-More pics and info, coming soon!-
(Pictures taken in Italy, Puerto Rico, and Miami.)



Coupe with recently purchased ATS rims!

Great looking X1/9 from Puerto Rico sent to me by a friend. Thanks Albert!

Another pic of Albert's X1/9.


-Old Pictures-

A recent pic of my Coupe!(Miami)

Another pic of my Coupe
with different wheels.

Pic of a red 850 Spider taken in
the streets of Valenza, Italy.
(excellent condition, in and out!)

My brother's 850 Spider.(Miami)

My father's Brava.(Miami)

Pic of "El Beep Beep", the 850
Coupe my dad used to rally with!
(Puerto Rico!)

Another pic of "El Beep Beep"!

Pic of an 850 Coupe parked in front of
some store. Also in excellent condition!

One of my uncles having
fun in a 124 Spider.
(Puerto Rico)


Picture of a beautiful, white 124 Coupe AC
sent to me by one of my page's visitors!

Another pic sent to me by a visitor. It's
a cool 1969 124 Coupe! Check it out!

(Thanks, Mike!)

Same car from the front.

Pic of Mike's italian friend's
124 Coupe CC! Very Nice!.

Robert's 1981 Spider brought
from Germany! Love the color!


-design by giancarlo-

Cool Fiat Video!

My Fiat 124 Sport Coupe!

~Jennifer Lopez~


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