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A journal of my caviary and my progress. I'll announce everything that deals with my animals, including my horse.
Entry for August 3, 2007

           I am sorry that I haven't been updating as much as possible. So many things on the go. Well, this month I am finally going to plan and breed my Palomino Paint Mare "ELLEY" to a local stud. I just can't wait. Well, I will be excited because I have been like waiting forever. She's 11 yrs old now, but some people say as long as she is healthy. But the goal is to not breed her over 12 yrs.  So I can't wait. Where I live she's like the only horse in my area so it sucks for her to not have anyone else to share company. So I was busy making a farrier appointment and especially a Veternarian appointment.

          Well, for the cavy stand point I have a lot of stock that needs to go. I would need to get down to a reasonable number of animals because most of my time will be with my horse. But I am still doing Cavies definetely. I will be in Nanaimo, August 17,18, 19. I will have at least 14 holes to take animals to Nanaimo. Maybe more but will be hard to bring all of them because I walk on to the ferry. So please give me a heads up on what your interested in so that I can arrange space. They must go. I have Variety that I stop doing for a while or colors I just don't do. Please email me privetly at or If not able to come to Nanaimo I can find some way to bring them over. Will be attending more shows.

      After all these new litters in the past couple of months, I am only like keeping 2 or 3 litters. I'll try to update as much as possible but the show season has just started for me so will be a little hectic. So please be patient.

2007-08-05 03:46:34 GMT
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