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A journal of my caviary and my progress. I'll announce everything that deals with my animals, including my horse.
Entry for March 4, 2007

Well, today my TSW Sow gave birth to three very large silkies. 2 Boars and 1 Sow. 1 Lilac/or/wht silkie boar, 1 oran/white silkie boar, 1 r/w silkie sow. The sow will be residing here, I might keep the lil/or/whit boar for show but it depends because I m not doing Dilutes anymore.  I will be showing my R/W Sow in the future, but if there isn't a show by then maybe I'll just put her into breeding. Please enquire, while pictures will be posted soon.

Again I hope that anybody would sign my guestbook and try out my tag board.

2007-03-05 07:22:18 GMT
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