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 Hello, my name is Diane and welcome to my home page.  I show, raise, and breed Miniature Pinschers.  I am trying to produce quality, not quantify. My site is devoted to my love of the Miniature Pinscher breed. These puppies and dogs are raised in my home with a lot of love and individual attention.

 I am striving to breed the Ultimate Show Dog.  I breed and produce well balanced,very alert, and spirited puppies with excellent temperaments and extreme hackney action and high lift. I produce about one to two litters per year.  These are carefully planned and bred litters.  These puppies and dogs are produced for Show homes and pet homes alike.  I have 10 Champions to my name now and a few in the show ring that need a few points to become Champions. I take great pride in every litter I breed and produce.

  I give guarantees with all of my dogs, show or pet quality.  I guarantee against any temperament irregularities and hereditary defects that may develop in the first 2 years of the puppies life's.  Also in my show dogs, I guarantee against any show disqualifying faults.  Buyers of pet quality puppies first 6 months of purchase.  I also have stud service to bitch's of my choice.  I from me are asked to have them spayed or neutered within the sometimes have older dogs, and puppies for sale or placement to the righthome.

  I belong to The MPCA, The Miniature Pinscher Club Of America. Also I am an active member to IMPS, The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service.  Imps receives and rescues unwanted min pins all over the USA and Canada and doctors them back up if needed and adopts them out to specialty screened new homes for a small fee that pays for their vet bills and any delivery charges.

My Online Life:

  I like to go into AOL's special interests: Pet Dogs.  I go into dog chat to talk and keep up on how all my friends are doing in their life's and in the show ring.  I also check on Imps site daily to see how rescues are progressing and to see if there are any rescues in my area that I can help out with.  I like to check out all the new web sites on Miniature Pinschers, to look at all their pictures of their dogs and to read everyone's stories behind the making of their pages.

I am currently entering the Web Brawls on the Daring K 9 team. If you like my site, would you please click the banner below to vote for me. Thank you.  I also have vote a reminder list for daily and weekly reminders if you want to vote for me on a regular bases.  That would be great if you would.  Thank you again for voting for my page.

My Interests:

 Showing my dogs, raising and breeding quality miniature pinschers. Helping out in the miniature pinscher rescues(IMPS).  I love listening to music and love to watch all the new music videos that are released of my favorite groups.  Best of all I am a big Sci-fi fan.  I usually sit down at night after I have tended to all my dog business for the day, with my min pins on my couch and we watch a show or movie before we are ready to go to bed.

(sweat dreams all)  



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