July, 2004
Photo:  Johane Janel
Welcome to Country Lane Morgan Farm's website!  CLM is located just east of Edmonton with rolling hills, some trees and wonderful sunrises.  Our farm has a variety of animals including Australian Shepherds, Morgans and one cat named Buzz.   CLM has been dedicated to breeding for conformation, temperament and versatility, not necessarily in that order. Our Morgans are, for the most part, western working lines – Whispering Highbeam, Treble's Willy Wild and Sunup Neptune breeding.  These crosses have given us horses that have a wonderful temperament and very good conformation.  We originally started with a morgan gelding, one mare in foal, one weanling and one stallion, 'Beam's Regal Redman'. Since then, our herd has grown in leaps and bounds producing many wonderful foals in a variety of colors.  In 1996, 'CLM Cocoa's Cavalier' was born out of 'KRP Cocoa x Willy's Classic Quattro' who gave us color.  In 1997, we acquired a stallion named 'Beam’s Black Panther' and that gave us black along the other colors.
Country Lane Morgan Farm currently one stallion, the palomino, "CLM Cocoa's Cavalier".  We invite you to view him, as well as the many Morgans we are offering for sale.
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