Updated February, 2004
'Sugar Beam' - Reg #4592 (US) 097053; She is a l984 bay 15 hh mare, our foundation mare.  'Sugar' has the refinement and the beauty of a wonderful Morgan who has produced us many offspring, bay, chestnut & buckskin,all duplicating her temperament and conformation. She's been ridden in the mountains and at a few clinics. Pedigree:  ('Whispering High Beam x Elk Island Hazel')  Price:  $3,000 Cdn

Willy’s Classic Quattro'Reg #8163; 'Classy' is a chestnut mare born in 1992 standing approximately 15.2 hh. She's produced several chestnut and palomino foals. 'CLM Coca’s Cavalier', a palomino stallion is a son of hers that has produced several bay, chestnut and palomino foals. 'Classy's' foals are, as well, conformationally correct and all have great temperaments.  She's been to several clinics, has been trail riding and to the mountains enjoying the scenery and having a great time seeing another part of the country.. Pedigree:  ('Lord Willing x LMR Flight of Icarus')  Price:  $3,000 Cdn

'Willy’s Sugar Babe' Reg #8581; 'Babe' is our dark brown mare born in 1993 standing about 15.2 hh.and very typically Morgan.  We've had her at clinics, trail riding and to the mountainsl with her buddies.  She's produced black, bay and chestnut foals.  Of course, they are all structurally correct with a great temperament just like the rest of our herd. Pedigree:  ('Lord Willing x Sugar Beam')  $3,000 Cdn

'Panther's Flamming Ember' - Reg #9917; A 1995 bay mare who stands about 15 hh.  'Ember' is a quiet mare who's been ridden extensively on trail rides and cattle drives & has produced several bay foals.
Pedigree:  ('Beam's Black Panther x O'Hara's Figurine')

'CLM Redman’s Reba' – Reg #10275; Born in 1996, Reba is a chestnut mare who stands about 14.2 hh, has a white blaze just like her Dad, is structurally correct and has a wonderful temperament.  Currently, she's only had two babies, one chestnut and one buckskin, who are great.  She's quiet, but has energy; has been trail riding. Pedigree:  ('Beam's Regal Redman x Willy's Classic Rhythm')  Price:  $3,000 Cdn.
'CLM Redman's Eclipse' - Reg:  raf  Born in 2002, 'Eclipse' is a bay foal who's gorgeous and showy. Pedigree:  ('Beam's Regal Redman x Panther's Flamming Ember') Price:  $2,500 Cdn

'CLM Cally's Golden Flame' - Reg # raf - Born June 3, 2003, palomino with start, quiet, athletic.
Pedigree:  ('CLM Cocoa's Cavalier x Panther's Flamming Ember')  Price:  $3,000 Cdn

'CLM Cavalier's Honey-Do' - Reg # raf - Born June 1, 2003, palomino with star, quiet and very friendly.  Pedigree:  ('CLM Ccocoa's Cavalier x CLM Beaudon's Sassy Babe')  Price:  $3,000 Cdn

'CLM Panther's Fascination' - Reg # raf - Born June 3, 2003, Red Chestnut with white blaze, tall, flashy, very athletic.  Pedigree:  ('Beam's Black Panther x Willy's Classic Quattro')  Price:  $2,500 Cdn
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