The Holocaust Memorial Flame
Welcome to Das Reich's CMBB resource and links page.  If you don't have Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin then you are missing out on the best tactical war game ever.  Hell, you are missing out on the best WARGAME EVER.  PERIOD.  END OF SENTENCE.  Buy it here now!
Das Reich's Scenarios and Operations:
(note, all of my scenarios are hosted at the Combat Mission Scenario Depot.  These guys are a great service to the CM community.  Click on the scenario name to go to the download page at the scenairo depot.)

Das Reich's Mods
As of right now, I have no published mods.  But I am working on some.  But to keep you busy while you patiently await them, I highly reccomend heading to one of the great MOD links I have listed below.
Pockets of Resistance v1.0 (scenario)
18 turns, Soviet assault, small map

Soviet troops sweep Stalingrad for German pockets of resistance after the surrender of the Sixth Army.
Das Reich's PHAT CM:BB Links.
Only the PHATest links get listed.
Pud's CM Bits N Pieces
Never forget the Holocaust. We like to play games on World War Two, yet we should never lose sight of the tragedy which Nazi Germany brought unto the world.
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