Persians and Exotics come in many colours and we specialize in the colours CHINCHILLA  and SHADED SILVER.

To the untrained eye these colours can look similar, the difference being that the Shaded Silver has slightly longer tipping than the Chinchilla so the shading appears slightly darker.

The coat of the Chinchilla looks as if a cobweb has been draped over a white cat, for a Shaded
Silver imagine 3 cobwebs !

These cats are all known as SILVERS and they do have a sparkling appearance. They have gorgeous Green or Blue/Green eyes which are outlined with black giving them the apppearance of wearing eye liner. This black line also extends around the lips and across the brick red nose.
The paw pads are also black.

They are the most glamorous of Persians.Chinchillas are sometimes called the " Faries of the Cat World" but despite their delicate looks they are a strong robust cat.


USA CFA Champion, Regional Winner

Ultamint's Brace Yourself

Imported from USA
Thank you Tammy !

NSW CFA Champion BouQuet House Princess Himawari
Imported from Japan
Thank you Sachiko !

Caloola Satin Slipper
 Shaded Silver Persian @ 7 months
Sire: NSWCFA GC Rosaleigh Stardust
Dam: Caloola Elusive Buttafly

Caloola Caprise
Shaded Silver Persian

Photo Soon

Caloola Blueberry Muffin
Shaded Silver Persian

Photo Soon

Caloola Princess Manami
Chinchilla Spay @ 6 months


Caloola Paeony Rose

Shaded Silver Exotic


Ultamint's California Dreamin'
Shaded Silver Persian
Imported from USA

Thank you Tammy !

NSWCFA Grand Champion Rosaleigh Stardust

Chinchilla Persian
 Sire: NSWCFA Grand Champion, ACT Triple Grand Champion
Caloola Cloud Chaser
Dam: ACT Triple Grand Champion Rosewood Silver Belle

Caloola Cloud Catcha
Chinchilla Persian

Photo Soon



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