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A journal of my caviary and my progress. I'll announce everything that deals with my animals, including my horse.
Entry for July 19, 2007

In the past couple of months I have had a lot of new additions to my caviary and a couple of losses. So far I have lost 4 babies this month. Sad but it does happen. I still have a couple of sows in the breeding pen. Most of them are first time moms and were getting close to be being 1 yr old so it was a must have reason.  Well, most of the baby pics have been updated now, including what's available on my For Sale page.

             So everything now is mostly updated now, so please enjoy. When everything calms down I'll put up some neat things for my site. And sorry for being so late on the updating for I have been sick. I still am going through something but not a big problem.  But please enjoy my site.

2007-07-20 04:21:24 GMT
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