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. . . . my name is Joy and I am originally from the Philippines in the Province of Cebu, island of Camotes, town of San Francisco, Barrio San Isidro . . . . married with kids.

My husband is originally from the Philippines, also, in the
City of Olongapo.  I met him here in the U.S.
You are visitor number. . . .
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Camotes Island
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Hobbies and Interests
Barrio San Isidro
Collecting coffee mugs (especially U.S. mugs), collecting quotations and proverbs, collecting the new 50 U.S. coins, camping, playing email-upwords, videoke sing-a-long (kuno!), dancing
Friends.... I have any?  Oh yeah!  Got best of friends old and new, yes, I found new friends here in our new place in the South and they are great!
Ever wonder what cam2gap is?........... is
Please, come back soon as I am always updating!
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