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"Running the shadows can be dangerous to some, and profitable to others"

What is Shadowrun? Shadowrun is a Role Playing Game set in the year 2058. Magic has once again awakened and with it elves, trolls, dwarves and orks along with other creatures of legend. Technology has also changed, allowing man to augment his body with artificial enhancements called cyberware. These enhancements can make one faster, stronger and smarter than before.

As governments collapsed, megacorporations rose to take their places in the economical order of things. When they need some dirty work done, and don't really want to get involved directly themselves they hire a Shadowrun team. Shadowrunners can be elite computer hackers called deckers, or mages or even the deadly urban predators known as the Street Samurai. They don't officially exist, so if they happen to be captured no one is coming to look for them.

FASA Home Page, the company that makes the game

>>>>>[I have picked an auspicious day to move my website and to start changing things. Those who may not know, but FASA is closing its doors. Shadowrun will be sold to Wiz Kids. I am not sure if this will be a good change or not, but as with all things time will tell.

I have moved the page to Geocities which will allow me more space and make it easier to update. In addition this year I have a lot of fun modules planned for my gaming groups and I am very excited about the campaigns! I think what I needed was a nice long break from the game, and now that I have had that, it is time to get back down to business for 2001. I hope you enjoy!]<<<<<

What's New Finally a page that lists what I have done to my Shadowrun Archive!

Adventure Store House This department contains ready to run adventures available for download. Currently only "Mirror, Mirror" is available (now in an universal zip format), but more will follow.

The Alex Chronicles This is the definitive guide to the people, places and events in Bandit's shadowrun campaigns. It is finally up, but will take a while before all the information is posted. The page uses frames and currently does not have a non-frame version.

Bandit's Shadowrun Links Some Shadowrun Pages that I visit on occasion, most of which may have been overlooked by others.

Cutting Edge The latest in wicked cool gear!

El Bandit's Rules Forum This area contains Bandit's campaign house rules that he either modified or got from other Game Masters or created himself.

El Bandit's Home Page Ever wonder who Bandit really is? Ever wonder what he likes or even is talking about sometimes? Wonder no more-the inside story is revealed! (Sometimes even he doesn't know)

My Pet Peeves with Shadowrun and the people who play it Ever wonder what annoys Bandit? Most of his friends know and they sometimes regret it. Find out too!

Shadowrun Humor Humor about the shadowrun universe and the people who play in it. Be afraid, some of this may resemble you...

Shakespeare Character Home Page Shakespeare was the name of my Elven Street Samurai, that I played off and on since '91. This site presents his story, told from his own view point.

Stupid Runner Tricks Sometimes even the best of intentions can backfire and make the runner look rather silly.

Tales from the Shadows Like many GMs I like to write in my spare time and I have been working on some fiction about the characters in my campaigns. Eventually I will have them up on this site. Be  warned, my fiction is somewhat depressing at times.

Things that make GMs say "ARRGGGGH!!" GMing horror stories that I have lived through. Not for the faint of heart.

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