck. So the other one is available by the February Spring Show. Out of Dakota's litter of 5 she has 4 Does and 1 Buck. 3 Broken Opals and 2 Solid Opals. I will mostly be keeping 2 of the Brokens. Haven't decided which ones yet. Kim and Cristina of Sunnybrook Rabbitry is going to help me out with that. After the February Show I am going to put Posey's Caitlyn into breeding for her first litter (Hopefully) to one of my Gold Tipped Steel Bucks. I will be adding a new buck to my herd very soon. A Seal Jr. Buck from Sunnybrook Rabbitry. I can't wait to see what I can get out of him because I would pair him up with my Broken Opal Does.

      That's it for now to report for my activities. I will be attending the February Show so I really can't wait to see how I do for my first show. I might have 3 or 4 rabbits to show and two Cavies.

2008-01-22 22:05:11 GMT
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