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Pathways to Metaphysics

The spiral galaxy M101, better known as the Pinwheel Galaxy. The red visible light image shows the stars that formed over a billion years ago.

Courtesy NASA

Those involved in the new physics, metaphysics, or the exploration of that which lies behind the appearance of things, will hopefully find this site interesting, if not compelling.


The Secret Teachings of the Ancients

From time immemorial there has been in existence a body of knowledge available to whoever had a sufficient inclination to investigate it. Within it can be found universal/archetypal principles and laws of nature that provide a means to discover a level of awareness that is literally unfathomable and indescribable from that which we are ordinarily conscious.

This website focuses on these teachings specifically through a practical philosophical approach known as Vedanta, which represents the basic tenets of the Sanatana Dharma (better known as Hinduism). Vedanta literally means the "end teachings" or the distilled essence of the Vedas which, in turn, means "sources of knowledge or wisdom." (Please bear in mind that the basic ideology comprising the framework for this method is found in virtually all the major spiritual philosophies (religions) of the world. As such, this method has been chosen over other equally valid methods not because it is saying anything fundamentally different but because it appears to be saying it more articulately, thoroughly and directly, and therefore more effectively.)

What is to be found in these pages is the dissemination of a doctrine based not on dogma or theory, but is the result of first-hand experience. This, in turn, has been cross-referenced with and further expounded through various sources from Quantum Mechanics to the scientific-philosophical insights of Krishna, Christ, Buddha, etc. Obviously, such a statement is likely to cause dissension within the scientific community; however, it is being made on the basis and result of an investigation which has pierced the typical emotional stratae of religious idealism and entered the domain of a verifiable psychology. Among other things, it relates to an integration of the salient concepts unique to quantum theory and 'deep metaphysics' (those familiar with the new physics may want to check out quantum theory as it relates to metaphysics). In this regard, it can be said that the so-called 'secret teachings' comprise a body of knowledge that is Universal and, furthermore, available to anyone with a fluid/pioneering mind who's willing to conduct an unbiased investigation.


This is not about exalting the ego. It's a question--and a most powerful one--that each of us might ask ourselves as a means, not necessarily to arrive at a definitive answer, but to achieve a certain attitude that may serve to re-shape our self-perception as well as how we relate to the world and life in general.

This is a most efficient and direct method sporadically found within the teachings of Vedanta, referred to as the Self-enquiry method (Atmavichara). Although profoundly simple in principle--in fact, nothing can be simpler(!), literally--yet it is as easily misconstrued by novices, especially when anxious to reach an understanding. For this reason it is highly recommended that whenever the topic arises in the course of the writings, that it be carefully scrutinized and assimilated; for, the Atmavichara is considered to be capable of leading one to the very heart of the Vedanta which, for all intents and purposes, is the mental primer that can lead us to the very essence and Life-breath of Existence Itself.

Self Technology

[This science of] the Self is a useful aid to disentangle the dictatorial chaos of the astounding Mind...

Ordinarily: I live in an awareness that assesses/apprehends a world of objects and events external to me--or so it appears external.

Rarely: Do I stop to consider what's going on within the mechanism that's generating this awareness, instead of its product (i.e. the ordinary so-called "external world" with its creatures, forms and events). Whereas, if and when the attention is turned inward (to what lies behind this awareness or, more accurately, to what exists as causal or foundational to it), its resultant alteration of perception is momentous!

(Note: In truth, the above referenced new 'perception' has nothing to do with anything visual.. instead it implicates a change involving an interior faculty [of apprehending life] that reaches into the realm of a 'primal transcendence.' Obviously this is not readily understood without due in-depth analysis of the dynamics involved. Therefore, premature conclusions regarding whatever imagined state may be achieved are invariably delusionary. This indicates the importance of patient and careful study.)

Upon achieving such a shift [in awareness], something immediately/automatically dawns, which is intellectually intangible. Consequently, statements concerning what thus transpires are deliberately withheld, for descriptions of any kind are not only misleading [acting as deterrents] but, more importantly, they're erroneous.

What follows below is a suggested sequence of links, tailored to the level of familiarity of whosoever may be interested in learning more about the method and philosophy of Vedanta. The linked dissertation represents an ongoing compilation by myself and my friend, Giri. I hope it will be of assistance to you. And thank you for visiting. Namaste.

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Note: Please revisit this site periodically, as it will be updated continuously.

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