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The year is 2462 and the mighty United Federation of Planets is bigger and better than ever... well at least bigger. With the expansion of the boarders and the enlisting of new, less sophisticated or technologically advanced worlds into its ranks, many believe that the Federation has become too large to properly govern itself. Those who subscribe to this idea use the lack of security present in the outer edge of the Federation to their advantage. Others, mostly those who have their home worlds deep inside Federation territory, believe that the reports of misconduct amongst delegates to the outer regions are greatly exaggerated. Based on what they chose to see and hear, these Council members are confident that the laws of the Federation are being enforced as they should be.

Admiral Charles N. Koneki, once the head of Starfleet Intelligence, believed that the truth was somewhere hidden in the middle. After having seen first hand some of the corruptions talked about in the outer regions, and inside the Council itself, the Admiral decided to act for the greater good of the Federation and its members. Using all of his influence Admiral Koneki managed to have a new SFI base of operations constructed and manned without the knowledge of the new head of SFI. The construction of this base was even kept secret from the greater majority of the members of the Federation Council as well, this to insure the project's effectiveness in fighting corruption from within.

From this new base code named NEW ALEXANDRIA, the USS ANUBIS and other ships like it patrol Federation space and beyond seeking out the corrupt and dishonest... a task that is proving to be somewhat more difficult than some had initially imagined it to be.

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Hard to believe that it has been so long... due to various life issues which plagued the crew, the USS ANUBIS was forced to halt its adventures... but now things are looking up as people are returning to active duty...

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