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Entry for February 4, 2007

This month, I will be totally updating my site will a lot of new animals from Kelly from Majestic Cottage Caviary,  Dillon Clark from Clark's Critters, Stephanie from Cavy Cottage, and probably from Kim from Sunnybrook Rabbitry. Ahead of time, I want to thank them so much to pass on beautiful

For litters, I had a litter of Silkies born February 4, 2007.  Out of Clark's Starla and River's Nethaniel. 1 TSW Silkie Boar, 1 TSW Silkie Sow, 1 R/W Silkie Sow. Nethaniel's first litter out of him and showing very good promise for him as a breeder out of my own lines. Too bad he got chewed before show season, he has so much hair it's not even funny. I hope his first litter possess this trait. There ears are looking great, there markings are really nice, the TSW boar will have nice cobby body. But all are showing promise. Will be keeping this litter. Maybe one from this litter will be available as they mature.

Please post what your looking for or what you are interested in on my tag board, please.

I will have some really nice stock for sale in the future so please just ask.

There will always be something available. Check back as often, to not miss out.

Will try to update as much as possible.

2007-02-05 05:36:02 GMT
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Looking for a new blog!! It's been a few weeks... ; )
2007-02-27 01:08:00 GMT
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