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About Me
Hello, i'm 39, have 3 kids,19,18,and 13. Girl, girl, boy.  I like chihuahuas. We have a longhair and a short hair.  I also have a lab named smokey.  We live in Northern Illinois.  I like movies, tv, family, food, computers, and gardening.  My fav music is alternative but i like all music.  I like to swim, ride horses, go shopping, and meet new people. My website is about my family and my pets.
This is a glamor shot i had taken in 1997.
My Favorite Links:
The Sims
Miss Pokita Tippit
Jewels and Treasures
Chihuahua Pup 4 Sale
My Myspace: With more Chihuahua stuff!!
My Info:
Name: Jackie
Email: chihuahua66@insightbb.com
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