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A journal of my caviary and my progress. I'll announce everything that deals with my animals, including my horse.
New updates....

Well, it has been a long time since a wrote a blog. I am terribly sorry about that. The reason is that I was getting everything in order, like I have decided to just focus on Broken Blacks for now on. But I did keep a pair of TSW's. And I am also doing something new and that is that I will be starting into Texels/Alpaca's. I am around 25 animals right now. But I still have litters coming and I will be getting a few more from a couple of friends. Both Texels and Peruvians. I can't wait, I am so excited.

Another reason why I wanted to post was that my Texel sow "Clark's Dotty" delivered 3 pups on November 3, 2007. I was excited that she waited for me to deliver. So I brought them up to the house after they were born.

I have mostly updated my site now but some pics still need to be taken. Most of there profile info's will be up though. I still need to make up my Texel/Alpaca page. It needs to be built. The little ones will be up on the nursery page very soon. I am very excited. The Texel sows have just enough red to be showable, so I have my very first Texel showables. Wish me luck....

2007-11-07 20:58:47 GMT
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