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Rules of Play for Magic/Psychic special abilities.

-Rules for Seidr (Magic)-


-       You only get six spells
-       You must choose a single Element as the basis for your magic. 
-       You cannot combine Elements. 
-       Be aware that each Element has a counter-Elemental balance.
-       A counter element neutralizes or aggravates the element in play.     
The Elements are: 
-                      Earth (counter element: Fire) 
-                      Air (counter element: Water) 
-                      Fire (counter element: Earth)
-                      Water (counter element: Air) 
Magic costs you: 
-                      You don't get to just sit around all day casting spells. 
-                      You do a bunch of little spells; you're not going to be in a position to call down lightning    at night. 
-                      You do a big spell and you better have some place to sleep mapped out. 
-                      Expect to collapse. 
-                      Have someone watch your stuff.
-                      You need to explain what your magic spells are. 
-                      You only get six and they can't change unless the list mods approve it.
(We won't approve it unless we're impressed with you. *Grin*)
-                      Have some sense of decorum about what you're asking for spell wise. 
-                      Don't expect us to give you godlike powers!
(Unless you seriously kiss ass over a great deal of time.)
 - You can't change your Element. 
It's an in-born thing. Your entire energy becomes tied to your Element. 
A word about shapeshifting

-Shapeshifting is a magical talent only the Sedir may utilize.
-It *DOES* count as of one of the maximum six spells that a Sedir can possess.
-If you choose to be a shapeshifter, the animal form you choose must be in alignment with your main element. -For example, an Earth Aligned Seidr may have the ability to turn into a wolf, A air aligned one the ability to turn into a bird, etc...

Here are some guidelines you can follow when choosing the type of creature you
can shapeshift into. These are simply guidelines, if you can come with a
really good reason why you air based charachter can turn into a spider...we
may approve it, as always the rule is be creative! Creativity is rewarded....

Earth: -Wolves and all other canines. -Cats, yah even the big ones. -Bears. Air: -Anything that flies! (birds, owls, flying insects..etc..). Water: Any animals that live in or near the water. (So yah..you could be a swan if you wanted to...) Fire: All poisonous and venemous animals! (Snakes, Biting or Stinging Insects, Salamanders

-Rules for Squatters (PSI)-
There are four basic psychic abilities: 
-       Clairvoyance/precognition, 
-       Telepathy, 
-       Telekinesis, 
-       Empathy (Healing) 
If you don't know what these words mean go to www.dictionary.com and look it UP. 
-       All powers are both receptive and projective. 
-       Squatters are allowed just a single psychic ability. 
-       You cannot combine, mix, match, mangle, mutate, mulch…whatever.
-       Psychic abilities cost. 
-       Every use of your psychic abilities will cost you something in   terms of a physical ailment, starting with a splitting headache and nosebleeds. 
The bigger a thing you try to do, the bigger a physical cost you   have. You can die or get really sick if you overuse your powers. You know who gets to decide if you're overusing? The Gods. Us. The Game-Mods. Neener.
-       Use some sense and don't try for godlike psychic powers immediately. 
-        You can't change your psychic power. It's an in-born thing. 
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