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Novus Extermino is a post-apocalyptic world set in Northern California in the year 2084 (69 N.E.). Things started to go bad in 2012: wars, famine, and plague - you know the drill, you've read this book before. Civilization as we know it ends, cities become abandoned, Tina Turner shows up and ...


My bad.

Anyway - the year is now 69 N.E. There is no centralized government. Mankind has split into three basic groups:

Corporatists - think Blade Runner setting - urban city dwellers.

Squatters - think Mad Max type settings - village dwellers outside the big city.


Seidr - think magic using tribal forest dwellers - the Ewok village setting WITHOUT the Ewoks.

This is a world with magic, psychic powers, evil corporate CEOs, science, technology...and skateboard freaks. We've got it all. And did I mention that it's run by a couple of Queers?

If this sounds interesting to you - JOIN the list and check out the files in the Files section. It has everything you need to know about the game, game play, rules, hints etc.

Then jump on in! Bring your friends! N.E. - LIVE the Adventure. *laugh*


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